Tybee Memorial Cemetery

This is the only cemetery on Tybee Island. Chatham County Georgia It was established in the 1870’s to provide victims of Drowning and ship wrecks. It was inventoried in 1922 and since then the burial sites of many have been lost. The cemetery is located off Butler Street behind a recreation center.

Mr. George Wortham farmed this land and his family is buried in the cemetery.

Name Birth Death Comments
Edna Arline Infant Daughter of J. A. and A. E.
Mr. Bergman Unmarked Grave
William H. Clark April 5, 1856 Oct. 5, 1870
Aaron Maxwell Gibson 1922 Unmarked Grave
McKenzie Infant Unmarked Grave
McKenzie Infant Unmarked Grave
McKenzie Infant Unmarked Grave
William A, Jennings Aug. 5, 1878 June 15, 1952
William Jennings Unmarked Grave
David Lockhart 1869 1886
Alexander McKenzie ? 22, 1840 Damaged Headstone
Mrs. McKenzie Unmarked Grave
Walter C. Mitcham 1885 1920
Emma L. Noble 1855 1897
Frank Piotti 1922 Unmarked Grave
C. M. Rotureau Washed ashore 1876
C. Rotureau Washed ashore 1876
J. C. Rotureau Washed ashore 1876
Bernard Sanders 1922 Unmarked Grave
Elizabeth L. Wortham 1859 1896
George Avelo Wortham 1883 1888
George Hale Wortham 1848 1906