White Men with Indian Families

 Northwest Georgia History  

About 1831
White  Men  with  Indian  Families (54 on list)
Listed alphabetically after location.
Name plus comments as to their financial worth.

Adair, Tom Ben	         Well to do 
Blackburn, Lewis	 Wealthy 
Cline, Thomas A	         Enrolled for Arkansas
Davis, Daniel	   	 Well to do
Huffaker, Michael	 Modest     
Humphries, ____	         Modest     
Hutson, Alfred           Well to do 
Jones, Frances           Modest 
Landrum, James           Well to do
Phillips, Joseph 	 Well to do
Reid, William		 Well to do 
Trott, James J.		 Methodist Circuit Rider 
Whitmore, Stephen	 Well to do 
Willis, William	         Modest 
Wist, (West?), Jacob	 Well to do 
Wright, John		 Wealthy  

Bell, John	         Well to do
Monroe,____	         Modest
Sutton, ____		 Modest 

Bunn, Jesse              Modest
Conner, ____	         Modest
Denton, ____	         Modest

Copeland, ____           Modest
Crutchfield, Joseph   	 Well to do
Horn, Jere		 Modest
Nicholson, _____	 Well to do

Chambers, Masfield	 Modest    
Chisholm, James	         Well to do
Lane, Daniel	         Modest

Colemen, William	 Modest 
Collins, Parker	         Well to do
Freeman, George	         Modest
Langley, John	         Well to do
Mosley, John		 Well to do
Rogers, John	         Well to do
Vickery, Harry		 Wealthy
Wofford, Nathaniel	 Enrolled for Arkansas   
Daniel, Reuben	  	 Well to do
Hubberd, Uriah	         Modest
Langley, Ozell	         Modest
Ralston, ____		 Modest
Stover,____	         Modest 
Terrell, John	         Well to do    	       
Valley Towns	
England, ____ 	  	 Well to do
William, John		 Well to do

New Echota 
Gunn, Thomas	        Not Known
Rogers, John		Modest
Wheeler, John F.	Cherokee Phoenic, Printer 
Long Swamp	
Harnage, Ambrose	Wealthy  
Lookout Mountain
Norris, Henry	        Well to do 
Scales, Reverend	Well to do
Pine Log
Thomason, Franklin	Well to do         
Thomason, James A.	Well to do                      

Big Springs		          
Williams, William	       Well to do