CARROLL COUNTY, GA -  Military   74th Reg  Capt Thos Bonner  1836

The 74th Regiment of Georgia Militia Carroll County, Georgia
Muster roll dated May 21, 1836

Bonner, Thomas                       Captain
[Sheriff of Carroll County, GA part of his plantation became campus of West Georgia College]
Bonner, Zadock                       1st Lt
[Born 1804, died 1891 Carroll County]
[A gold mine, "Bonner's Bonanza" was found near his home and brought in over three-quarters of a million dollars BEFORE the 
Civil War]
Martin, Emanuel B                    2nd Lt
White, David                         Ensign
Parr, Wm. L.                         1st Sgt
Beall, Otho P.                       2nd Sgt
[Otho Perryman Beall born 1817, died 1877 GA, Possibly Randolph County GA]
Long, Robert Y.J.                    3rd Sgt
Merrell, William W                   4th Sgt
Boggs, John                          1st Corp
Johnson, Cornelius                   2nd Corp
Johnson, Peter                       3rd Corp
Hardrick, Peter E.B.                 4th Corp

Adams, Giles 
Aderhold, George 
Bailey, John 
Barber, Joseph 
Barber, Pleasant
[Died in ARK?] 
Barber, Sampson 
Baugh, Jonathan 
Blalock, James B
Bline, David 
Chambers, John T 
Chandler, Parks 
Cooper, Milton
Dean, John
Denham, Alfred
Duke, Charles F 
Franklin, Malachi 
Fulbright, Leonard 
Garrison, James F
[Captain Bonner's brother-in-law] 
Giles, William B 
Gray, David
Gray, John W 
Gross, Christopher
Kingsbury, Charles  
Knight, Anderson
Helton, William 
Holcomb, James 
Howard, James 
Howard, Wm 
Huckabee, John
Huckabee, Wm 
Humphrey Green
Humphrey Obadiah 
Jones, Wilson 
McBurnett, Daniel 
McLevoth, Thomas 
McWhorter, Nimrod B 
Michael, James
Monley, Silas H  
Moxley, Samuel
Odum, Benjamin 
Parker, Charles
Parker, Stuckley S.C.
Priddy, Lemuel W 
Ridgeway, Thomas P
Rodgers, James H 
Rooks, James M 
Rowan, Alexander 
Shelton, Stephen 
Sockwell, Edward
Spraggins, Andrew J
Spraggins, Dr. James 
Sturtevant, Sherwood 
Tallent, John 
Tompkins, John 
Treadwell, Stephen
[Died in Clay County Alabama] 
Vowell, Wm 
Wheeler, John M 
White, John A
White, Mathew J
[Born 1815, died 1902 Cleburne County Alabama]
White, Richard 
[Born 1811, died 1885 Texas]
Wier, Samuel B 
Williams, John
Wisehunt, Adam 
Wood, Benjamin W
Young, Redmond B 
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Carroll County  Georgia Indian War 1836 Carroll Rangers 

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Georgia Table of Contents:

The Carroll Rangers at Camp Thomas July 11th 1836 in The Creek War 

Back in 1836 when the Creek War was on, the Carroll County
Rangers camped at Camp Thomas on July 11th, 1836. From time
to time, the Army evaluated their property which included
horses, saddles, and guns. On this particular date, the
property of the Carroll Rangers was evaluated by John Long,
1st Lt., Volunteer Burnett, 2nd Lt. and Mathew Reid, Ensign.
Their signatures were: John Long, Valentine Burnett, and
Mathew Reid.

Beside each name of a Carroll Ranger, you will see listed
first what kind of horse he had, the age of the horse, the
price of the horse (as evaluated by the above men), the
price of the saddle, and the price of the gun. All these men
were surely some of Carroll County's earliest settlers and
many of these names are found in Carroll County, Ga. today.

