Military Information  Clayton County


Navy World War I Roster from Clayton County Georgia

Anderson, Sten Albin  (could these have been (Steven A. Anderson?)
Bartlett, George Dewey
Bowden, J. Ing
Burke, James Luke
Burke, John Wiley
Campbell, Otis Marvin
Cates, Rufus Berry, Jr.
Cowan, Hiram Bert
Crane, Shelton
Durham, Haber
Evans, Ira Cann
Floyd, Alvin Bu
Hadaway, James
Huie, Jovis Clar
Jones, Lester Claude
Medlock, Emmett
Melson, William
Moore, James Allen
Murphey, Joseph Rogers
Ross, Andrew Brantley
Travis, James Ernest
Walden. John Calvin. Jr.
Waidrop, James Edward  (?Waldrop)
Whitmire, Thomas Dewitt
Worthy, Arthur

History of Clayton County GA 1821 - 1983
Roster of Men Who Served From Clayton County, Georgia During World War One(Army)

Allen, Ernest G.
Fife, Henry P.
Hanes, Jno Crockett
Harmon, Robert Lester
Huie, Herman Grady
Moore, Alvin
Orr, William Luciour
Rivers, Thomas Milton
Watterson, Wendall L.


Adamson, Clifford J.
Adamson, David A.
Adamson, John L.
Alexander. Clark
Allen, James L.
Allen, Julius
Allen, Paul
Amonds, Pearl
Andurs, Claude
Anderson, Clint
Archer, James C.
Archer, Lon L.
Archer, Tommie
Arnold. Frank
Arnold, Herman L.
Arnold. Will
Askew, Arlon G.
Babb. Henry G.
Bady. Henry
Ballard, Irby S.
Ballard. Mantis C.
Banks. Robert
Bennett, Tom
Barnes, Henry
Barnes, Willie R.
Bartlett. Howard L.
Bell, Jessie B.
Bell, William A.
Bird, Oscar
Bivins, Alexander
Bivins, Willie
Blalock, Alfred
Bobo, Paul W.
Bossey, Bob
Bradford, Jno
Brocks, Lunie
Brown, Berry
Brown, Claud H.
Brown, Edward L.
Brown, Harl
Brown, Harry R.
Brown, Hiram H.
Brown, Jesse
Brown, John M.
Brown, Jones
Brown, Julius
Brown, Stephens M.
Brown, Thomas Wats
Bunks, Welbourne Y.
Burks, William R.
Burnett, Alonzo
Burnett, George C.
Burris Ira E.
Bussey, Bob
Camp, Floyd A.
Cannon, Robert
Carmichael, Robert]
Cash, John T.
Cates, Herford A.
Cates, Raymond H.
Clark, Henry L.
Clark Joe Allen
Clark, Julius W.
Cofield, Lon F.
Conkle, Carl A.
Conkle, James H.
Conkle, Walter P.
Cook, Arthur T.
Cook, Charlie
Cook, Frank H.
Cook, Joe H.
Cooper, Lovic M.
Cosby, Algan Fulgur
Davis, Alvah E.
Davis, Fletcher
Dickey, Luke
Dickson, Grady
Dixon, Charles S.
Dodd, William R.
Dodson, Hiram A.
Dodson Berry
Dorsey, Henry C.
Dorsey, Madison
Dorsey, Stell
Duffey, E. H.
Duke, George R.
Dunson, Clyde B.
Edwards, George L.
Edwards, Jno H.
Elder, Mark
Ellard, Acie
Ellington, Cleveland
Estes, Jno C.
Evans, Weyman Potter
Evans, James F.
Framer, Roan
Field, Hope L.
Fife, Paul D.
Fletcher, Jno W.
Floyd, Herman F.
Folds, Homer
Fort, Frank L.
Fort, Luther H.
Foster, Charlie
Freeman, Walter
Gardner, Eutychus N.
Gardner. Tom F.
Gardner. Wilburn A.
Gay, Edward
Gay, Joe
Hanes. William F.
Harris, Benjamin
Harris, James C.
Harris, Otis
Harris, Samuel Franklin
Harrison, Thomas L.
Hartsiield, James B.
Harvey, Claude
Hatcher, Glenn D.
Haygood, Bishop
Haygood, Troy
Haynes, Edward
Haynes, Wade Leander
Henderson, Clarence
Henson, Paul
