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Chattooga County Historical Society
Chattooga County Historical Society

Membership is open to the public. Annual membership dues are currently $12.00 per family and are subject to increase as printing and postage costs increase. Annual memberships at $25 or above are recognized individually in the Quarterly.

Meetings, unless otherwise announced, are at 3 p.m. on the second Sundays of January, April and July. The annual picnic meeting is the second Sunday in October at 2 p.m.

Mailing Address:

Chattooga County Historical Society
P.O. Box 626
Summerville, GA 30747

[email protected] Steven Strickland, Editor

The Quarterly is published four times each year. Queries in the Searchers Column are free to members. Editors encourage members to share pictures, family histories and items of local historical interest. Typing can be done by Quarterly editors.

Back issues of the Quarterly are $5.00 each or 3/$12.00 plus $2.00 postage. Please note that the list of contents is by no means a complete account of all material within the issue.

Volume 11, Number 2, Summer 1998 Davie TAYLOR and the Silk Industry; The Klan at the TAYLOR's; The Walter Dwitt HENDRIX and Stell HIX HENDRIX Story; GILREATHs of Chattooga County; Photo (circa 1901-1905) of Iron Ore miners on Taylor's Ridge.

Volume 11 Number 1 Spring 1998 Henry COUEY Family Bible; Judge Joshua P. JOHNSTON; Rev. Joshua Parks JOHNSTON Family; WOOTEN/WOOTTEN/WATTON Family; DEAN Farm photo (circa early 1900s, Miss Lula WEESNER (Teacher) photo (circa 1926).

Volume 10 Number 4 Winter 1997 The HENDRIX Family of Chattooga County; Joe HAMMOND Murdered by Gatewood's Raiders; James T. HENDRIX: Pioneer Chattoogan, William & Hester POLK HENDRIX; Milton & Lizzie SEAY HENDRIX; 1852...A Year of Tragedy for the HOUSCH Family; The Pennville School (ca. 1902, photo).

Volume 10 Number 3 Fall 1997 SCOGGINS Family; The Year After The War; The Ravages of War in Dirt Town Valley.

Volume 10 Number 2 Summer 1997 The Good Ship Jane and the JUNKINS (the JUNKINS Family); The MARTIN Connection; The HORNs of Chattooga County; The AKRIDGE Family & Connections; More on The PRICE Family.

Volume 10 Number 1 Spring 1997 Robert Sparks WALKER; Fate NORRIS: Chattooga's Minstrel Man; The NORRIS and KELLEY Families of Broomtown; "The McSPADDEN Affair."

Volume 9 Number 4 Winter 1996 The FINLEY Plantation; Excerpts from a WEAVER Family History; 1840 Chattooga County Census (Page 158, District #925); The Hartford HENLEY Family; The David P. HENLEY, Sr. Family.

Volume 9 Number 3 Fall 1996 Miss Lula's Diary (continued); The GAMBLE Family; The STRAIN Family; 1840 Chattooga County Census (Page 156, District #925); The Trion Cornet Band (including photo- July 1897).

Volume 9 Number 1 Spring 1996 The BROWN Family; MARKS Family History; Remembering the Confederate Dead; GAMBLE Family; 1840 Chattooga County Census (Page 154, District #870, Trion); Miss Lula's Diary.

Volume 8 Number 2 Summer 1995 WHEELER Family; The MUSTOE Family of Menlo, Georgia; Trion: The First 150 Years.

Volume 8 Number 1 Spring 1995 FORD and JENNINGS Families; Recollections of a Menlo Doctor During the Depression: Thomas Hudson MOSS 1907-1988; 1840 Chattooga County Census (Page 149, District #961, Coldwater); The Times of Sallie PRICE.

Volume 7 Number 4 Winter 1994 Pine Grove School; The JOHNSONS; 1840 Chattooga County Census (Page 147, District #927, Teloga); Dr. J. A. SMITH... Beloved Chattoogaville Physician; HOPKINS; New Information on WOOTEN/WOOTTEN Family.

Volume VII Number III Fall 1994 "Miss Ava" Takes Us Back to Old Summerville; 1840 Chattooga County Census (Pae 146, District #940, Dirt Town); Dirt Town Pioneers: The WHITES and the MORTONS.

Volume VII Number II Summer 1994 The Robert HEMPHILL Story; Hemphill Store Ledger Names (1908-1911); The ATKINSONS and the PRICES.

Volume VII Number I Spring 1994 Oak Hill Baptist Church; Franklin Washington CHENEY; The COUEYS and their Chattooga County Home; 1840 Census (Page 144, District #962, Subligna).

Volume VI Number IV Dec. 26, 1993 The James and Elizabeth HARLOW Family; The History of Bolling School; 1840 Chattooga County Census (Page 143, District #962, Subligna); Chattooga County's ADAMS Family.

Volume IV Number IV Dec. 26, 1992 1866 Trion Factory Ledger; 1840 Chattooga County Census Index (A-J); The WOOTEN Family; The Pioneer Spirit of El Kana WILHELM.

Thanks to Steven Strickland for providing this information. Mr. Strickland is currently the editor of the Chattooga County Historical Society Quarterly.

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