William O. Wagner, Captain, Spotted M, age 7, $100, $20, $20
John Long 1st Lt, Sorrell M, age 4,$100, $20,$15
Valentine Burnett, 2nd Lt., Claybank M, age 5, $100, $15, $30
Mathew Reid, Ensign, Roan M, age 8, $80, $15, $30
John Duke, 1st Sgt., Sorrell M, age 6, $100, $25, $20
George W. Ware,2nd Sgt., Bay M, age 7, $60, $20, $10
Arthur Bell, 3rd Sgt., Bay M, age 8, $50, $20, $10
Henry L. Reid,4th Sgt., Sorrell H, age 9, $80, $30, $20
George S. Sharp, 1st Corp., Bay H, age 5, $100, $20, $25
James B. McDowell, 2nd Corp.,Sorrell H, age 10, $115, $25, $18
George Hiden, 3rd Corp., Bay H, age 6, $100, $15, $12
Leonard Fullbright, 4th Corp., Bay H, age 3, $70, $15, $12

Absolom Adams, Gray M, age 5, $150, $10, $18
John Adams, Gray M, age 3, $70, $8, $15
John Adams (blank by his name ****see below to explain)
Thomas Bonner, Sorrell H, age 5, $125, $40, $20  **See below
Thomas J. Bryce, Bay H, age 5, $60, $20, $10
Elisha Barber, Sorrell H, age 7, $80, $6, $20
John Baxter, Bay M, age 10, $50, $10, $10
James Brown, Snuff M, age3,$80, $8, $14
John Bailey, Grey M, age 4, $50, $25, $15
Levi C. Bohannon, Grey M, age 5, $60, $15, $10
Caleb Bailey, Sorrell H., age 15, $40, $5, $5
Isham Bentley, Claybank M, age 3,$75, $15, $12
Wilson Brown, Black M, age 10, $50, $20, $15
Ezekiel S. Candler, Bay M, age 6, $70, $20, $8
Brooks Carnes, (blank beside his name--***see below)
Henry S. Chance, Bay M, age 4, $60, $10, $15
Jeremiah Cole, Bay H, age 7, $90, $18,$10
Wilson Cartwright, Sorrell M, age 4, $100, $20, $10
Joseph Collins,Sorrell M, age 11, $45, $10, $15
Edward Dyer, Brown M, age 6, $65, $10, $18
Thomas Derrett,Bay M, age 6, $60, $12, $12
John M. Dale, Sorrell M, age 3, $60, $15, $8
James Elison, Bay M, age 10, $20, $20, $20
Anderson Green, Blue Roan M, age 12, $80, $20, $15
John L. Hamelton, Sorrell H, age 3, $75, $8, $20
Jackson Hewitt,Bay H, age 7, $50, $8, $18
Abel H. Harrison, Bay M, age 9, $90, $8, $25
Southern Haynes, Sorrell M, age 8, $45, $15, $8
James Norcross,Grey M, age 8, $80, $22, $20
James Herrin, Grey M, (blank by his name***see below)
Absolom Howard, Bay M, age 11, $40, $10, $20
Amos Helton, Bay M, age6, $65, $27, $15
John K. Holcombe, Sorrell M, age 9, $80, $15, $15
John H. Horton, Bay M, age 8, $50, $13, $5
John Horton, Bay M, age 9, $55, $8, $12
Thomas Johnson, Sorrell M, age 5, $90, $15, $12
Matthew Knight, Bay M, age 8, $80, $15, $25
William Knight, Sorrell M, age 3, $85, $25, $15
David Liles, Bay M, age 6, $70, $6, $8
James Liles, Bay H, age 4, $75, $6, $20
Samuel B. Landrum, Grey M, age 8, $100, $15, $20
Mason Morris, Bay, age 8, $75, $15, $15
William Majors, (horse not named), age 9, $55, $15, $16
James Michael, Sorrell M, age 8, $100, $25, $10
Andrew McMullan, Sorrell M, age 7, $80, $8, $12
Kinneth Murkison, Bay H, age 6. $100, $20, $15
Nora Murkison, Grey H, age 7, $70, $12, $15
Eli Miller, Grey M, age 6, $100, $20, $30
Jesse Mayfield,(blank by his name*** see below)
Alfred B. McDowell, Sorrell M, age 2, $70, $12, $15
Thomas C. Miers, Sorrell M, age 7, $100, $15, $5
Daniel McDaniel, Sorrell M, age 7, $100, $10, $18
Steutley S.C. Parker, Bay H, age 15, $45, $25, $10
Joel Phillips, Sorrell H, age 8, $100, $15, $15
Hawkins Phillips, (blank by his name***see below)
Charles Parker, Bay H, age 7, $100, $10, $15
Jonathan Rodgers, (blank by his name***see below)
John S. Reid, Bay H, age 3, $90, $15, $16
George Reid, Brown H, age 5, $90, $10, $22
Alexander Romans, Sorrell H, age 9, $60, $10, $10
Richard Smith, Bay M, age 8, $45, $5, $8
Joseph N. Spencer, (blank by his name***see below)
James Striplin, Sorrell M, age 5, $70, $25, $15
Daniel Starling, Bay H, age 3, $100, $20, $15
Richard Shackleford, Bay H, age 7, $125, $20, $12
David Smith, Sorrell H, age 8, $100, $10, $12
Larkin L. Turner, Bay H, age2, $60, $10, $8
Joseph H. Turner, Grey H, age 3, $60, $10, $10
Joseph Thompson, Sorrell H, age 13, $50, $25, $18
Marsell Tidwell, Bay H, age 4, $75, $12, $25
Sloman Wynn, Brown H, age 5, $90, $28, $12
David White, Grey H, age 5, $60, $8, $7
Jeremiah Walls, Black H, age4, $65, $7, $15
Tyre Watson,Bay H, age 6, $80, $15, $15
Lemuel Wilkison, Bay H, age 3, $65, $15, $5