George, Edward T.
George, Hollins
George, Josiah T.
George, Sanford
George, Will
Ghant, Claud
Gilbert, Berry H
Gilbert, William P.
Glass, Sam
Gleaton, Howard
Goddard, Joe
Goodson, Alex
Goodwin. Bartow
Green, Julius
Hall, Green B.
Hambrick. Lon
Hill, Waddell
Hinsman, Verlin
Hood. Ernest M.
Howard, James
Hughley Charlie
Huie, Fred L.
Huston, James H.
Jackson, Vennie W.
Jacobs, Grady
Jennings, Clarance
Johnson, Emmett
Johnson, Soule L.
Jones, James V.
Jones, James H.
Jones, Samuel E.
Jordan, late
Jordan, Fred
Jordan, Moses
Kendall, Robert T.
Kendririck, Thomas F.
Kuglar, Alonzo
Lackey, Harry
Lambert, Jno T.
Lang, Allen
Lawrence, William H.
Langley, Bactor R.
Lee, Seaborn C.
Lewis, Clarence
Lewis, Charlie
Lewis, Hinton C.
McDonald, Otis L.
McElroy, Thornton
McKee, Thomas T.
McKee, William N.
McKinney, Davis R.
McMichael, Benjamin
McNaii, Morris A.
McNair, Robert G.
Mann, Ernest W.
Mann, Henry Pierce
Mann, Raymond L. T.
Mann, Wmfield
Martin, Augustus S.
Martin, James Alfred
Martin, Joel Q.
Medlock, Claude H.
Medlock, George C.
Medlock, Thomas S.
Metts, John
Milan, James I
Mitchell, Haní
Mitchell, Isiah
Mitchell, William
Moore. Rober
Moore, William
Morris, James
Moseley. Irvin
Mosley, Leoni
Murphy, J. B.
Murphy, Onea
Nash, Jewell L
Nash, Lewis
New, Charles
Nolan, Julius
Nolley, E. D.
Norwood. Jam
Owens, Frank
Peevy, Howard
Perry, Leo
Pope, L. M.
Porter, Miles C
Primrose, Hays
Pritchett, Ollie
Ragsdale. Erne
Reed, John
Reese, William,
Reeves, Samue
Reynolds, Chai
Ringer, Colie
Riggins, Herma
Rivers, Alonzo
Roan, Jesse D.
Rowden, Alton
Roberts, Henry
Roberts, James
Robinson, Coy
Roland, Mercer
Ross, Frank C.
Round tree, Jam
Sanders. Jesse
Sanders, Raleig
Sanders, Sylvester
Scarbough, Harry Esmond
Sewell, Emmett
Sewell, Robert
Shanks, Robert
Shedrick, Sylvester
Sheffield, Joshu
Shierling, Robei
Simpson, Josep]
Simpson, Lewis
Sims, Julius F.
Smith, Bob
Smith, Dan
Smith, Hoke
Smith, Ocie
Smith, Oscar L.
Smith, Walter
Smith, Willie L.
Smith, Will
Souder, Adoiphus
Sparks, Robert L.
Starr, Davis
Stephens, James V.
Stephens, Jess C.
Stewart, Tom
Strickland, Jno C
Sutton, Bob
Swaney, Cloyed H.
Tanner, Joseph B.
Taylor, Henry
Thomas. Henry J.
Thurman, Joe
Toland, Amos
Toland, Enar
Tucker, David D.
Turner Ben
Turner, Ermon
Turner. Joseph R.
Turner, John T.
Tyler. William H.
Waggoner, Levi S.
Waldrop Manse
Walker, Otis
Walker. \V. T.
Wallace. George G.
Ward, James
Ward, James R.
Warr. James
Watterson, Wendall L.
West, William A.
White, Coley
White, Eddie
White, Tom
Wilmoth, William Henry
William, Carl
Williams, Ed
Williams, John H.
Williams, Leonard
Williamson, Aubrey E.
Wilson, Clarence C.
Wilson, William 0.
Womble, Fred
Woofe, Lawrence P.
Wolfe, Alonzo
Worley, Samuel L.
Woods, George
Woods, John
Wootton, Alfred Lowery
Wyatt, Elder B.
Wyatt, Jno
Wyatt. Jno
Wright, Evans L.
Wright, James F.
Wright, James 0.
Zackery, Jackson

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