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Some Marriages of Colquitt County

submitted by Lowell Turner Berenguer

Transcriber's notes:

Marriages listed in alphabetical order by groom.

Marriage Book-PageGroomBrideDate of MarriageOther Information
G-232Alderman, BrooksFolsom, Ella D.24-Sep-22 
O-215Alderman, Cary E.
born 15 Jan 1911
parents: Gordon Alderman and Agnes McC. Alderman
Sorrell, Mary Ann
born 12 Mar 1920
parents: Thos. W. Sorrell and Millie C. Sorrell
27-Oct-38In Moultrie
G-364Alderman, CorbettDuncan, Rosa23-Jun-23By G. W. Stewart, MG
E-311Alderman, F. MPeacock, Mrs. Anna16-Sep-16By Elder E. R. Rhoden
E-463Alderman, HamptonLivingston, Georgia 28-Jul-17 
E-462Alderman, J. FrankFloyd, Alice25-Jul-17 
F-21Alderman, J. H.Reeves, Rutha27-Apr-18By the Rev. M. D. Green
D-12Alderman, JimCastleberry, Nancy26-Dec-09By the Rev. S. W. Sheffield
F-134Alderman, John ClintonBoyed, Eadie22-Dec-18 
V-504Alderman, John R., Jr.
born 22 May 1914
parents: J.R. Alderman and Minnie Alderman
Brooks, Una Mae
born 29 May 1924
parents: A.H. Brooks [deceased] and Lillie Brooks
F-69Alderman, Larence A.Dees, Lizzie11-Aug-18 
F-22Alderman, LeslieShelley, Cora Lea 7-May-18By J. W. Hines, M.G.
D-358Alderman, Shelton M.Jones, Lavada27-Oct-12 
E-107Alderman, William I.Banks, Lula7-Mar-15 
I-489Applewhite, Walter
born 10 Aug 1907
parents: Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Applewhite
Boyd, Margaret Priscilla
born 06 Apr 1908
parents: W.W. Boyd and Sarah F. Boyd
N-105Arwood, Jack Warren
born 16 Dec 1906
parents: Charles J. Arwood and Sidney Arwood
Blanton, Margaret Elenor
born 25 Apr 1916
parents: William T. Blanton (deceased) and Floy R. Blanton
25-Nov-36In Moultrie
L-597Bradley, G. Bryant
born 28 Mar 1902
parents: Jas. E. Bradley and Fannie M. Bradley (both deceased)
Herring, Mrs. Jewell
born 15 Jan 1908
parents: Luther G. Baldwin and Fannie Baldwin
H-178Bradley, John
Age 22
Daniell, Mamie Lou
Age 19
26-Nov-25By the Rev. W. [or H.?] G. Boyd
F-156Gay, B. D.Faircloth, Nathalee25-Dec-18By S. L. Carlton, M. G
K-104Gay, Boyd Franklin
born 06 Sep 1903
parents: Math Gay and Florence Gay
Goff, Lena Catherine
born Nov 1911
parents: Melton Goff and Lillie Suber Goff
25-Dec-31By L. G. Baldwin, MG
E-134Gay, MathDampier, Annie Belle23-Nov-13 
K-465Huguenin, Thomas Abram
from Summerville, Dorchester, SC
born 31 Dec 1899
parents: David Huguenin and Lavinia I. Huguenin
Vereen, Mary Ellen
born 27 Oct 1909
parents: W.J. Vereen and Lottie Thompson Vereen
29-Oct-33By L. G. Henderson, Presbyterian minister
P-134Lanier, Berry L., Jr.
born 02 Sep 1918
parents: Berry L. Lanier and Emma (N.?) Lanier
Richter, Ann
born 14 Apr 1921
parents: L.E. Richter and Zollie Richter
P-98Lanier, Dallas
born 12 Aug 1917
parents: Berry L. Lanier and Emma W. Lanier
Hooper, Louise
born 21 Sep 1918
parents: William F. Hooper and Annie H. Conner
E-200Lanier, DockKennedy, Rebecca22-Dec-15By H. B. Nesmith, M.G.
