Savannah Government 1884-1885

Mayor Rufus E. Lester
Chairman of Council William Duncan, M.D.
Vice-Chairman of Council Hermann Myers
William Duncan, M.D. David Wells
Samuel P. Hamilton Daniel R. Thomas
George J. Mills John R. Hamlet
William B. Mell George N. Nichols
Robert D. Bogart John Derst
Herman Myers Patrick J. O'Connor
City Officers
Clerk of Council Frank E. Rebarer
City Treasurer Charles S. Hardee
City Marshall L. L. Goodwin
City Surveyor John B. Howard
Chief of Police Robert H. Anderson
Assistant Chief of Police John Green
Sergeants J. B.Killourhy
   S. C. Lee
  Henry Lingg
  O. F. Reilly
Messenger of Council Luke Logan
Corporation Attorney Henry C. Cunningham
Judge of City Court William D. Harden
Clerk of City Court Philip M. Russell
City Sheriff David Baily
Clerk of the Market W. H. Bordley
Harbor Master Robert C. Kennedy
Health Officer J. T. MacFarland M.D.
Keeper City Dispensary Lewis Cass
Keeper of Laurel Grove Cemetery A. F. Torlay
Keeper of Forsyth Place Theodore Meves
Keeper of Pest House Thomas Carr
City Physicians H. S. Sanders, M. D.
B. P. Oliveros, M. D.
Chief Fireman Adolph Fernandez
Assistant Chief Fireman George Mouro
Superintendent & Engineer Water Works Alvin N. Miller
Scavenger (Contractor) William Swoll
City Printer "Savannah Daily Times."
Port Wardens
T. H. Laird Charles Van Horn
William B. Pritchard S. J. M. Baker
John Power  
Chimney Contractors
Eastern Division John Cassidey
Western Division C. Deubler

Standing Committees of Council, 1885

Board of Sanitary Commissioners

Commissioners of Education