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Gabriel Smith Bible Record (Smith Bible Record Not Complete)

Ezekiel Smith born 18th July 1786
 Gideon Smith born 08 Oct. 1787
William Smith born 15th Feb. 1789
Richard Smith born 13th June 1790
Mary Smith born 17th Oct. (inllegible )
Mourning Smith born 1(illegible) Oct. (illegible)
Grace Smith born (illegible) 1795
James C. Smith born (illegible) 1796
Gabriel D. Smith born 18th June 1798
Mark Smith born 06 April 1800
Sarah Smith born 02 Sept. 1802
Hugh Smith born 05 Jan. 1805
Gabriel Smith born 12th Dec. 1764            

Records NOTE: Records show that Gabriel Smith was a Revolutionary Soldier who joined the Militia in N.C. at the age of 16 in Aug. 1780 and served the first three months
as a substitute for Jasper Smith. He volunteered irregularly whenever there was a call and served altogether for about 18 months. He was involved in a skirmish with the
Tories during a march to Bettises' Bridge when he taken prisoner by the Tories in the Fall of 1781, but after three weeks he made his escape from them and returned home.
He entered the service in Montgomery County, N.C. under Capt. Thomas Childs. After Capt. Childs was wounded in a skirmish with the Tories on a march to Mays Ferry they
were placed under the command of Capt. Samuel Pond. During other campaigns he served under the command of Adjutant David Jamerson & Colonel Thomas Wade .
He also volunteered under Capt. Joseph Paison & Major James Crump & Colonel Thomas Childs who had been promoted. Gabriel Smith was born in Montgomery County, N.C.
on Dec. 12th, 1764. 

Additional Notes: Gabriel Smith was my grt. grt. grt. grt. grandfather. It is believed that his wife was Sarah Anna Downs. I want to thank the person providing
me with new information that proves Gabriel was married to Sarah, source: from book series, "Elbert County Deed Books, 1791-1835," by Michal Martin Farmer, pub. 1997
from Elbert County Deed Book P, p. 4, a deed made on 15 Feb. 1806 from Gabriel & his wife, Sarah Smith to Hugh MacDonald for 140 acres, being a part of 2 tracts of 100 acres
each granted to the said Smith on 22 Feb. 1787. He later married Matilda Carter, nee Chandler, on Sept. 30, 1837 in Carroll County, Ga. Gabriel lived in Wilkes, Elbert, Franklin &
Carroll County, Ga. at different ! times. He entered the 1820 Land Lottery of Ga, drawing land in Irwin County and he also was also on a list of names of men who drew land from
Capt. Walters' District in the lottery of 1825 who were Revolutionary soldiers. Gabriel also entered the 1827 land lottery, drawing land in Muscogee County, Ga. But because he did
not take up the land, the land reverted back to the state. His daughter, Sarah Smith born on 02 th Sep. 1802 in Elbert County, Ga. & was my grt. grt. grt. grandmother and she
married James Brown in Franklin County, Ga. on 16th Feb.1822. Sarah & James Brown removed to Randolph County, Alabama.
Submitted by: Patricia Griggs Stricklin e-mail: [email protected]

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