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Dekalb County - Militia Districts
There are 18 (eighteen) milita districts in Dekalb County.

The following are the militia districts for Dekalb County - their district name/number and creation date.


Section 1. The militia shall consist of all able-bodied male persons between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years, except such as may be exempted by the laws of the United States or this State; and shall be organized, officered, armed, equipped, and trained in such manner as may be provided by law; subject to the paramount authority of Congress over this subject.

Section 2. Volunteer companies of cavalry, infantry, or artillery may be formed in such manner, and with such restrictions, as may be provided by law.

Section 3. No person conscientiously opposed to bearing arms shall be compelled to do militia duty, but such person shall pay an equivalent for exemption; the amount to be prescribed by law and appropriated to the common-school fund.

 East Atlanta 1666 November 7, 1907
 Phillips 487 ? 1823
Decatur 531 ?1823
Panthersville 536 1823
Diamonds 563 1824
Brownings 572 1824
 Evans 637 1825
 Lithonia 683 1827
 Stone Mountain 1045 Jan. 1850 (near end)
Cross Keys 686 1827
Mill 1349 Oct 1881
Clarkston 1327 April 26, 1880
Edgewood 1379 September 27, 1884
Doraville 1416 August 13, 1887
Redan 1398 April 20, 1886
McWilliams 1448 ? perhaps 1888
Kirkwood 1586 Dec. 1900

For 1900 Census the following Enumeration Districts were utilized. These enumeration Districts were
made up of the following - (Note the No. are the Militia District Numbers).

1900 U.S. Federal Census – Georgia – DeKalb – All Townships

District 11 Militia Districts; No. 487. Phillips and No. 1448. McWilliams

District 12 Militia Districts; No. 524. Shallow Ford and No. 686. Cross Keys

District 13 Militia Districts; No. 531. Deoatur excluding Deoatur town

District 14 Militia Districts; Deoatur town

District 15 Militia Districts; No. 536. Panthersville and No. 1398. Redan

District 16 Militia Districts; No. 563. Diamond and No. 1045. Stone Mountain including Stone Mountain town

District 17 Militia Districts; No. 572. Browning and No. 1416. Doraville

District 18 Militia Districts; No. 637. Evans and No. 1327. Clarkston incl. Clarkston town

District 19 Militia Districts; No. 683. Lithonia excluded the Lithonia town (See District 20)

District 20 Militia Districts; Lithonia town

District 21 Militia Districts; No. 1349. Mill

District 22 Militia Districts; No. 1379. Edgewood incl. Edgewood town, incl. Kirkwood town

U.S. Federal Census records are divided into groups by state, then county, and in many cases by townships and enumeration districts as well. Enumeration districts are subdivisions used by census takers and other governmental representatives to further break down the geography of a given area beyond the county and/or township level. Browsing the census records by enumeration district allows a researcher to see their ancestor in context of their closest neighbors. You may learn additional information about your ancestor by observing their neighbors over a succession of several years.

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