V-316Lanier, Franklin Adonis
born 05 Dec 1915
father: J.A. Lanier
Ritter, Mazie Lorene
born 26 Jan 1925
father: don't know
N-21Lanier, Geo H., Jr.
born 25 Oct 1907
parents: Geo. H. Lanier and Marie L. Lanier
Vereen, Rosalind
born 24 May 1911
parents: William J. Vereen and Lottie T. Vereen
14-Nov-36In Moultrie, by the Rev. M. A. MacDonald
G-257Lanier, GriffenNorman, Ruby6-Nov-22By H. C. Brewton, MG
D-565Lanier, L. G.Lane, Berta25-Feb-14by the Rev. G. P. Hendry
N-25Mathis, Wilbur F.
born 28 Aug 1912
parents: Perry N. Mathis and Emily Mathis
Culbreth, Frances
born 21 Jul 1913
parents: William G. Culbreath and Frances S. Culbreath (deceased)
21-Nov-36By W.A. Kelley, minister
R-433Morris, Thomas J.
born 30 Mar 1914
Murphy, Jewel Dean
born 14 Feb 1920
E-204Murphey, Felton AlvahClements, Suwanee Esther26-Dec-15 
E-192Murphey, WardCarlton, Mae7-Dec-15 
D-38Murphy, A. C.Sloan, Josie27-Feb-10 
D-99Murphy, AlbertSuber, Mary2-Oct-10By Richard Tucker, J.P
M-250Murphy, Alexander
born 20 Nov 1860
parents: Hillary T. Murphy and Franie (?) Gay Murphy
Shirah, Mrs. Minnie
born 17 June 1880
parents: George W. Bussell (deceased) and Mary J. Bussell
I-332Murphy, Arthur
lives in Pavo
born 26 June 1903
parents: Walter Murphy and Bertie Davis Murphy
Mathis, Cathrine
lives in Autreyville
age 18
parents: Malem [Malern?] Mathis and Norah Mathis
Q-35Murphy, C. C.
born 26 Apr 1905
parents: J.W. Murphy and Annie Murphy
Hathcock, Belle
born 03 Oct 1918
parents: J.N. Hathcock and Rollie Hathcock
E-10Murphy, C. H.Pitman, Rosa30-Jun-14By G. P. Hendry
N-546Murphy, Carl R.
born 06 Jan 1917
parents: Ward Murphy and Nancy May Murphy
Derden, Ruby V.
born 26 Dec 1919
parents: J.F. Derden and Estelle Derden
E-89Murphy, CharlesTaylor, Mary20-Jan-15 
G-282Murphy, ClaudeFields, Jessie Mae20-Dec-22 
F-265Murphy, ClewieHamilton, Ruby5-Jun-19By S. L. Carlton
P-54Murphy, Clyde W.
born 31 Dec 1914
parents: O. Van Murphy and Eula A. Murphy
Reid, Thelma Louise
born 23 Sept 1913
parents: Jno Thos Reid and Lula Mae Turner Reid
E-552Murphy, Corbett C.Griner, Nora Agnes 13-Jan-18 
N-588Murphy, Curtis W.
born 15 May 1915
parents: L.W. Murphy and Erma (?) B. Murphy
Carithers, Louise S.
born 12 Oct 1914
parents: Mal Shelby and Leo O. Shelby
18-Mar-38In Thomasville
V-262Murphy, David Cooper
born 16 Jun 1905
parents: D.A. Murphy and Carrie Cooper Murphy
Mozley, Naomi Christine
born 29 Mar 1924
parents: don't know
O-45Murphy, Duglas
born 22 Mar 1913
parents: H. Iverson Murphy and Mittie (M.? N.?) Murphy
Sloan, Lessie
born 29 Dec 1910
parents: H.D. Sloan and Ruth M. Sloan
29-May-38In Moultrie
H-78Murphy, Frank
Age 18
Beasley, Bernice
Age 18
25-Jul-25By C. J. Johnson, MG
D-351Murphy, G. C.Croft, Grace24-Nov-12By S. L. Carlton, M.G.
I-447Murphy, Gordon
born 22 Aug 1907
parents W.P. Murphy and Florence Murphy
Jordan, Bertha
born 20 Jul 1907, parents: Lee Jordan and Bettie Lou Jordan
M-247Murphy, H. W.
born 24 Dec 1910
parents: W. Pack Murphy (deceased) and Florrie R. Murphy
Pyles, Laura Belle
born 26 Jul 1920
parents: Frank Baker and Carrie Belle Croft
24-Dec-35By the Rev. T. A. Moseley
F-415Murphy, Henry CurtisMcGlann, Leah Larridge30-Jul-20By J. B. Meacham, M.G.
