Meeks + Meeks Mr Amos Meeks + Miss Amie Meeks

A very quiet and beautiful wedding occured at the home of Mrs. Linnie Duren Meeks, widow of Charles Francis Meeks, near Nicholls, on the evening of the 27th Inst.
Her daughter, Miss Amie Meeks was married to Mr. Amos Meeks, a son of Mr. Charles Franklin Meeks.
Only close friends and relatives were present.
Mr. Malcolm Douglas, of Bickley, was present with his camera and took pictures of those present, as well as the two young people, separate, as they appeared on their wedding day. The ceremony was performed by Rev. H. M. Meeks, of Nicholls.

SOURCE: Satilla Regional Library, Genealogy Dept., Douglas, Coffee Co., GA
The Douglas Enterprise March 2nd, 1907

Submitted by Lourice Lott Merritt