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Additional Publications About Clarke or Oconee Counties

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Clarke County Titles

Athens - Clarke County, Georgia Cemeteries
By The Athens Historical Society, Inc. Includes large and small cemeteries in the city and county. [Does not include Oconee Hill Cemetery, East Lawn, Hillcrest, Gospel Pilgrim cemeteries or the modern parks of Athens Memorial Garden (west) and Evergreen (east).] Driving directions and annotations are provided in addition to the tombstone inscriptions listed by rows within each cemetery. The book is organized by militia districts and includes maps.

Hardback, 391 pages, fully indexed, $30.
To order contact:
Athens Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 7745, Athens, GA 30604-7745

Clarke County, (Athens), GA. Newspaper Abstracts, 1808-1820
By Faye Stone Poss. Includes classified and legal ads, tax defaulters list, letters remaining in the post offices, some marriage and deaths, etc. Primary counties included were Clarke, Jackson, Oglethorpe, Madison and Franklin. Newspapers: GEORGIA EXPRESS (8/1808-8/1813) and the ATHENS GAZETTE (2/1814-10/1820).

Hardback, 8 1/2" x 11", 399 pages, fully indexed. $39.00 Postpaid
To order contact Faye Poss through her website
Clarke County, (Athens), GA. Newspaper Abstracts, 1826-1829, Vol.2
By Faye Stone Poss. Continuation of abstracts for Athens, GA newspapers. Includes many misc. articles with genealogical content. The primary counties included were Clarke, Jackson, Oglethorpe, Madison, Franklin, Habersham, Hall, Gwinnett and Walton.

Hardback, 8-1/2" x 11", 398 pages, fully indexed. $39.00 Postpaid
To order contact Faye Poss through her website
Clarke County, Georgia Marriage Records, 1803-1909
Co-authored by Faye Stone Poss and Ted O. Brooke. This book includes 9,275 marriages recorded in Marriage Books A through L as well as unrecorded original licenses on microfilm at the GA Dept. of Archives and History. Arranged alphabetically by grooms and also by brides.

Hardback, 478 pages. $40.00 Postpaid
To order contact Faye Poss through her website

Oconee Hill Cemetery of Athens, Georgia, Volume I
By Charlotte Thomas Marshall.

Hardback, xxvi, 620 pages, illustrations, bibliography, index, 2009, $55+ S&H. This is a greatly expanded version of the 1971 publication and covers the same sections of the cemetery as the previous book. Volumes II and III are already in progress. This updated and expanded volume includes information about 3900 burials, including maker's marks from monuments, data from the sexton's Record of Interments (beginning in 1897), abstracts of obituaries, and biographical data. There are also notations linking families from lot to lot and section to section. Information about people buried in unmarked graves is also included as well as a chronology of the cemetery's history.

To order contact:
Athens Historical Society, Inc., P.O. Box 7745, Athens, GA 30604-7745

The Southern Watchman, Athens, Georgia, Civil War Home Front Coverage, 1861-1865
By Faye Stone Poss.
This publication furnishes abstracts and transcriptions from The Southern Watchman newspaper during the Civil War period, including many rosters of various companies in NE Georgia, casualty lists of dead, wounded and missing soldiers, and articles showing how the war affected those people remaining on the home front. There are many obituaries, some marriages, and miscellaneous articles, mostly dealing with living conditions, i.e., shortages of salt, escalated prices of food and other necessities, farm products, etc.

Hardback, 8 ½ x 11", 586 + xiv = 600 pages, $42.00 (price includes postage and/or any applicable taxes)
To order contact Faye Poss through her website

The Tanglible Past in Athens, Georgia
A collaboration of eighteen essays by Amelia Monroe Andrews, Steven A. Brown, Patricia Irvin Cooper, Gary L. Doster, Lee Epting, Theresa M. Flynn, Mary Anne Martin Hodgson, Milton Leathers, Charlotte Thomas Marshall, Hubert H. McAlexander, Pete McCommons, Samuel Norman Thomas, and Mary Boudurant Warren.

"This is not a history of Athens, but it is full of Athens history." Essay titles include: How Athens Came to Be, Three Oconee Street Historic Houses, The Live Yankees in Athens, Nineteenth Century Views of Athens, The Bookends of Downtown, The Next Hill in the Milledge Purchase, Letters From Early Athens, The View From the Top of the Hill, New Light on Old Athens, Builders and Architects, Manasseh B. McGinty, How Houses Were Moved, Vanished Prince Avenue, The Reuse of Architectural Elements, The Hill, The Pink Lady Returns, Twenty-five Cobb Family Houses, and An Annotated Compendium of Moved Houses.

9 x 12 Hardback, 656 pages, 700+ illustrations, eight appendices, 2014, $55+ S&H and 7% tax. Click on the link to view the order form for more details about the book and ordering or visit the Facebook page (Pre-publication cost is $49 plus S&H; orders must be received by Nov. 3, 2014).

Oconee County Titles

Cemetery Inscriptions of Oconee County, Georgia Out of Print
A COGS project. This 401 page book includes the records of 8700 burials in 112 cemeteries in Oconee County. Includes a full name index. Published 1994.

Hardback, 401 pages, fully indexed Out of Print Check your library for a copy.

Index of names for Cemetery Inscriptions of Oconee County, Georgia

Titles About Families from Clarke or Oconee Counties

The Hardegree / Hardigree Family
Compiled and Edited by Nova A. Lemons
The long awaited Hardegree / Hardigree family history book revised and updated is now available. The 726 page hardback book begins with history of the parents of Jonathan, Eleanor, Mary and William Hardegree and carries through the descendants of Jonathan, Eleanor and William down to today's generation. The children of Mary (Hardegree) Holloway are listed briefly. Other chapters feature the possible origins of our surname, the early migrations, the articles on the Cameron, Elder, Fambrough and Grimes family history, and 1790 to 1900 census data. Also included are more phtoographs, maps and a full name index.

This family has early roots in the counties of Clarke and Oconee, arriving in the area before 1800. A limited number of books were printed with no plans for reprints. To avoid missing the chance of owning your own copy, order a copy now!

Each book is $70.00 plus $5.00 for shipping / handling. If ordering more than one book to same address, shipping / handling is $2.50 per additional book. Texas residents, please add tax (8.25%).

To order contact Nova Lemons


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