N-400Murphy, Henry S.
born 20 Jan (Jun?) 1911
parents: K.T. Murphy, Sr. and Ola P. Murphy
Strawder, Grace
born 04 Oct 1916
parents: Henry Strawder and Helen Strawder
16-Oct-37In Moultrie
T-15Murphy, Hilton Isable
born 22 Aug 1922
parents: [deceased] and Ella Mae Murphy
Bryant, Margaret
born 06 Jan 1922
parents: George Bryant [deceased] and Annie Bell Bryant
V-540Murphy, Homer
born 06 Oct 1902
parents: W.P. Murphy [deceased] and Florrie Murphy
Jarvis, Alice
born 16 Feb 1921
parents: Sam Jarvis and Jimmy Jarvis
D-315Murphy, IvyGay, Ella5-May-12By S. L. Carlton, M.G.
K-260Murphy, Jarvis
born 10 Oct 1912
parents: G.W. Murphy and Janie Murphy
Johnson, Esther
born 25 Sep 1912
parents: S.T. Johnson(deceased) and Lou Johnson
O-581Murphy, Jas. H.
born 12 Apr 1912
parents: Albert G. Murphy and Mary Texas Murphy
Carr, Dorithea [or Dorethea] Eloy
born 30 Apr 1921
parents: Forrest L. Carr and Ida H. Carr
N-184Murphy, John Davie
born 04 Jun 1916
parents: I.R. Murphy and Ella May Murphy
Luke, Dorothy
born 31 Dec 1916
parents: Evritt (?) Luke and Mary Annie Luke
K-240Murphy, K. T., Jr.
born 05 Apr 1913
parents: K.T. Murphy and Ola Pearl Murphy
Barnwell, Doris
born 14 Nov 1914
parents: Ollie Barnwell and Eula Barnwell Graves
D-161Murphy, LemBlack, Esmer15-Jan-11 
Q-580Murphy, Leroy
born 18 Mar 1905
not previously married
parents: J.W. Murphy and Annie Murphy
Hasty, Effie
born 19 Feb 1904
parents: Sam and [?] Hasty
G-193Murphy, LesterKennedy, Ethel23-Jun-22 
F-350Murphy, LewieOdom, Annie Mae19-Feb-20 
F-549Murphy, LincolnPlymel, Verdie18-Sep-20By A.[?] W. Rees, M. G.
G-476Murphy, M. I.Tatum, Lillian29-Mar-24By C. J. Johnson, MG
P-465Murphy, M. M.
born 06 Apr 1915
parents: Kib Murphy (deceased) and Pearl Murphy
Hawthorne, Ardonia
age 28
parents: didn't know/deceased but lived in Daytona, FL
24-Feb-41In Moultrie by the Rev. R. C. Gresham
D-177Murphy, MarvinHart, Adel5-Mar-11[The license shows his name as Marvin but the certificate says Marion.]
D-483Murphy, MilesEddy, Emma3-Aug-13 
F-198Murphy, MillardBraggs, Pearl11-May-19 
D-278Murphy, N. C.Bradley, Mollie28-Jan-12 
F-350Murphy, Newton Knight, Julia17-Feb-20By A. P. Tucker, M. G.
F-439Murphy, O. P.Chance, Lelia22-Jul-20By S. O. Thomas, M. G.
M-130Murphy, Odis
born 07 Jul 1914
parents: Clarence Murphy and Lucy Murphy
Smith, Mrs. Willie Mae
born 13 Jan 1915
parents: Jim Giles (deceased) and Margaret Ann Mercer
E-26Murphy, OdusGarner, Georgia9-Aug-14 
N-505Murphy, Orin B.
born 27 Mar 1901
parents: W.B. Murphy and Nancy P. Murphy (deceased)
Vick, Leola
born 15 Apr 1901
previously married, divorced, 1936, Tallahassee, grounds: non-support
parents: Cary Vick and Lula E. Vick (deceased)
N-462Murphy, Robt H.
born 12 Oct 1898
parents: Jesse Murphy and Lizzie G. Murphy
Bradley, Lizzie Mae
born 07 Aug 1899
parents: J.E. Bradley and Fannie Bradley
M-276Murphy, Roy C.
