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John Ephriam "Bud" Bowman

1879 - 1956

Son of Ephriam & Sarah Jane McNew Bowman

Submitted By: Sam

Sunday School Class Abt. 1934

L to R: Roland Jeffery, James Deering, Fred Deering, Albert Deering, Uncle Will Deering, Myrtle Magnusson, Hildred Morrow, Edna Vaughyn, Stella Tucker

Submitted By: Sam

Moses & Betty Wiggley Deering

Moses Jackson Deering Family

Right to left, seated: Moses Deering 1862-1927; girl; Matha Hampton Deering; L. Deering; Standing: John Wm. Deering 1892-1976; Henry Y. Deering 1886-1957; Dave Jackson Deering 1890-1958; Mollie Deering 1896-1974

Deering Tombstone

Fred William Deering

Submitted By: Sam

Henery & Eula Deering

Fred and Jeanette Martin Deering

Submitted By: Sam

Jeanette Martin Deering

Submitted By: Sam

Louisa Dorsett Sewell Echols

Submitted By: Charlotte Echols

Family Members of Richard Ellis Echols

Back row. Nan and Walt Echols , Frank, John, Hugh, Lizzie and Guye Echols-Sarah Echols, Daisy Echols Beavers, and Mary Knox Beavers.  Front row-Louisa Dorsett Sewell Echols, Hoke Echols, Frank Beavers, James Hawkins, Elizabeth (Betty) Echols and Ellis Echols. This photo was made abt. 1919, sometime after the death of Richard Echols.

Submitted By: Charlotte Echols

The Richard Ellis Echols House

Submitted By: Charlotte Echols

The back portion of this home was built before the Civil War and is made of log. The chimney was built as a temporary structure but is still standing. The front portion of the home was added later.

Frank Abner Echols, born 1872, died 1936, one of the sons of Richard Ellis Echols, and Louisa Sewell Echols.  He was married to Jennie Johnston, 1886-1976. 

Submitted By: Charlotte Echols Williams

Employees of Berryton Mills, 1915

Submitted By: Charlotte Echols Williams

William L. Floyd and his wife, Tabitha Burton Floyd

Submitted By: Tamlee McGary

Summerville Singing School

Chattooga County, Georgia
Picture from P. Bramblette

Text at bottom reads

A photo of a Singing Class.  The 'X' s are members of the Kilgore and Dalton families...and it was taken circa 1890. Included were my cousins Emma Kilgo and her future husband Tom Dalton and some of their siblings.  
Does anybody know just where this picture was taken and if GRIFFIT - MORTON was a photo studio?
And could anybody identify any of the other people?
Several children of Willis S. Kilgo were shown in the picture besides Emma. Thanks...Pat Bramlette

harp photo
Feriba O'Rear Harp
Daughter of Benjamin O'Rear
Submitted by Brad Willis
harp photo
Feriba O'Rear Harp
Daughter of Benjamin O'Rear
Submitted by Brad Willis

Members of the William A.P. Lowe Family of Chattooga,  combined with family members of the Burton  family from Tallapoosa County Alabama.

Submitted By: Joan Peacor


William A. P. Lowe

Served in the House Of Representatives in Georgia from 1900 until his death in 1904. He lived in Summerville.

Submitted By: Joan Peacor

Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, may have been born in Chattooga Co.

Unknown Photos - If you have any information on any of these photos, please let us know...

The photos posted below are of unknown Chattooga Countians! The only information is that ALL the photos were taken by E. M. Griffitt, a professional photographer in Chattooga Co.

 All of these wonderful pictures were submitted by: Doris Grant.

The flag reads: AWARDED
 TRIBE No 40

No Description

Sign reads:

The back of this photo reads: E.W. Morten


The back of this photo reads: Dr Mc Arther, tooth dentist.

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