Campbell County, Georgia Genealogy & History

Campbell County was formed by an act of the Georgia Legislature December 20, 1828 taking land from Carroll, Coweta, DeKalb, and Fayette Counties. In 1832 land from the Cherokee Land Lottery was added, for a total to about 192 square miles. On October 17, 1870 the land lying north of the river was taken along with some of eastern Carroll to
Campbell County Courthouse form what is now Douglas County. The rest merged with Fulton on January 1, 1932. Campbell County was named in honor of Colonel Duncan G. Campbell. He and James Meriwether negotiated the Indian Springs Treaty in which the Creek Indian land was ceded on February 12, 1825. The County seat was Campbellton until 1870. It was then moved to Fairburn where it remained for the life of the county.  Read George White, M.A.'s History of Campbell County from his Historical Collections of Georgia; find out the first jurors of Campbell and read about Campbell's Indian Princess. 

About Campbell's Records:  The marriage license bureau of the Ordinary's office in Fulton County, store both Campbell County and Milton County marriage license records. They also store on microfilm, copies of the Atlanta Journal/Constitution newspaper, going back many years. They also have wills, deeds, estate records etc.

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