Butts County Poor Farm

Butts County Poor Farm

Submitted by V. S. Harrison

H. C. Clark, Superintendent
Page 138

Mr. and Mrs. William Smith (white)
Rec'd Jany 7, 1889
Discharged by removal to Henry County Ga, by Mr. Edge May 31st, 1889

Mrs. C. Brown
Received Jany 8, 1889
Died Nov. 2nd 1889

Miss P. Denson
Received Jany 8, 1889

Mrs. C. Floyd
Rec'd. Jany 11, 1889
Died April 23, 1889

Miss C. Powel
Received Jany 14, 1889
Died 26 day of Feby, 1896

Page 139
Colored Inmates

Susan Hodges
Rec'd Feby 12, 1889
Died April 7, 1890

Jennie Varner & Child
Admitted Feby 22, 1889
Child born May 30, 1894
Adjudged a Lunatic & removed to the Asylum Mch 4th 1899

Casty Britton
Admitted April 18, 1889
Died Nov 1891

S. Sims
Admitted May 11, 1889
Discharged Oct 3rd 1890

Phillis Appling.
Admitted Dec 27 - 1889.
Discharged Jany 26, 1890 By removal by her Daughter

Isabella Henderson
Admitted Jany 1889
Left Poor farm Aug 15, 1890

Jacob Wilkerson Pauper
Admitted Jany 31st 1890
Left Poor farm Aug 14, 1890

Phillis Appling
Readmitted July 23, 1890
Phillis Appling Died Dec 2, 1890

Page 140-141

Mrs. Mily Hall (White) F. M.
Admitted Jany 15, 1891
Mrs. Mily Hall left Poor farm Feby 6, 1891

Rachael Freeman (cold.) F. M.
Admitted Jany 19, 1891
Rachael Freeman left Poor farm voluntarily March 12, 1893

G. M. Edwards White Male.
Admitted July 24, 1891
Died Nov 3rd 1892 & Burried at Stark Cemetery Nov 4, 1892

Elizabeth Shields (White) F. M.
Admitted Jany 22/92
Elizabeth Shields died May 28, 1892

Josiah Jackson (White. Male)
Rebeca Jackson (White. F.M.)
Admitted April 23, 1892
These paupers have never been received at the Pauper farm having died before their reception Feby 8, 1893

Pages 142-143

Juda Aiken, Cold, Female Age 18
Admitted Jany 28, 1893

Isabella Henderson. Cold.
Female age not known
Admitted Feby 4, 1893
Discharged July 25, 1897. By relatives agreeing and consenting to take, keep and maintain her.

Jas F. Carmichael, Ordy

Sarah Moore. Cold. F. M. Age 70
Admitted June 14, 1893
Died June 23rd 1893

Virgil Cardwell
Admitted April, 1893
Oct 11, 1893 Departed this life & turned over to his family for burial

Pages 144-145

Bill Jester. Colored. Male age 55
Admitted July 18, 1894
Died August 6, 1894

Jane Mitchell. Colored. Female.
Admitted July 30, 1894
Died February 28, 1896

Mrs. Mary Bullard. White. Female.
Admitted July 31, 1894

Burel Ingram. Colored. Male.
Age ten.
Admitted August 3, 1894
Died August 9, 1894

Pages 146-147

Rosa Varner. Col. Female
Aged about 7
Dismissed. August 9, 1894 & Delivered to Emily Hightower, grand-mother of said child

By J. F. Carmichael, Ordy.

Roxey Ingram (White)
Aged 45
Admitted to County Farm on the 10th day of December 1894.

