Savannah Government 1899-1900

Mayor Herman Myers
Chairman of Council George W. Tiedeman
Chairman of Council pro tem J. P. Williams
Geo. W. Tiedeman H. H. Bacon
Thos. Screvins* Joseph G. Jarrell
J. P. Williams George J. Mills
David Wells D. R. Thomas
John Schwarz Isaac G. Haas
James M. Dixon St. J. B. Graham
M. J. Doyle
*Resigned January 31st, 1899
Elected January 31st, 1899
City Officers 1899
Clerk of Council Wm. P. Bailey
City Treasurer Charles S. Hardee
City Marshall John Power
City Engineer William J. Winn
Superintendent of Police Thomas Screven
Senior Sergeant of Police Owen F. Reilly
Sergeants Henry Ling
  J. B. Killourhy*
  Jas. M. Mock
  Henry W. Baughn
  B. G. Floyd
  R. E. Davis
  W. H. Fleming
Messenger of Council I. S. Cohn§
John Harrison
City Attorney Samuel B. Adams
Recorder Police Court W. C. Hartridge
Clerk of the Market and Food Inspector L. P. Masters
Assistant Clerk of the Market Simon A. Weil
Harbor Master John Reilly
Health Officer J. C. LeHardy M.D.¦
W. F. Brunner, M.D.
Superintendent Scavenger Department Jas. McGuire
Keeper of Laurel Grove Cemetery J. V. Kennickell**
C. C. Hill††
Keeper Colored Portion of Laurel Grove Cemetery F. J. Wright (Colored)
Keeper of Powder Magazine J. H. W. Umbach¦¦
W. F. Gilbert‡‡
City Physicians G. H. Johnson
A. A. Morrison
M. T. Davis†††
S. P. Lloyd
P. E. Love (col)
M. H. Levi¦¦¦
Superintendent of the Fire Department John E. Maguire
Senior Foreman Fire Department George Mouro
Superintendent & Engineer Water Works I. U. Kinsey
Port Wardens Wm. B. Adams
   Lewis Wiggins
Chimney Contractors  
Eastern Division Edward Thompson
Western Division A. Sheftall
 Director of Public Works Geo. M. Gadsden
Plumbing Inspector Frank W. Campos
Keeper City Dispensary Eugene M. Baker
Assistant Keeper City Dispensary E. J. Kieffer, Jr.
*Jno. B. Killourhy retired by Council Nov. 1st, 1880
W. H. Fleming appointed Jan. 13th, 1900
§1. S. Cohn resigned Dec. 1st, 1899
John Harrison elected Dec. 13th, 1899
¦J. C. LeHardy resigned June 6th, 1899
W. F. Brunncr, M. D., elected June 19th, 1888.
**J. V. KennickeU dismissed from office Jan. 12th, 1900
††C. C. Hill elected Feb. 7th, 1900
¦¦iJJ. H. W. Umbach resigned May 9th, 1899
‡‡W. F. Gilbert appointed May 9th, 1899
†††M. T. Davis resigned July 26th, 1899
¦¦¦H. H. Levi elected Aug. 9th, 1899.
Inspector of Naval Stores
Lewis Bliss J. F. Bliss
Nat. Harrison James T. Wells
A. A. McEachern John F. McEachern
R. P. Register M. G. Register
J. E. Register R. B. Jewett
Tax Assessors J. H. H. Osborne, Chairman
  P. M. Russell
  Samuel Reynolds
Park and Tree P. D. Daffin, Chairman
  S. E. Theus, Secretary
  Malcolm McLean
  Chas S. Ellis
  Geo. A. Mercer
  M. J. Solomons

Standing Committees of Council

 Sanitary Board