A TRIBUTE OF THANKS TO MRS. GOERTNER E. MUMFORD PARKHURST, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Mumford

A NOTE OF THANKS FROM: Sandra Jacobs (Shockley), daughter of Horace Thomas Jacobs and Lorraine Hendrix Jacobs.


As the daughter of Horace Thomas Jacobs and Lorraine Hendrix Jacobs of Hickox, I attended what became Woman's College when I went, beginning in the fall of 1964, but the scholarship was based on "need" and there was a lot of paperwork. They thought I did not need all my tuition paid; good grief. I received the scholarship for 3 years and completed the final year without applying since I had married, John Hattaway Shockley, Madison, GA, so I was "ineligible," no longer a Brantley County girl.


We were never told details except there was a scholarship, called the Mumford Scholarship for Brantley County girls. I never saw a check; the payment went directly to tuition only payment. My father had to come up with the money to complete the tuition which was on a quarterly basis, since one may not make "good grades' per requirement or be a "drop out." As I recall, even a Brantley county girl who was MARRIED was totally ineligible.


We never had a way to thank the donor. I thought that was strange since I had been trained to send thank you notes for everything. After graduation, I completed my doctorate in Reading Education UGA, while teaching and having children and going to school....forever on Saturdays, summers, etc., then the second doctorate in Administration and Supervision due to the "then" rule that one had to be "in field" to be paid at the level at which one received the doctorate, so upon becoming a Curriculum Director, the pay dropped and I just continued and continued and continued working in the school system until I was at the higher pay scale. The knowledge obtained plus great experiences with consultants from all over the USA and Great Britain made for a great career. I am now retired.

Sandra Jacobs Shockley