Butts County, GA Family Histories
Family Histories

Do you have family information that you would like to share with others? Here you can tell the world about your Butts County families, for free. You may send Bios and include photos. Only two requirements: The family must have a connection to Butts County and please restrict personal information about living people. your Family Histories to us soon.

Bankston Compiled Family History
Blissit Compiled Family History
BARNETT, J. T. Newspaper Article
BYRON, Dr. J. Lee Newspaper Article
CARMICHAEL, J. R. Newspaper Article
CARTER, James Biography
DUKE, Willis J. Biography
GILMORE, Doolly Dewitt Biography
HARMON, N. J. Newspaper Article
JAMES, John Biography
LEWIS, O. W. Newspaper Article
McDONALD, J. G. Newspaper Article
McKIBBEN, Col. M. V. Newspaper Article
MAYS, Mr. Robert W. Newspaper Article
PATRICK, Joshua Louis PatrickBiography
REEVES, James Biography
SHERWOOD, Adiel Biography
THORNTON, J. J. Newspaper Article
WARD, Major Benj. F. Newspaper Article

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