born 23 Aug 1912
parents: Robt Murphy and Jimmie R. Murphy
Mims, Vera Lee
born 01 Jul 1917
parents: Gilbert W. Mims and Mittie Mims
O-549Murphy, Rufus Hardwick
born 31 Aug 1920
parents: H. Iverson Murphy and Mittie Murphy
Plymel, Lillian Christine
born 18 Aug 1923
parents: Walter B. Plymel and Eva E. Plymel
1-Sep-39In Moultrie
K-562Murphy, Stokes
born 06 Jan 1910
parents: J.W. Murphy and Mary Etta Murphy
Royal, Annie Laurie
born 10 Oct 1910
parents: C.J. Royal and Zollie Royal
27-Aug-33By L.G. Baldwin, MG
K-315Murphy, Thermon
born 23 Jul 1908
parents: J.R. Murphy and Navy Murphy
Barwick, Annie Lois
born 26 Sep 1911
parents: H.J. Barwick and Jennie Barwick
11-Dec-32 By L. G. Baldwin, MG
O-413Murphy, Truman
born 21 Aug 1917
parents: B.V. Murphy and Rittie C. Murphy
Hamilton, Drucilla
born 18 Aug 1921
parents: Morris H. Hamilton and Nana Hamilton
11-Apr-39In Moultrie
R-196Murphy, Vayden
born 04 Sep 1920
Carithers, Jean
born 19 Feb 1920
K-179Murphy, W. H.
born 28 Oct 1870
previously married, divorced Apr 1924, grounds: cruel treatment
parents: David Murphy and Jane Hutchinson Murphy
Beatty, Lucy Belle
born 20 Apr 1882
parents: W.S. Harvard and Belle Harvard
7-May-32By the Rev. R. C. Gresham
D-269Murphy, WalterGay, Sallie7-Jan-12By S. D. Carlton, M.G.
V-372Murphy, Wilburn Douglas
born 25 Sep 1916
parents: Cincie E. Murphy and Effie L. Murphy
Sloan, Leita Marie
born 26 Aug 1918
parents: Oscar Sloan and Bessie Sloan
G-221Murphy, William HenryBoggs, Annie Dorothy22-Aug-22By D. W. Brannen, MG
R-324Murphy, Willie Alton
born 20 Jan 1921
Matthews, Bettie Janette
born 01 Oct 1926
M-480Murphy, Wm. C.
born 15 Jul 1913
parents: M. Murphy and Ollie Murphy
Rentz, Audrey
born 10 May 1917
parents: M.A. Rentz and Sallie D. Rentz
M-582Murphy, Wm. R.
born 25 Jul 1911
parents: W.C. Murphy and Fearn R. Murphy
Abercrombie, Wilma Ruth
born 21 Apr 1916
parents: J.S. Abercrombie and Effie Abercrombie
J-160Murphy, C. Lester
born 05 Feb 1899
parents: J.W. Murphy and Mary Etta Murphy
Waller, Annie Mae
age 21
parents: Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Waller
21-Mar-30Marriage took place in Center Hill; by the Rev J. H. Gibbs
L-428Rosencrantz, Joe
born 31 Jan 1909
parents: T.J. Rosencrantz and Sallie C. Rosencrantz
Mullis, Reba
born 05 Jan 1910
parents: Richard Mullis (deceased) and Ella Mullis
R-69Rosencrantz, T. L.
born 15 Apr 1917
parents: T.J. Rosencrantz and Sallie Rosencrantz
Chapman, Maude Lee
born 26 Jun 1917
parents: Edgar Chapman and [deceased]
F-349Saturday, J. R.Sloan, Bertha13-Feb-20By J. E. Hampton, minister
E-188Sheffield, S. A.Pittman, Essie H.28-Nov-15By Elder E. R. Rhoden
E-358Sloan, BakerPearce, Mittie13-Dec-16By the Rev. J. L. Sloan, [Marriage license spells her surname Pearce; marriage certificate says Pierce.]
