Crawford Dorsey Cemetery

Crawford Dorsey Cemetery

This cemetery is located in Land Lot 124 of the 6th district of Clayton
County, Lovejoy, Georgia. (This area was formerly located in Henry
County, GA). I75S to Exit 71. West on Jonesboro/McDonough Road. Cemetery
is located on right just after E. Lovejoy Road, several yards off
McDonough Road behind a cattle gate that encloses the Clayton County
Reservoir. The address is 21 McDonough Road. This cemetery is active.

The Crawford-Dorsey family have a large history in Clayton/Henry County,
as noted in "The History of Clayton County, Georgia, 1983." Detailed
information can be obtained in this publication. The Crawford & Dorsey
families grew up together and two of them united the families in marriage.

Buried in this cemetery are the following:
Thomas Shanklin Crawford (son of William & Mary Shanklin Crawford), with
wife Althea Frances Dorsey (with her parents John Dorsey & wife Mary
Phillips Dorsey, grandfather Isham Phillips).

Althea’s brother Stephen Green Dorsey (with wife Lucinda C. McConnell,
her parents James McConnell & Mary V. Newell McConnell) and his children:
Catherine with 1st husband Dr. Thomas Bailey Slaughter (son of A. E.
Bradley); their child Katie Tommie, and 2nd husband William T. Fullerton;
their children Annie F. & husband W. P. Howard, John Joseph (with wife
Nora Lee).

John J. (with wife Nancy Caroline Raven); children Ada (wife of
Jessie Roan) & Lizzie (wife of W. Roan).

William Henry ((with wife Sarah Adella Raven (who later married ?
Crittenden)); their children Mattie Electra (wife of Ed. R. Hightower) &
William Henry (with wife Nancy Hayden Christian. William & Nancy’s
children Lizzie Ray (with husband Lewis Hill Roan), Reuben Glenn (with
wife Leone Daniel), & Mildred Lois Herrington Dorsey (wife of William

Joseph Stephen:

According to records, the following individuals are buried in this
cemetery; however, no head stones were noted. William Crawford
(03/07/1778-04/19/1840) & Mary Shanklin Crawford (12/25/1788-04/04/1850),
John Dorsey (08/03/1780-01/18/1870), Mary Dawson Phillips (wife of Isham)
(dates unknown). There are several old graves marked with huge slabs made
out of brick/mortar covered with shells. The head stones are not
discernible, so these may be the above individuals markers.

**John E. Dorsey b. 12/02/1888 d. 08/25/1875 is the youngest child of
John J. Dorsey and wife Nancy Caroline Raven Dorsey. The line identifying
which children of John J. and Nancy Caroline are also buried in the cemetery
should read:

John J. (with wife Nancy Caroline Raven); children Ada (wife of Jessie Roan);
Lizzie (wife of W. Roan) & John E. Dorsey. (John E. is buried in the same
family unit enclosure as John J. & Nancy.)

NOTE: John J. and Nancy had two additional children who are not buried in
this cemetery. They are sons Percy and Rufus Dorsey and the oldest of their
children & my grandmother Lou Ida (wife of Samuel Norris Thompson).

Alphabetical Index
Name-- Birth Date -- Death Date

Crawford, Allie Frances 09/13/1816-- 08/21/1892
Crawford, Thomas S. 02/05/1806 --06/27/1894

Crittenden, Della A. 12/14/1855 --04/10/1935

Dorsey, Birdie Mabel 03/12/1872-- 09/07/1881
Dorsey, Frank W. 1916 --1990
Dorsey, Joe S. 11/15/1856 -- 04/13/1943
Dorsey, John E. 12/02/1888 -- 08/25/1975
Dorsey, John J. 03/24/1850 --  01/01/1889
Dorsey, Leone Daniel 10/20/1907 -- 03/12/1998
Dorsey, Lucinda C. 08/17/1824 --  07/31/1894
Dorsey, Mary 03/04/1791 -- 07/27/1851
"Sacred to the Memory of Mary, consort of
John Dorsey" "aged 60 years, 1 month & 23 days"
Dorsey, Mildred H. 1916 --1978
Dorsey, Nancy Caroline 08/16/1853-- 04/17/1906
Dorsey, Nancy H. Christian 09/30/1885 -- 04/28/1973
Dorsey, Reid 02/05/1913 -- 07/02/1936
Dorsey, Reuben Glenn 03/21/1906 --
Dorsey, S.G. 08/22/1822-- 04/13/1915
Dorsey, W.H. 03/29/1852 --12/18/1880
Dorsey, William H. 07/28/1880 -- 05/17/1960

Fullerton, Catherine Dorsey 1845-- 1922
Fullerton, J.J. 1878-- 1930
Fullerton, Nora Lee No date 11/19/1907
"wife of J.J. Fullerton" "aged 27 years"
Fullerton, W.T. 07/30/1847 --11/19/1895
"aged 48 years, 3 mths. & 19 days"

Hightower, Mattie E. 11/17/1876 -- 07/09/1926

Howard, Annie F. 09/03/1874--- 08/10/1923
Howard, W. P. 08/10/1863 --10/27/1931

McConnell, James 04/13/1795 -- 11/29/1859
McConnell, M. V. 03/24/1803  -- 08/17/1898

McConnell, Willie E. 04/10/1864 -- 02/14/1891

Phillips, Isham 1741 --1837 - "GA PVT Col. Greenberry’s GA Troops
Revolutionary War"

Roan, Ada Dorsey 12/12/1875 04/24/1974
Roan, Harry Glenn 02/27/1897 12/12/1897
Roan, James Percival 08/01/1906 12/15/1907
Roan, Lewis H. 06/08/1902 02/04/1945
Roan, Lizzie Ray Dorsey 01/11/1905 07/01/1951

Samples, Frankly Lee 05/21/1935 05/21/1935

Slaughter, Dr. Thomas B. 01/26/1840 03/21/1869
"son of A.E. & Bradley Slaughter"
Slaughter, Katie Tommie 01/18/1867 07/26/1868
"daughter of Katie & Dr. T. B. Slaughter"

Smith, Mattie 06/09/1844 08/12/1879
"wife of John M. Smith"

Walker, Lennie Lone 08/28/1877 03/31/1878

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**Robert N. Thompson - -

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