James M. C. Shumate

The Christian Index
June 4, 1891

SHUMATE.--Died in Savannah, Ga., March 9th 1891, James M. C. Shumate, aged 43 years, four months and 21 days.

At the age of sixteen, he connected himself with the Baptist church at Cressita, Ala. Later, he was a member of the church at West Point, Ga., of the First church in Atlanta, the church at Conyers, the Second church in Augusta, and finally, of the First church in Savannah, of which he had been a member nearly seven years at the time of his death.

It was while living in Augusta, that he married Miss Rosa Lewis of that city. This union was greatly blessed, and added much to his usefulness as well as his happiness. His conversion was genuine and thorough. From the moment that he put on Christ before the world, he became Christ's faithful follower. Religion was to him the matter of chief concern, and in the several churches with which he was connected, he was honored as a man of blameless life, of fervent piety and unfailing loyalty to his convictions. In the Sunday school, at the various services of the church, he was ever in his accustomed place, and he was there not only in response to sense of duty, but because he found it delightful to be there. His estimate of himself was humble, but his brethren knew his merit. In the benevolent Societies to which he belonged, he was regarded as a model member. The influence of his consecrated life on those with whom he was associated in business, was most salutary, and his companions gladly testified to the uprightness of his walk and the excellence of his example. In his home where he was fondly loved, he was the Christian husband and father, devotedly attached to his family and zealously seeking their highest good. The sad event which brought about his death was sudden and wholly unlooked for, but the call found him ready. Death found him at the post of duty, where men had ever found him in life. Regretted by all who knew him, trusting in the Saviour who had redeemed him, he quietly surrendered his life in the full confidence that he would realize the more perfect life in the Father's house.

To the bereaved ones, and especially to the widow and her two orphaned girls, we tender our sincere sympathy. Let them be comforted in their possession of the priceless heritage of a sacred memory.


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