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DHZ note: Green Berry Stephens was the son of Simeon Sylvester & Elizabeth Stephens who are buried at Tanner's Baptist Church, Clayton Co GA. Evidence seems to indicate that Elizabeth was nee Estes, the daughter of Zephaniah & Mary "Polly" Clark Estes.

Marriage Records:
G. B. Stephens and E. C. Cook marriage 12 April 1860
J. A. Leits and M. F. Stephens marriage 21 Dec 1876
W. T. Stephens and M. J. Swiney marriage 1 Feb 1880
O. H. Turnipseed and M. E. T. J. Stephens marriage21 Dec 1882
G. B. Stephens and Emily Elizabeth Sanders marriage 24 Feb 1884
T. M. New & J. M. Stephens marriage 15 Jan 1888
Minnie A. Stephens and S. W. Burks marriage 13 June 1906
Alfred Columbus Stephens and Elizabeth Eberhart marriage 30 Dec 1906
Simon Silvester Stephens and Annie Rebecca Ross marriage 6 Dec 1914
Julius Green Stephens and Beaulah Milam marriage 18 Mar 1917

G. B. Stephens was born 9 May 1838
E. C. Cook was born 3o May 1834
E. E. Sanders was born 21 Mar 1854

Children of G B and E C Stephens:
M. F. Stephens was born 16 Dec 1860
W. T. Stephens was born 21 Jan 1862
M. E. T. J.  Stephens was born 22 Oct 1864
J. M. Stephens was born 2 Dec 1866
R. A. Stephens was born 30 Sep 1868

Children of G. B. & E. E. Stephens:
A. C. Stephens was born 15 Jun 1885
M. A. Stephens was born 24 Nov 1886
Simeon Sylvester Stephens was born 5 Sep 1890
Julius Green Stephens was born 20 Aug 1894

M. E. T. J. Turnipseed departed this life 9 Sep 1883
T? Octavio Turnipseed departed this life 11 Oct 1883
Celia Elizabeth Stephens wife of G B Stephens departed this life 18 Dec 1883
Monrow Leits departed this life 5 Jun 1893 2 o'clock PM
M. T. New departed this life 22 Mar 1892
W. T. Stephens departed this life 9 May 1910 in Ala 4:20 PM
G. B. Stephens departed this life 9 Apr 1920
Emily Elizabeth Stephens departed this life 16 Jan 1935 5:25 PM
Melvinnie Magdeline Stephens departed this life 5 Jan 1949 4:20 PM
Alfred Columbus Stephens departed this life 1 Jun 1956 5:25 PM
Minnie A. Burks departed this life 7 Apr 1969

Grandchildren names:
A. P. Leits was born 23 Jan 1878
D. V. Stephens was born 25 Dec 1880
D. R. C. Leits was born 26 Aug 1881
Simeon Monroe Stephens was born 1 Dec 1882
L. O. Turnipseed born 23 Aug 1883
L. Octavio Stephens was born 5 May 1885
W. C. Stephens was born 16 Aug 1887
R. E .Leits born 6 Apr 1885
J. H. Stephens born 28 Sep 1889
D. E. Stephens born 22 Oct 1891
Monroe Leits born and died 2 Dec 1890
B? Stephens born 2 Mar 1890
C? Stephens born 17 Dec 1891
M. S. New born 30 Jun 1895
P. M. Stephens born 5 Jun 1896
R. L. Stephens born Aug 1899
T. M. New born 23 Sep 1899
M. T. New born 29 Mar 1892
L. Myrtle New born 25 Oct 1897
T. M. New born 7 Aug 1902
R. B. New born 2 Oct 1904
William Henry Grady Stephens born 18 Apr 1908
Reuben Columbus Stephens born 25 Apr 1909
Robert Luther Stephens born 8 Oct 1910
[DHZ note: he had more grandchildren.]

Date of G. B. Stephens, Wife & Children joining the Church:
        G. B. Stephens joined the Primitive Baptist Church by experience 10 Aug 1873
Elizabeth C. Stephens joined the Missionary Baptist Church at Tanner's Church 7 Aug 1855 by experience;    dismissed from same 4 Oct 1872 by letter
Elizabeth C. Stephens joined Primitive Baptist Forest by letter 17 Nov 1873
M. F. Stephens joined church at Forest by experience 9 Oct 1878
M. E. T. J. Stephens joined the church at Forest by exp 4 Aug 1882
J. M. Stephens joined the church at Forest by experience 4 Aug 1882
G. B. Stephens was dismissed from the church at Forest May 1886
Emley E. Stephens dismissed from the church at Forest by letter Aug 1886
Emley E. Stephens joined Primitive Baptist Church at Forest Aug 1884
Minnie A. Stephens joined the Primitive Baptist Church at Forest Aug 1903
Melvinnie M. Stephens joined the Primitive Baptist Church at Forest Aug 1903
R. A. Stephens joined Missionary Baptist Church at The Rock in Spring of 1891

[DHZ note: The following newspaper clippings were found in this Bible.]

Death of I. M. Sanders.

Mr. Isiah M. Sanders departed this life September 3 (1921) at the age of 58 years, 2 months and 23 days. He was born in Clayton County Georgia June 11, 1863. He came to Cass County, Texas in 1894, and to Hunt County in 1895, where he engaged in farming near Greenville with his cousin, Dr J. W. Lyle. After nineteen years of success there, they came to Harlingen in 1914, where he engaged in farming. He never married, but continued to live with Dr. Lyle and their cousin Mrs. Koger until death came.

He was stricken with paralysis August 22 while in the field at work. He felt the approach of the stroke in time to call his little nephew who was near. Everything was done for him that could be done, but God's plan called for him to go at this time. He bore his suffering with much patience. No man in this section was more universally respected. He leaves a host of friends here besides many in the other places that he has lived in times past. He was not a member of any church, but we know where to find him as God, unlike man, looketh on the heart. No man was a better friend to those in need than he. He leaves besides his relatives here, three brothers and two sisters. One sister and brother reside in Alabama, and two brothers and one sister in Georgia.

His remains were laid to rest in the Harlingen cemetery after the funeral at the residence on Wilson tract at 4 PM Sunday, September 4. To the bereaved we would say; don't weep because of a new made grave, or feel sad for the vacant chair. Let's look from earth to heaven above, for he is living there. A friend.

[DHZ note: The "sister living in Georgia", is Emily Elizabeth Sanders Stephens. The family relationship with the Lyle is through the mother of Isiah & Emily Elizabeth who was Amanda Lavina Lyle Sanders.]

In memory of Ida C Jones.

Mrs Ida Catherine Jones, wife of William Jones and daughter of Isiah and Vinie Sanders, departed this life January 14, 1896, aged 22 years, 11 months and 20 days. [DHZ note: Ida was a sister to Emily Elizabeth Sanders Stephens.]

In Memorium.

Martilla Ellen Adamson was born in Washington County, Georgia on March 23rd, 1849, and died Jan 9th, 1874. She was the daughter of James S. and Martha Cook, who moved to this county in 1854. In 1863, she lost her pious and devoted mother. In July 1862, she became a member of the Baptist Church at Tanners, baptized by Rev A. K. Tribble. She was married November 21, 1866 to A. P. Adamson with whom she lived until her death.

 [DHZ note:  Martilla was the sister of Celia Elizabeth Cook Stephens.]

The notes and document provided by:  Debbie Hulsey Zouras <

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