James Thomas Mann Estate - petition for 12 month support

Harris County GA Record
Contributed by Pamela Dyess Mann

Petition for 12 Months Support  
page 46

Georgia, Harris County

To the Honourable the Court of the Ordinary of Said County

WE, the undersigned, appointed by the Honorable the Ordinary of said County to assess and set apart a sum necessary for the support and maintenance of the widow and minor child of James Thomas Mann, deceased, for the space of twelve months, either in money or such property as the said widow may select, do report, that we have assessed and set apart as being necessary for the support and maintenance of said widow and children the sum of Twelve hundred ($1200.00) dollars, which said widow has selected to take as follows:

All that tract or parcel of land lying or being in the county of Harris, said state and described as follows: ninety (90) acres off of the east half of lot of land number one hundred forty five (145) on the twenty-first land district of said County and bounded as follows: on the north by lands Mr. Howard Farley; on the east by lands of Mr. J. B. Peavy; on the west by lands of L. L. and M. E. Mann and on the south by lands of L. L. and M. E. Mann.

And we also set apart the following household furniture for the use of said widow and child:

All of the household furniture located in the home situated on the above lands.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, We have hereto set our hands and seals, this 5th day of December 1949

J. C. Mann
Berry M. Mann
L. E. Foster


January term 1950

The report of the Appraisers appointed to set apart to the widow and minor children of James Thomas Mann the provision allowed by law, being read, and the Court being satisfied that the same is in due form, and properly made, it is ordered that the same be admitted to record, and stand as judgment of this Court.

J. B. Peavy