Miles J. Turner. White Age 53
Admitted to County Farm on 19 day of December, 1894
Died 5th day of Sept, 1895

John Gibson. Colored
Admitted 21st March, 1895

Celia Nutt Colored Female
Aged about 55
Admitted to County Farm on 27 day of May 1895
Died on the 21st day of Aug 1895

Stephen Hogan, Colored Male
Admitted to County Farm on 31st day of May 1895.
Refused to go with Supt & order revoked. June 3rd 1895
Admitted to County farm June 24. 1895
Died April 28 1899

Pages 148-149

Richard Greer - Colored - Male
Age 24
Admitted to County farm June 18, 1895
Died 16 day of Sept, 1895

Albert Jenkins - Colored - Male
Admitted to County farm July 17, 1895

Felix Harkness - Colored Male
Admitted to County farm Aug 21, 1895
Died 16 day of Dec. 1895

Dennis Shaw Male child
Admitted to County farm Aug 21, 1895
Discharged October 8, 1895

Martha Clinton. White Female
Admitted to County farm October 28, 1895
Left on visit about Dec 1, 1895

Mary Ann Clark White
Admitted January 1st 1896
Died 21st day of April, 1896.

Pages 150-151

Julia Buckner Colored Female
Admitted to County farm April 20, 1896.
Discharged Jany 1st 1898

Bertha Johnson Colored female
Very old
Order granted the 13 day of July 1896. Died before being removed to County farm 19 July 1896

Wash Hill Colored Male
Very old
Order granted July 22, 1896.
Admitted to County Farm July 23, 1896

Adaline Harris Colored Female
Order granted December 31, 1896.
Admitting to County farm.

Steve Jester Colored Male
Order granted February 16, 1897
Died August 10, 1898

Mary Ann Pye Colored Female
Order granted March 1st 1897
Died 8th day of May 1897

Betsy Byars Colored Female
Order granted April 29, 1897

Pages 152-153

Anna Jenkins Colored
Order granted and admitted to County farm August 21 1897.
Died the 31st day of August, 1897

Alfred Gladding Col male
Order granted 23 December 1897

Luke Brazill Col Male
Order granted March 2, 1898
Died before removal to County farm

Warren Knight White Male
Order granted July 5, 1898

Aaron Jester Col Male
Order granted January 1st 1899

Jane Greer Col Female
Order granted Jany 10, 1899.

Jenny Johnson Col Female
Order granted March 1st 1899 Admitting applicant to farm by Commissioners of Roads and Revenues

Pages 154-155

Mrs. Rebecca Kimball White
Order granted March 22 1899 admitting applicant to county farm by Commissioners of R. & Revenues
Died June 2nd 1899 at County Farm

Mrs. Harp White
Order granted Sept 6th 1899 admitting applicant to County farm by Commissioners Roads & Revenues.
Order granted Mr. Off Wynn to take Mrs. Harp from the County Farm and care for her - thereby relieving Butts County: This Sept 16th 1899

Mary Hansford
Order granted admitting Mary Hansford to County farm June 7 - 1899
Died 1899

Mark Higgins
Order granted admitting him at County farm Jany 5 1900
Died Feby 28 1900

Pages 156-157

Leithia Greer Colored
Judgement admitting Leithia Greer to County farm Augt 2 - 1900

Ann Swint Colored
Judgement Admitting Ann Swint to Co Farm, Oct 10- 1900

Roda Bowden
Judgement act adjourned term 1900 admitting Roda Bowden at the County Farm Oct 10th 1900

J O Beauchamp W M Mallet
Clerk CR&R Chair CR&R

Fannie & Tom Russell
Judgement Dec adjourned term 1900 admitting Fannie & Tom Russell at the County Farm Dec 21 1900
J O Beauchamp J W Fletcher
Clerk CR&R Vice Chair CR&R

Fannie Russell delivered to Rubin Rivers by order of Co Coms - Dec 24th 1900
Order given to Rubin Rivers to allow him to take Fannie Russell from the County Farm.
Supt O. E. Smith is hereby directed to allow Rubin Rivers to take Fannie Russell out of County Poor House.
J W Fletcher
Vice Chair CR&R

Cap Nutting
Judgement admitting Cap Nutting at County Farm Dec 21 - 1900
J W Fletcher
Vice Chair CR&R
Died Dec 23rd 1900
Burried at Co Farm

O E Smith Supt
Order that John Gibson an Inmate at the County Farm be and he is hereby discharged. Dec 22 - 1900
J W Fletcher
Vice Chair CR&R

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