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Each of the areas listed to the right are links to our FGRG Data/Message boards.  Each board is maintained by an administrator who has organized the structure of the boards and is responsible for posting the data.  It is preferred that the administrator of these boards post information and so we ask that you contact the administrator if you would like your data entered.  If a posting is made without permission it may be removed so please contact the administrator of the boards for help.  The administrators are listed below.  To add data to  those boards that are up for adoption contact Terry at  Much of the information on these boards has been gathered by members of the Fox and Fuchs mail lists and posted here to help in our Fox research, to them we are most grateful.  If you are interested in adopting a board please contact Terry at

Bibles, Diaries, and Journals;
Birth, Christening and Adoption Records;
Cemetery and Tombstone Inscription Records:


Census and Directories:
Deb C.

Death Certificates, Wills and Probate Records:
Board open for adoption

Education Records:
Board open for adoption

Employment Records:
Board open for adoption

Historical Records:
Board open for adoption

Immigration and Naturalization Records:

Land and Deed Records:
Board open for adoption

Lookup Volunteers Listings:

Marriage and Divorce Records:

Military Records:
Board open for adoption

Newspaper Records:
Board open for adoption

The Hunt

  FGRG Data/Message Boards:
bullet Bibles, Diaries, and Journals
bullet Birth, Christening and Adoption Records
bullet Cemetery and Tombstone Inscription Records
bullet Census and Directories
bullet Death Certificates, Wills and Probate Records
bullet Education Records
bullet Employment Records
bullet Historical Records
bullet Immigration and Naturalization Records
bullet Land and Deed Records
bullet Lookup Volunteers Listings
bullet Marriage and Divorce Records
bullet Military Records
bullet Newspaper Records
bullet Other Research Resources:

Ancestry Website
Cyndis List of Genealogical Resources
FamilySearch Website (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints)
Family Tree Make Website

Fox Resources at Rootsweb
Fuchs Resources at Rootsweb
Yates Fox Data



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