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John T. Kimbell and Mary P. Lumpkin was married March 27th 1834
William Joseph Kimbell and Antinet A. Curry was married December 11th 1855
James Gideon Kimbell and Frances Sims were married November 24th 1857
Frances T. Kimbell and Mary Tingle was married December 17th 1867
Francis T. Kimbell and Mary Tingle was married December the 17 1867 (entry is included twice!)
John Briant and Eliza K. Kimbell was married December the 8th 1836
William Briant and Sarah Kimbell was married February the first 1837
Joseph W. Kimbell and Harriet Briant was married January first 1840
Joseph W. Kimbell and Martha Lumpkin was married October 21 1841
James G. Kimbell an Martha Anderson was married Nov 17th 1842.

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A listing of the Churches that John Thomas served in:
John Thomas Kimbell was born January 12 1814
Joined the Church Antic in Septa 1831.
Married Mary Pittman Lumpkin March 27 1834
Joined Bairds Church by letter in the fall 1838
Moved to Butts county December 1841
Joined the church at Tawalaga Feb 1842
Listened by the church to preach August 1843
Called to ordination by Church May 1847
Called to Indian Creek 1848 - served One year
Called to Indian Springs 1848 - Served Two Years
Called to Philadelphia 1848 - Served Two Years
called to paron 1850-1851- served one year, and gave up in consequence of bad health in 1852.
Confined with Rheumatism November 1851 moved his membership to Philadelphia 1854 and 1855.
Membership at Philadelphia in 1854.
Served Philadelphia '55
Mount Pleasant 1854
Union 1854 and 1855 and Shiloh 1854 and 1855
Continued at these two 56-57-58-59-60-61-62-63-64-65-65
In the fall of 1855 joined Back at Tawalagga and became pastor for the church in 1856-67-68-59-60-61-62- 63-64-65-66-67-68-69-70-71
In 1857 and 8 pastor County line
Pastors in 1856 Pastoral at Philapi
In 1862 and pastor at Rocky Creek
In 73 Pastor _____________? (illegible)
In 1886 Pastor at countyline, Butts county

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William Joseph Kimbell was born May 17th 1835
James Gideon Kimbell was born May 1st 1837
John Pitman Kimbell was born March 29th 1840 Died May 2nd 1862
Henry Beasley Kimbell was born March 5 1952 Died August 1891
Francis Timothy Kimbell was born March 26 1844
Samuel Kimbell was born Dec 14 1870 (In different handwriting than the others)
Leuis Mercer Kimbell died 24 1864 (again in different handwriting).


In Memory of W. M. Thompson
In the passing away of your beloved friend and neighbor, W. M. Thompson, there has been one more link in the chain of Cedar Rock Community broken. As a citizen he was looked upon as a model, and while he took no stand in politics, he could always be found giving good advice on the right side of every question pertaining to his church, his business, and his country. He made no claims to a high education, attended no college but he served his people with a true love and faithful devotion. In his mercantile life he had many friends of both white and black. he had a smile for every one of his customers he came in contact with. His friends and customers today bow in humble submission to Almighty God and his wife and children.
If we could we would not call him back for we re sure he is at the right hand of God making intercession for us. He was always at his post of duty in his church and in the development of his country. May God bless his wife and children in their bereavement.
Oh sing to me of heaven
When I am called to die;
Sing songs of holy ecstasy
To waft my should on high.
A friend.

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G. S. Thompson was born January 28 1852
G S Thompson and Mary Watts Kimbell was married November the 28 1873
Ursula Thompson was born May the 12 1874.

Page 5. Record of Family

William J. Kimbell was born May the 17 1865
Antinett A. Curry was born February the 1 1835
William J. Kimbell and Antinett A. Curry was married December the 11 1855
Mary Watts Kimbell was born Nov the 4 1856
Callie Kimbell was born April the 3 1859
William Bartoe Kimbell was born February 4 1862
Fanney Kimbell was born July the 15 1866
Norah Kimbell was born December the 7 1968.

Attachment #2


A large number of relatives and friends were grieved to learn of the death of Mrs. J. Harvey Bond, which occurred Sunday morning at her home in Carnegie PA.

Mrs. bond, formerly Miss Dollie Missie Kimbell, daughter of Mrs. V. A. Kimbell and the late Mr. Kimbell, had been residing in Carnegie for the past several month. She was born and reared in Jackson and attended the Jackson public schools and was popular with a wide circle of friends in Butts and adjoining counties. she was 26 years of age and was a member of the Baptist Church. Mrs. Bond was widely admired for her many fine qualities of character. She was connected with well known Butts and Henry Counties families.

