Padgett + Overstreet Mr. Gus Overstreet and Miss Sadye Padgett

A marriage of interest to the friends and relatives of the groom and a number of relatives of the bride in this county took place in Waycross on Wednesday evening, December 24 was that of Miss Sadye Padgett and Mr. Gus Overstreet.
The wedding was solemnized at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Renna Padgett and was witnessed by a number of friends and relatives. Miss Padgett is a relative of Judge Vernon E. Padgett, of this city and has a number of relatives throughout this county who will be interested to learn of her marriage.
Mr. Overstreet is well known in Baxley where he made his home until a few years ago. He is the son of Mrs. Henry Overstreet, a nephew of Mr. F. P. Middleton, Mrs. I. K. Reddish and Mrs. Clementine Graham of this city. He is an excellent young business man and holds a position with one of the leading business concerns in Waycross.

Baxley News Banner 1 January 1920

Submitted by Sharon Broward Davis