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Within these FGRG Data/Message boards is information on our ancestors.  Here are found biographical stories of our famous and perhaps infamous ancestor.  In our Common Ancestor Registration board are listed researchers who are searching on the same family lines.  The Given Name Registration board lists our ancestors by their given names.  The Fox Family Photo Album is a place to share photos of our ancestral families, both those known and those still not as yet identified.  Every family has wonderful stories both real and heart warming and those which are a bit of a tall tale and our Fox Tales board is the place to share those.

Each board is maintained by an administrator who has organized the structure of the boards is responsible for posting the data.  It is preferred that the administrator of these boards post information and so we ask that you contact the administrator if you would like your data entered. 

Biographies and Autobiographical Records Administrator:
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Common Ancestor Registration Administrator:
Deb P

Given Name Registration Administrators:

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Fox Family Album Administrator:
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Our Foxes


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