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Genealogy on the Internet
(updated 2009)

By Jim Rice

Opportunities for genealogical research on the Internet continue to grow at a rapid rate. As an example, Cyndi’s List, which began some years ago listing a few thousand web sites of genealogical interest, currently links to over 264,000 sites!  With this proliferation of sources, it becomes increasingly important to have a means of focusing and keeping on track in order to avoid spending too much time wandering around.

Remember that successful genealogical research is basically a matter of finding records that link us to our ancestors and relatives or finding that someone else has already done the research for us. In my experience, there are three main categories of sites on the Internet to assist in our genealogical research, namely those which provide us with (1) Online genealogies, (2) Online records, or (3) Online leads to offline genealogies and records.

In the following, I review these categories individually and point out what I feel are some of the main web sites associated with each. Collectively, these reviews cover the great majority of what I focused on in past workshops at the Athens Georgia Public Library and provide anyone interested with an opportunity to visit the Internet and search for genealogical findings of interest. Reviews of each category have been published in past issues of the Clarke Oconee Genealogical Society’s (COGS’) newsletter and are now being posted here on our COGS web page with the web addresses being hyperlinks, thus allowing users to systematically work through all the recommended sites to see what they can find on their ancestors and relatives. Click on the links above and proceed to learn more about each category.



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