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Bible from American Bible Society Instituted in the year MDCCCXVI 1867. This bible in possession of Mrs. Stephen A. Jones, Jackson, GA. R.F.D. at the time of collection.

Front of Book:
Miss Mary Jane Standard

W.J. Standard and M. J. Byars was married 1864, May 16th.

W.L. Standard was borned in the year of our Lord May 1, 1844.
M.J. Byars was borned in the year of our Lord Oct. 10, 1850.
(Wife of W.J. Standard)

Robt. Byars, son of James and Elizabeth, was born on the 17th day of January A.D. 1810.
Sallie M. Byars was born the 3rd day of January 1810.
George W. Byars was born on the 9th day of August 1828.
Anna Byars was born 17th June 1830.
Andrew J. Byars was born the 7th day of March 1835.
July Ann Byars was born the 29th December 1832.
James L. Byars was born May the 25th 1837.
Richard Byars was born 17th Feb 1840. (Walter Byars´ father)
Lucy A. Byars was born the 2nd day of Feb 1842-
( Granny Lucy- Mother of Stephen & Jesse Jones)
& Wife of Augustus Jones
Joel B. Byars was born the 1st day of June 1844.
John Thomas Byars was born the 31st of May 1846.
Sallie Byars was born the 28th day of October 1848.
George Ann Byars was born January 1st 1848,
daughter of George and Martha.
Martha Byars was born September 17th 1852.
Robert Byars(Lady) was born August 17th 1855. ( married a Thompson)

July Ann Byars departed this life August the 1st 1847.
George W. Byars departed this life August 24th 1849.
Martha Byars departed this life April 13th 1853.
Robert Byars departed this life August 24th 1855.
John T. Byars departed this life December the 3rd 1862.
Joel B. Byars departed this life December the 3rd 1862.
R. G. Byars departed this life October 3rd 1902.
Mary J. Standard departed this life October 3rd 1902.( Uncle Jack´s Wife)
W. J. Standard died January 11th 1929.
Lucy A. Jones died May 19th 1927. ( Granny Lucy)
Bobby Thompson died 23, 1931.
(Robt. Byars- lady) Unadilla, Ga.

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