She is survived by her husband and three small children including an infant only a few days old; her mother Mrs. V. A. Kimbell of Jackson; two sisters, Mars. W. A. Wilson Jr. and Mrs. Julian Thurson. Mr. Vanie Kimbell of Atlanta, her grandfather, Mr. Vanie Kimbell of Henry County.

The body was brought to Jackson Wednesday mourning and funeral services were to be held from the First Baptist Church Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock, with Rev. Thomas M. Callaway officiating. Interment will be in the family lot in the Jackson city cemetery.
(no date is included).

Attachment 3

Died of typhoid fever on the second day of May 1862, John Pittman Kimbell.

The subject of this notice was born in Oglethorpe County March 28, 1940, where he spent a portion of his infancy. His father soon moved to Butts county where he was principally brought up. Brother Kimball united with the Baptist church at Philippi, Henry county, September 1859, and lived a Baptist until his death.
He enlisted in the Confederate army about the first of October, 1861 and during his short sojourn with the army he exhibited a Christian sprit towards his fellow soldiers, for he was almost constantly engaged in nursing the sick of his company, until in January he was seized with disease. Having recovered from this attack, he wrote to his father that it was a sweet thought to him that he had a father at home who remembered him at a rich throne of Grace; that he thanked God he Served a God who would succor His people when left alone without kindred to cheer them; that he had found the Holy Spirit comforting to his drooping sprit. He further remarked that he was, and always expected to be, glad that he tried to serve God when he was young.
Having recovered from his first attack, he resumed his office of Kindness to his fellow soldiers until April, when he was prostrated with typhoid fever and was sent to his father (Elder John T. Kimball) in Butts county. The disease was so deeply seated that when he arrived home his mind was wandering. However, a few days before his death, he remarked to his father that the greatest thing was happiness--that eternal happiness above.
In the death of our brother, the Church has sustained a loss of one of its most promising lights; the Army a worthy soldier; his parents, a dutiful son, the vicinity in which he lived, a beloved neighbor. But we feel confident that he is gone to that rest which awaiteth the people of God--Therefore, we use the exhortation of our Saviour, "Weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and your children". Signed WJS

Obit 2 on 2nd attachment

Mrs. Mary P. Kimbell, nee Lumpkin, wife of Rev. John T. Kimbell the subject of this notice was born in Oglethorpe County GA in March 1810 and died in Butts County January 26th 1888. She had nearly lived 78 years. In the early life she obtained a hop in the Savior and was baptized in the year 1826 by Jack Lumpkin. On March 27th 1834 she was married to J. T. Kimbell; soon afterwards they removed from Oglethorpe county to Butts where they lived until her death.
Soon after settling in Butts, Mrs. Kimbell entered the work of the ministry. While it is meet to honor and praise men who tor a long life have honored the sacred calling, their wives should not be forgotten. Much of their success depends upon the wife. In this calling she is indeed, an helpmate. As a preachers wife she met the full measure of duty, and now that she is laid away in the silent grave it may truthfully be said of her that Jesus said of Mary when she had poured the ointment on His head:; "She hath done what she could".
When the final day shall come then it will be known what such a life has been worth. In butts county and to humanity generally.
About 1 year ago she had a fall from which she never recovered sufficiently to be able to walk. On the night of her death she appeared as well as for sometime past, and was making arrangements to attend worship at County line church on the following Sunday. After retiring, difficulty of breathing was discovered. She suffered about one hour, and passed away with the expression "Bless the Lord".
Her funeral was preached at the county Line church Friday afternoon by W. G. McMichael and she was carried to the grave surrounded by a large concourse of relatives and friends who were ready to bear testimony to the piety and worth of this aged and devoted disciple of the Lord. R. M. Hooton Jackson GA Jan 30 1888.

Page 5.

Mary P. Lumpkin was born March the 16th 1810.
Mary P. Kimbell died Janurary 26th 1888
John T. Kimbell was born January 12th 1814
John T. Kimbell departed this life July the 5 1899.

(In different writing)
Jeffie C. Kimbell was born Sept 16 1889
Mattie Lois Pace was born aug 11 1892
J. C. Kimbell and Lois Pace was married Dec 24 1911 Judge J. H. Harris Officiating

Sarah Marteal Kimbell was born Nov 17 1912
William Marvin Kimbell was born Dec 23 1913
Frances Albert Kimbell was born May 22 1917.

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