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James Warren Cribb 1868 and Nica Ann Waters 1868

Albert Theodore "Bear" Tanner 1907 and Eula Lo Cribb 1909

Calvin Tanner 1880 and Ida Mae Kirkland 1884

Elijah Youngblood 1824

Hardy Hall 1818 and Family

Rev Jesse Carver 1879

David Tanner 1877 and Matilda Tanner Lupo 1897

Monroe Griffin (b Abt 1870)

11th District Agricultural College 1909 (bottom right--Monroe Griffin)

Smith Griffin--little boy at the local mule barn

Old touring car. (front seat: Lula Dent, James B Jardine)

Elie Tanner (b 1895) & friend Lelia Jardine

Mary Clyde Tanner Scott age 1

Eli & Hiram Tanner in old surry wagon.

Anna Bell Tanner (b 1884)

A Kirkland Cousin

Herman & Herbert Tanner

Thomas Jonathan "Bose" Tanner (b 1863)

Thomas Jonathan "Bose" Tanner Adult children.

Elie Tanner (b 1895), Carle Tanner (b 1893), Clyde Griffin Tanner, Bertha Mae Exum Tanner.

Bunk Tanner family (b 1850) Son of Berry Hampton Tanner (1813) and Hester Ward (1830).

Berry Hampton 'Babe' Tanner (b 1861) s/o Elijah and Margaret Kirkland Tanner.

Mary Virginia Griffin (b abt 1895) d/o James Walter Griffin and Mary Virginia Smith

Carl & Elie Tanner

Children of Thomas Davis (b 1855) and Eliza Tanner Davis ( 1866)

Eliza Tanner (b 1866) married Thomas Davis

Elijah Tanner (b 1834) s/o Berry Hampton Tanner (b 1813)--1st Sheriff of Coffee County.

Mary Virginia Smith Griffin early after marriage.

Monroe Griffin, Quarbaum Griffin, Clyde Griffin Tanner Smith Griffin.

Clyde Griffin who married Elie Tanner on Oct. 1, 1915

Clyde Griffin (abt. 6 or 7 yrs. old)

Elie Tanner collage

Anna Jeane Tanner, Clyde Griffin Tanner & Mary Clyde Tanner Scott

B H "Babe" Tanner (b 1861) s/o Elijah Tanner (b 1834) & Margaret Kirkland Tanner (b 1836).

Pvt. Albert B. Taylor

Lupo Family

Taylor Family

Albert Benjamin Taylor

Bessie Lupo Taylor and A.B.Taylor

Bessie Lupo Taylor

Hilda Lupo and Bessie Lupo

James L. Taylor, Sr.

James M. Lupo and Louella Ford Lupo

James M. Lupo and Louella Ford Lupo's

George, Delton, Solon Teston

Miles and Catherine Tanner

Betty Tanner

Tanner Sister

Sisters of Matilda Mae Tanner

School Photo

OLd Pearson Farm

John and Deacy Tanner

Elijah Tanner and Family

Ed Lupo

Deacy Tanner and Granddaughters

David and Levi Tanner

Charlie Pearson