***Pertaining to the men above who have no information beside their names***this letter:

"The blanks opposite the names are persons that joined but have been in camps--I wish you to instruct me how to proceed
with them." From William O. Wagnon, Capt. of the Carroll Rangers, Appraisement of the property of the "Carroll
Rangers" 11 July 1836, Creek War, written to His Excellency, William Schley, The Commander in Charge, Milledgeville, Ga.
Appraisement of the property of the Carroll Rangers, Capt. Wagnon's Camp.


These appraisements of soldier's property took place from time to time--William Washington Merrell wrote about his
service in the Indian Wars as a volunteer from Carroll County, Ga. I know that he mentions this appraisement of the
soldier's horses at one point--when they have been off fighting hostile Indians in Florida--and he mentions that
the horses are evaluated at the end of their campaign to see whose horse will make it back the long journey home. Since
W.W. Merrell's horse was not in such good shape, he got to ride the steamboat up the river back to Columbus, Ga. He had
to walk to Carrollton from Columbus to get home.

Someone might be interested in this little poem that I found tucked in an Old Family Bible. I know people will never
believe I did not write this, but I honestly did not. It looks pretty old--the Bible was quite old, too--and I
suspect it was put in this old Chambers Family Bible because my Uncle Ben Chambers (1870-1948) was considered to be quite
a good judge of horseflesh in his day and time. It was his job in the late 1800's. He would travel to St. Louis,
Missouri on the train and bring back horses and mules to sell in Carroll County, Ga. I would imagine that he would
get a real "kick" out of this old poem--and he may have been the one who tucked it in the old Bible in the first place.
The author is truly anonymous.


To tell the age of any horse
Inspect the lower jaw of course
The six front teeth the tale will tell
And every doubt and fear dispel

Two middle nippers you behold
Before the colt is two weeks old
Before eight weeks two more will come
Eight months the corners cut the gum

The outside grooves will disappear
From middle two in just one year
In two years from the second pair,
In three years "corners",too, are bare

At two the middle "Nippers" drop
At three the second pair can't stop
When four years old the third pair shows
At five a full new set he shows

The deep black spots will pass from view
At six years from the middle two
The second pair at seven years
At eight the spot each corner clears

From middle "Nippers" upper jaw
At nine the black spots will withdraw
The second pair at ten are bright
Eleven finds the corners light.

As time goes on the horseman knows
The oval teeth three-sided grows
The longer get--project--before
Till twenty, when they know no more.


I don't know if this is how the men evaluated the age of the horses of the "Carroll Rangers" back in 1836, but it could have been!

Happy Family Tree Climbing in Carroll County, Georgia!

BONNER, Thomas

Thomas S. Bonner born 1807 in Greene Co, Ga. died in Clay Co.Al in 1881.His father was Zadock Bonner, Sr. moved after
civil war from Carroll Co. Ga., where he owned 700 Ac. Plantation which was Sold to West Ga. College. His home is
on the Campus and is presently being used by College. He was Sheriff of Carroll Co. in 1836 Thomas, Captain, organized a
troop of volunteers to fight the Creek Indians at the Alabama Line along with his Brother Zadock, Jr., First Lt.,
after the Creek Indians killed his first Cousin Sheriff George Bonner of Macon Co. This was the start of the Creek
Indian War. He's listed in 1870 Census Clay Co Precinct Ashland Pg 47. He was my G.G. Uncle. We're coming to Clay
Co. Sunday to go to Liberty Cemetery and Old Ashland Cem where his Son Thomas is buried. He's supposed to be in Cem.
along with Treadwell relatives across from his home. Thanks, Linda [email protected]

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