Photo Album
Butts County Photo Album

Post Card Collection

Butts County Courthouse
Calumey Hotel
The Dummy Train
East 3rd Street - Jackson, GA
The Elder Hotel
The Foy Hotel
Indian Springs
Jackson Lake Dam
Lyons Street - Jackson, GA
The Wigwam Hotel

Family Photos

BANKSTON, Carrie Irene Yancey
BANKSTON, Elizabeth Jane
BANKSTON, Henry & Carrie
BANKSTON, James & Emma
BANKSTON, Leonidas Augustus
BANKSTON, Mahala Maude
BANKSTON, William Thomas & Lula Wilson
BANKSTON, William Thomas & Lula Wilson
BEAUCHAMP, James Oliver
BEAUCHAMP, James Oliver
LEE Family
McCLURE, John Thomas McClure and Clyde Yancey
Pittman Family
Polk Family
YANCEY, Dude & his wife
YANCEY, Parham
YANCEY, Parham & Swance; J. T. McClure, J. P. Greer
YANCEY, J. W. and Ludie


Hanging in Butts County
Hanging in Butts County


Jackson Institute
Jackson Institute 1888 - 1889
Jackson Dam 1910
Jackson Dam 1910
Jackson Dam 2004
Jackson Roller Mill
Lamar Mills
Ocmulgee River Dam
Pitman's Ferry
South River Mills

School Photos

Indian Springs School - 1946
Indian Springs School - 1947
Indian Springs School - 1948
Iron Springs School - 1913
Iron Springs School - 1914
Jackson High School Band 1948
Jackson High School Band 1950
Jackson High School Class of 1950
Jackson Public School 1920 Report Card
Jackson High School Reunion Class of 1957
Stark School 1922 Report Card
Stark School - 1923 - First Grade
Stark School - 1923 - Second Grade
Stark School - 1923 - Third Grade


121st National Guard of Butts County
Confederate Veterans living in Butts County 1912
Jackson Rifles - 1927
Home of A. G. Hitchins

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