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If you would like to post requests for information or family/friend connections - just email your request to me and I will be glad to post it on this site.

Thanks for any info you can share to help with the requests below!!

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I was wondering if you could  place a request for information and a picture on this site for me. I am a Family Researcher, I am searching for a picture of a  man who worked at the mill and went to the Old Conyers School. His name is Collier "Smut" Mitcham.
Thank You, Judy

Judy Hammonds Bond

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help requests

Request for information, memories or photos of the inside of the barbershop in Milstead - Grady's Barber Shop.... click here.

Several people have asked if anyone has information on the genealogical history on Frank Milstead - the founder of Milstead. If you have any information about this family - please email me and I will post it on the site for other researchers. Thanks!

Information on the Milstead family has been sent in by Bob Milstead and Frank Smith

Milstead Family Page

Can anyone give information about how members of the Norton family of Milstead are related to each other? Please email me if you can help.... thanks :)

The John I. Norton Family (submitted by Peggy Norton Nixon)

 ~ a message from July Hammond Bond - November 11, 2004 ~


I am replying to the lady who was requesting information about the cemeteries of Milstead. I have been working to get the cemeteries of all of Rockdale County Registered and Surveyed over the past few years. Last week I met with the "East Georgia Genealogical Society" for this reason.

Beginning the first of 2005 we are starting this project to finally produce a book of Rockdale County Cemeteries and Burials. If anyone knows of any small cemeteries that are not mapped in Our County, Please let me know, [email protected].

I have been very interested in names of people which could be buried in Milstead. Has any one heard of a "Gober Family Cemetery"?  What Family was buried near the old Golf Course? I need also, places of Indian Burial grounds possibly near the Yellow River and directions to get there.

Anyone wishing to help with this cemetery project please contact me. [email protected].

Thank You,
Judy Hammonds Bond

Addition:  November 20, 2005 Danny Crumbley responds to this request.

~*~*~ Request from Valerie Craft ~*~*~

My ancestors lived in Milstead, Rockdale, GA  from at least 1910 to 1930. On draft registration cards and census records the men of the family are listed as mill workers in the city of Milstead. The Head of the family is Richard T. Smith, born around 1830. I believe he died in Rockdale County around 1920. He was married to Rachel, and possibly had another wife.

His children were born between 1870 and 1888 and include Sarah, William, Mary J., James H. (married Sally), Aaron M., Louise, Louisa, Albert (married Lizzie), and Clarence (married Bertha). I find that James, Albert, and Clarence were all mill workers in Milstead.

I am interested in any info on this family that anyone has, even if it is just to confirm the info I already have. I do have Bible records of some of Richard's children (not Richard himself) if anyone is interested. My direct ancestor is his daughter Louise.

Thank you,
Valerie Craft   (January 5, 2005)

My name is Priscilla Banks. I am the daughter of Allie Jo Yancey. She is the niece of Ms. Julia Thomas. My great aunt Julia was always a residence of Milstead up until her death. Her brother Mr. Aaron Thomas is still a resident in Milstead. My grandparents are also from Milstead. They are Mrs. Agnes Shaw and Mr. Henry Shaw. I have some wonderful memories of visiting my aunt Julia. Milstead always seemed to be a home away from home. My mother Allie Jo speaks quite frequently of Milstead and I was just wondering if there might be anything listed that I have missed about herself or my aunt Julia. Could you please e-mail me back and let me know if you find anything out.

Thank you so much.

My e-mail is - [email protected]

Priscilla Banks

(January 21, 2005)

My grandparents were John and Leila Zachry. I could not find pictures of my grandfather, here's a couple of my grandmother. I  would appreciate any stories you receive about about them.

Anyone with stories of my grandparents and their children growing up in Milstead for family book.

God Bless
Joannie Bryant
Willie Kate's Daughter


My birth name is Debra Lynn Milstead and I am trying to do my genealogy ... I believe that the people who were on the web page are cousins, but like anything I am not sure ... My Great Grandfather was Lucian Milstead born in Maryland in either 1861 or in 1862. That is the end of the road so far for me ... I was told that the family was originally from Milstead Georgia by my father when I was a young child. I was also told that their was brothers and that some came to the north and some stayed in the south. In either case I am at a dead end ...Can you help me?? Thank you for anything you can do and if you need anymore info maybe I can help you ... Thanks again Debra Milstead Cote (May 13, 2005)

Thank you for putting together such a cool website about Milstead. My grandmother still lives in the same house at the corner of Milstead Ave. and Turner Street that she has lived in for about 54 years.  Would this area be considered Milstead or Conyers? I am wondering if you happen to have any information or know anyone who has any information about a Dr. Peter James Brown married to Pearl Stone Brown ... they were the parents of my grandfather Dr. Joseph Christopher Brown ... Dr. P. J. Brown and my grandfather, Dr. Joe Brown were the first doctors in Conyers. They are all buried in Eastview Cemetary.

Thanks, Rachel Tidwell (November 4, 2005)

Please, is you have any information on the "Baggett"  Family. My father James Baggett was born in Milstead in 1942. His Father's name was Robert Francis Baggett. If you have any information on the Baggett Family, please any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Kim McGinnis (January 2, 2006)

kimberb @ aol (dot) com

Would like to see  pictures./articles on Hollingsworth and Aikens family from Milstead and old pics. from Milstead Pentacostal church.   Thanks Tommy Hollingsworth

email:([email protected] (March 9, 2007)


I would like to know if any one has a picture of the old Milstead Ice Plant Or the truck they used to deliver the ice. Also if any one has a card we used to hang on the porch to tell the amount of ice to leave.

Loretta Shaw




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