Fuqua Family Genealogy

Fuqua Family Genealogy
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The Fuqua Family in America had its origins in Colonial Virginia. The vast majority (but not all) of "Fuquas" have descended from a single immigrant who lived in Virginia in the 1600s.

The immigrant, commonly known as Guillaume Fouquet, is widely believed to have been a French Huguenot. Sometime after his arrival in Charles City County, he married an English woman named Jane Eyre and, together, they  began a cascade of American descendants.

Today, there are 'Fuquas" living in nearly all of the United States, with concentrations existing along the main paths of migration from Virginia into the Southern and Western parts of the country.

This Web site is dedicated to the many family members who are working on the construction of their Fuqua genealogies. You are welcome to stroll through the various sections of the site, and to take advantage of what is offered.


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