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Butts County Family Group Sheets
These Family Groups Sheets show families who lived in, or passed through, Butts County.
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BAILEY, James Judith Jones DAVIS
BARBER, George David W. Morgan
BERRY, Thomas Jefferson Gwen Cosby Moore
BLISSIT, Elisha Henry Blissit
BROOKS, John Henry "Grantsy" Gwen Grant Bryan
BROOKS, Russell Gwen Grant Bryan
BRYANT, Bird Bonnie Thurston
COLEMAN, William Allen E. Coleman
DAVIS, Thomas J. Henry M. Blissit
DICK, James Sharlyn Shaw
DICK, Robert G. Sharlyn Shaw
DICK, William Livingston Sharlyn Shaw
HARDAWAY, James M. Gwen Cosby Moore
HEAD, William, Jr. Barbara Walker Winge
HIGGINS, DavidFamily # 1 Judith Jones DAVIS
HIGGINS, David Family # 2 Judith Jones DAVIS
HIGGINS, James Judith Jones DAVIS
HIGGINS, John Judith Jones DAVIS
HIGGINS, Joseph Judith Jones DAVIS
HIGGINS, Palmer A. Judith Jones DAVIS
HIGGINS, Sterling Tucker Judith Jones DAVIS
HIGGINS, William Judith Jones DAVIS
KIMBELL, James Graham Henry M. Blissit
KITCHENS, Charles Larry C. Knowles
RAY, Mark Family #1 Gwen Cosby Moore
RAY, Mark Family #2 Gwen Cosby Moore
STEED, William Ashmore Barbara Walker Winge
TENNANT, Andrew James Harold TENNANT
WAITS, William B. Bonnie THURSTON
WASHINGTON, Allen Mathew Gwen Grant Bryan
WASHINGTON, George Hammond Gwen Grant Bryan
WASHINGTON, Robert Beverley Gwen Grant Bryan
WASHINGTON, Robert Marion Gwen Grant Bryan
WILLIAMSON, John, Jr. Larry C. Knowles
YOUNG, Moses William, Jr. Mary Ellen DICKERSON
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