Holton-Smith Enraged Father Takes Bride From Husband

John HOLTON and Delia SMITH recently of Appling County, Georgia, can testify that "The course of true love does not always run smooth." This at the present time, unhappy young couple had been "Keeping Company" for about a year, according to the groom's statement and the marriage was opposed by the bride's parents on account of the age of the bride, she being but 13 the latter part of September, they decided to take the matter in their own hands and were married without papa's consent.
The wedding occurred Oct. 6th, after which the young couple sought to evade the father's wrath and gain a livelihood by coming to Florida. They located near Jay, where Mr. HOLTON was employed in a turpentine still for a short time. The girl's father, Mr. SMITH, began a still hunt for the runaway couple and located them a few days since and immediately came down here after them, and, as the marriage of a girl under 14 under Georgia law is considered null and void and the groom in such instance is charged with a grave offense.
The father had no trouble in securing the necessary documents that not only permitted him to take the girl back home, but caused the arrest of the groom, who was taken in charge by a Georgia deputy Thursday morning and returned to his native state, there to stand trail upon a charge that will if convicted, send him to the penitentiary for a term of from four to seven years.
When seen at the jail Tuesday, both of the young people seemed heartbroken. The young lady, who has the size and appearance of a woman of eighteen or twenty, wept and said she would rather die than return with her father, and further asserted that she would wait for her husband, should he be sent to the pen until his time was out and then be married again.
The father seemed to be actuated more by a spirit of revenge, because the groom had assisted an older daughter to run away with her present husband, a few years ago, than by any special desire to promote the welfare of his daughter.
The sympathy of those that knew of the case especially those whose unpleasant duty brought them in close touch with it seemed to be with the young people rather than with the parents, as there seems to*

News-Banner, Baxley, Appling County, GA. (under the partial article is written in M-: 10-6-1913) * This is all of the article I have.

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