He Belonged to the Mafia.

The Weekly Constitution
Atlanta, Ga.
March 14, 1893

Savannah, Ga., March 6.-- Savannah's only representative of the blood thirsty society of Mafia, was shot down in the market this morning by one of his enraged and outraged fellow countrymen, who acted in defense of his own life.

Catillo Coumo, is the Mafia's name and he was shot by Toney Esposito, one of the market men.

It was Cuomo's practice to go up to a fellow countryman, and, after cursing him in a manner most foul, to slap him in the face and then put a pistol under his nose and dare him to resent his insult. He was feared by almost every Italian, and when around had things his own way, as no one had the courage to resist his violent attacks.

When he approached Esposito and began to curse him, the latter drew his pistol and shot him. Espisoto says it was only a question of who should shoot first. Coumo threatened other Italians with assassination if they failed to support him. He levied a tribute on many of them at the point of a pistol, getting as much as $5 at a time.

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