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Campbell County was: 
laid out from Coweta, Carroll, DeKalb, Fayette, in 1828; a part taken from Cherokee, 1832. Length, 16 m.; breadth 12 m. ; area square miles, 192.  The Chattahoochee is the principal river.  The Climate is healthy.
Among the instances of longevity are the following:

Mr. W. Wood died at 80; Mr. H. Rowan, 80; Mr. Winn, 80; Mr. McClarty, over 80; Joseph Howell, 99; Mr. Clinton, over 98, served under Marion; Mrs. Clinton, over 90; William Humphries, 83; James Endlsey, 80; Sarah Millar, 80; Moses Hartsfield, 80; John Demone 83; Simeon Wyatt, 90; Mrs. Turner, 80. These were living twelve months since.

Campbellton is the county site; situated on a commanding eminence upon the Chattahoochee River, distant from Milledgeville 151 miles.  Sand Town is on the Chattahoochee.

Extract from the Census of 1850:—Dwellings, 920; families, 920; white males 2,893; white females, 2,825; free coloured males, 3; free coloured females, 4. Total free population 5, 725; slaves, 1,507. Deaths, 62; farms, 694; manufacturing establishments, 18; value of real estate, $1,700,609; value of personal estate, $1,045,104.


Among the earliest settlers of this section were:  George McClarty, Wilson McClarty, James Stewart, Colonel Latham, Robert O. Beavers, Reuben C. Beavers, W.A.J. Beavers, the Longinos, Mr. Davenport, Mr. Roberts, Berry Watts, C. Cochran, Wade Waite, Martin Kolb, Henry Paulett, P. Skeene, E. Pennington, the Bullards, the Bryans, William Hightower, J.A. Hopkins, Andrew Smith, Wm. Jennings, D. and W. Silvey, M. Thornton,.


Sweet Water Factory:   Situated in Campbell County, about 18 miles from Marietta, on Sweet Water Creek. Capital, $50,000. Water power one of the best in the Southern country. Building of brick, five stories high, 48 by 120 ft.; number of hands employed, 60. Manufactures yarns only, at the rate of 750 lbs. per day. The scenery is very picturesque. About two hundred persons reside within one mile of the factory.


On Monday, the 20th day of April 1829, the Court met, pursuant to a law of the Legislature of Georgia. Present, his Honor Walter T. Colquitt.

The following persons appeared, and were sworn to serve as Grand Jurors for and during the present term of this Court:
    1.     Tarlton Sheats, Foreman              
                 2.     Jeremiah Sampler.                   
                 3.     J. D. Crumpton.                                  
                 4.     Stephen Baggett.   (See the Baggett files on this site).               
                 5.     Henry C. Bird.                        
                 6.     John Turner.                   
                 7.     Reuben Dawson.                   
                 8.     Caleb Fields.                    
 9.     George Harris, Jr.                  
       10.    Middleton W. Antony.                
       11.    Thomas Hill.                    
       12.    Jacob Crow.
13.    James West.
14.    Elijah Dorsett.
15.    John Wise. 
16.    James Gresham.
17.    Jacob Hogue.
18.    John Dorsett.
19.    Isaac Gray.
20.    Daniel Hull.
21.    Shadrach Grun.
22.    Daniel D. Smith.
23.    Moses W. Benson.
N.B.—The Court was held at Campbellton.


ANAWAQUA'S TOMB.—Opposite the village of Campbellton, on the western bank of the Chattahoochee, in a tuft of trees, on one of those mounds so common in Georgia; rest the remains of Anawaqua, an Indian Princess, the former proprietor of the soil. It is situated in a meadow, in a bend of the Chattahoochee, and near the foot of a considerable hill. Ancient fortification are traced all around the plain, extending from the river to the hill.

From Historical Collections of Georgia Compiled by the Rev. George White, M.A.

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