Appling Marriage Records
tran160 (1K) Marriage Records

We would like to post your marriage records here.


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tran160 (1K) Mr. H. Loyal Beecher and Miss Lilla Pittman

Mr. Joshua Bennett and Miss Susie O'Quinn

Mr. David Monroe Carter and Miss Georgie Johnson

Mr. Charlie P. Crosby and Miss Nellie B. Crosby

W. T. Brinson and Miss Lucios Allen

Mr. John H. Dampier and Miss Johnnie Nell Deal

Mr. Frederick Edwin Decker and Miss Lula Fleming Stacy

Mr. John Holton and Miss Delia Smith

Mr. Clifford Johnson and Miss Jessie Anderson

Mr. Herman Johnson and Miss Leannie Crosby

Mr. G. W. Livingston and Mrs. D. Beach Tippins

Mr. W. A. Melvin, Jr. and Miss Joyce Williams

Mr. J. T. Martin and Miss Ida Crummey

Mr. Berrien Madison Music and Martha Malinda Taylor

Mr. Herbert O'Brine and Miss Eunice Tillman

Mr. Gus Overstreet and Miss Sadye Padgett

Mr. Charles Padgett and Mrs. Samantha Moody

Mr. B. H. Roberson and Miss Katie Leggett

Dr. Warren Swain and Miss Lily Johnson Morris

Mr. Marion Taylor and Miss Amanda Wheeler

Mr. Russel Tyre and Miss Kate Bennett

Mr. J. Ed Youmans and Miss Mamie Davis

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