Old Hopewell Methodist Church
(Old) Hopewell Methodist Church

Established 1836. The first Hopewell church was located on Hwy. 49 between New Hope CME Church & Sand Hill (<Martin) Cemetery.  Hopewell United Methodist Church that is on Hopewell Church Rd was established in 1876.
      Leola Beeson in Stories of Milledgeville and Baldwin County says "Tilman Snead (1786 - 1875) was a minister of the church. Some early church members: Miles G. Harris, expelled; Henry Chapel, single; Nancy Harris, married; Elizabeth Pritchett; Elizabeth Cook, married; Nancy Hunt, married; Ann Lewis, married; Mary Harvell, married; Susannah Runnells, married; Mary Harris, married; Susannah Bromberry, single; Elizabeth Ruch, married; Ann Reese (departed this life).

Slave Members:
W. Falling's Jesse - Class Leader;
L. Harris': William; Henry; April; Joe; Jerry
A. Harris' Morning (removed); Lucy; Rebecca; Matilida; Celia
Absalom Harris': Coleman; Jim; Joe; Lewis; Jacob; Cobby
P. Harris' Lydia; Peggy; Mary
S. Harris' Rachel, Esther, Keziah; Fanny; Daphne
R. Jackson's Fed;
C. Roger's Dick (removed);
B. Roger's Humphrey (removed); Morgana (removed); Nan
W. Hudson's Daniel; George; Lucy; Jabby
H. Lewis' Booker; Dave; Collen; Henry; Dicey; Judith; Charlotte; Betty; Lucy
Barne's Jim;
Dr. Terrell's George;
B. Cook's John;
E. Brown's Ben;
C. Ingram's Warren
J. Ingram's Fanny
Rosser's Joe
J. Berry's Nelson
T. Barne's Ben
J. Hunt's Rachel; Winney
James Huff's Judith
W. Springer's Betty; Milley
B. Cook's Sidney
Barnes' Polly W.
Dr. Jewel's Judith; Nancy; Mary"

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