F-533Sloan, C. H.Giles, Julia14-Dec-19 
I-561Sloan, D. W.
born 16 Sep 1903
parents: Dave Sloan and Ruthe? Sloan
Lewis, Ruthi [or Ruthe]
born 20 Jan 1911
parents: Burney Lewis and Maggie Lewis
14-Sep-29Marriage took place in Funston
D-282Sloan, DixonBradley, Bettie4-Feb-12By J. D. Carlton
V-351Sloan, Donald Lee
born 04 Oct 1926
parents: Oscar Sloan and Bessie Sloan
Holloway, Annie Louise
born 07 Mar 1926
parents: W.G. Holloway and Alma [?] R. Holloway
F-301Sloan, E. L.Odom, Mollie7-Dec-19By Elder J. T. Strawder
G-584Sloan, FieldenRichter, Ola23-Dec-23By T. L. Richter, MG
T-427Sloan, Homer
born 19 Jan 1926
parents: C.H. Sloan and Julia Sloan
Browning, Frances
born 07 Nov 1926
parents: Luke Browning and [deceased]
G-22Sloan, Jim D.Fulgham, Magdalene24-Jul-21By J. E. Hampton, minister
T-562Sloan, John B.
born 25 Feb 1920
parents: Samuel D. Sloan and Virgie Sloan
Twiggs, Elzie Elizabeth
born 06 Sep 1920
parents: Walter Twiggs and Ruth Twiggs
V-421Sloan, John Reeves
born 09 Sep 1915
parents: Jerry Sloan and Dona Sloan
Gordy, Bernice Inez
born 31 Aug 1929
Charles E. Gordy and Sara Gordy
K-101Sloan, Marion B.
residence: Leesburg, Lake, Fla.
born 21 May 1906
parents: J.L. Sloan and Florence Lanier Sloan (deceased)
Turner, Willie M.
residence: Coolidge, Colquitt, Ga.
born 19 Feb 1907
parents: W.M. Turner and Jennie Morris Turner
3-Jan-32Marriage took place in Murphy Station; by J. E. Bradley, J.P.
E-204Sloan, NewtonAdams, Priscilla26-Dec-15 
I-573Sloan, W. J.
born 02 June 1907
parents: John Sloan and Linnie Sloan
Massey, Esther
born 03 Sep 1910
parents: Isom Massey and Lilla Massey
15-Sep-29Marriage took place in Bridge Creek; by F. L. Richter, MG
M-253Sloan, Wm. Gordon
born 07 Jun 1913
parents: Henry D. Sloan and Ruth M. Sloan
Tucker, Etheline
born 20 Nov 1916
parents: Tommie Tucker and Jewel B. Tucker
M-374Sloan, Wm. P.
born 09 Apr 1881
parents: Dixon Sloan and Missouri Sloan
Hall, Bennie Lee
born 01 Mar 1902
parents: B.E. Hall and Orrie (?) Hall
6-May-36By the Rev. W. E. Smith
D-170Smithwick, LukeGoodwin, Mattie11-Feb-11 
K-486Taylor, Norvell
born 06 Apr 1906
parents: Albert K. Taylor and Ophy (deceased) Taylor
Murphy, Nefa Elizabeth
born 25 Aug 1899
parents: J.W. Murphy and Mary Murphy
H-64Turner, Clyde
Age 19
Murphy, Willie
Age 16
15-Jun-25By J. A. Banister, J.P.
V-81Turner, Donald Owen
born 09 Feb 1927
parents: Hubert Turner and Alyne Murphy Turner
Lanier, Grace Elizabeth
born 05 Jan 1930
parents: Doc Lanier and Rebecca Lanier
1-Aug-48By W. Harvey wages, minister
G-561Turner, Hubert O.Murphy, Aline29 Nov 1924By Walter P. Bivins, minister
H-89Turner, Virgil Woodfin
Age 29
Bradley, Emma Corine
Age 24
R-330Turner, W.M.
age 69
parents: deceased
Kinard, Mrs. Maggie
age 50
[space for parents left blank]
30-Jan-43By R. J. Lewis, minister
V-19Turner, William M.
born 27 Mar 1873
parents: deceased
Warren, Nealie Lee
born 14 Jan 1887
parents: deceased
25-May-48By Garnie A. Brand, minister, Norman Park, GA
P-513Wamble, Ivan A.
born 02 Jun 1921
parents: Bernard Wamble and Nadine Wamble
Worsham, Jaunita
born 19 Sep 1921
parents: Byron Worsham and Finch Worsham
22-Apr-41By J.P. Dell, minister


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