General David Dickson Bio and Bible

Location of Grave of
General David Dickson

in Clayton County Georgia

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Upon entering Clayton County from Fayette County, just outside of Jonesboro turn right onto Turner Road the grave of David Dickson will be on your left.

General Bio of General David Dickson

David Dickson Sr. was born in Pendleton County South Carolina the son of William Dickson and Elizabeth Dickson. He was Captain in the Revolutionary War. He was appointed and served as General of the Georgia State Militia. After his military Services, General Dickson served as Justice of the Peace in Greene County Georgia from 1788 until 1790; He was in the state legislature in 1789 for Greene County Georgia. By 1792 he was Justice of Inferior Court and Commissioner of Greene County Academy.

In 1796 he was elected Representative for Hancock County Georgia until 1799. In 1802 he was Justice of the Inferior Court in Jackson County, Georgia, then served in the Senate for Jackson County Georgia until 1806.

Note: Information in brackets added by Linda S. Ayres


David Dickson Son of William Dickson and Grandson of Michael Dickson was born ye 23rd day of July 1750 [Old Style]

Sarah Dickson 1st wife of David Dickson Born ye 14th day of February 1750[Old Style] [Sarah Aubry  was the widow of Chandler Aubry her maiden is thought to have been Otterson]

Martha Dickson 2nd wife of David Dickson Born ye 22nd day March 1764
[Martha Cureton]

Anne Allen Dickson 3rd wife of David Dickson Born ye 21st Day March 1772
[Daughter of Charles Allen Smith and Elizabeth Hendricks. She died near Eichelbergerís Mill in Chambers County Alabama, she is buried just across the County line in Troup County Georgia]

William Hughes Dickson Born 14th day of September 1785
[He married Sally Sanders they moved to Texas]

Michael Dickson Born ye 9th of December 1788
[He married Rebecca Aubry]

William Dickson Born ye 20th of March 1790
[He married Harriett Kitchens they moved to Texas]

Elizabeth Dickson Born ye 16th day of February 1794

David Dickson Jr. Born ye 22nd day of March 1792
[He was a member of Congress in Mississippi. He married Letitia Harris they are buried in Hot Springs Arkansas

James Dickson Born ye 10th day of July 1794
[He died in Mississippi]

Thornton Smith Dickson Born ye 21st day of August 1801
[Single died in Texas]

Nancy Campbell Dickson Born ye 2nd day of December 1802
[Married Jeptha Smith died in Randolph County Alabama]

Charles Allen Dickson Born ye 22nd day of March 1804
[He married Cassie Wilkes they died in Texas]

Patsey Ealse Dickson Born ye 30th of November 1805

John Orr Dickson Born ye last day of June 1808
[He married Mary Glass]

Robert David Dickson Born ye 2nd day of January 1810
[He married Mathana Glass they died in Fayette County GA]

Martha Dickson Smith Born ye 8 day of December 1827
[Daughter of Jeptha Smith and Nancy Campbell Dickson]

David Manson Dickson Born on the 19th day of August 1835

Thomas Hyde Dickson Son of David Dickson Jr. Born 1st of February 1812

Nancy Eliza Dickson Born March 28th 1813

Martha Letitia Dickson Born 10th September 1814

David Harris Dickson Born _ October 1816

Julia Maria Dickson Born _ March 1818

Zebulon Montgomery Pike Dickson Born July 1819

Nancy Campbell Dickson married Jeptha V. Smith the 28th of April 1824

David Dickson Smith Son of Jeptha and Nancy Smith Born ye 6th day of March 1825 [Son of Jeptha Smith and Nancy Campbell Dickson]

William Hugh Smith Born 9th day of August 1826
[Governor of Alabama from 1868 until 1870, Son of Jeptha Smith and Nancy Campbell Dickson]]

Elizabeth Posey Dickson Born March 10th 1814
[Daughter of Michael Dickson and Rebecca Aubry]

Christopher Columbus Dickson Born on the 17th October 1825

John Landers Dickson was born on the 13th day of May 1828

Martha Jane Dickson was born-

Jonathan Glass was born on the 5th day of May 1779

Mary wife of John Orr Dickson Born the 12th day of _ 1818

Nancy Eliza Dickson 1st daughter of David Dickson Jr. died September 14, 1813

Mary wife of John Orr Dickson departed this life the 8th day of May 1847

John Orr Dickson and Mary Glass was married June 23 1833

John Orr Dickson son of David Dickson Grandson of William Dickson and great grandson of Michael Dickson was born the first day of June 1808

James Otters Dickson was born the 10th day of August 1811

Elizabeth Caroline Dickson was born the 18th day of November 1813

David Monroe Dickson was born the 15th day of September 1815

Loriann O. Dickson was born the 14th day of October 1820

William Hugh Crawford Dickson was born on the 26th day of November 1822

Sarah wife to David Dickson departed this life ye 17th day of September 1785 aged 35years 7months and 3days

Martha 2nd wife to David Dickson departed this life ye 9th day of September 1796 aged 32years 5months and 18days

Elizabeth daughter of David Dickson departed this life ye 16th day of November 1782 aged 1year and 9months

Elizabeth Echols departed this life 21st day of September 1828 aged 5years, 7months, and 6days

General David Dickson departed this life 23rd day of 1830

Elsey Orr departed this life the 23rd day of January aged 2 months

Jeptha Smith departed this life 25th September 1863

Thornton Smith Dickson departed this life 25th October 1867

Charles A. Dickson departed this life _September 1873

Matheny Glass wife of Robert Dickson Born 14th August 1813, died 30th August 1891

Manson Dickson Born August 15th 1833 and departed this life Sep 26th 1833

Mary Ann Dickson born 14th February 1835 died 10th October 1835

Elizabeth C. Dickson Born 27th September 1836, Elizabeth C Guice died 6TH November 1912

Annie Allen Dickson Born 31st December 1838 departed this life 22nd March 1847

David Sumpter Dickson born April 15, 1841 departed this life May 14th 1847

William Wyatt Dickson Born 25th of June 1843 and died _March 1924

Sherman Glass Dickson Born 8th September 1845 departed this life 25th February 1865

John Marshall Dickson Born 31st May 1848 departed this life 15 August 1891

Nancy Campbell Dickson Smith departed this life the 14th day of August 1894

Martha Louisa Dickson Born 25th January 1851, Martha Louisa Edwards died 10th January 1915

Charles Robert Dickson Born 4th June 1853 departed this life 7th May 1896

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