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Fox Genealogical Research Group

Our Purpose:

We are descendants of those with the surname Fox and have decided to join together to further our research on our Fox ancestries.  Our lineage comes from different nationalities and our families have migrated in different directions, but we all have a Fox heritage.

We hope this site will provide a place for all Fox surname researchers to coordinate their family searches and find many cousins. Our goal is to provide this information in such a way that finding those elusive Fox ancestors is as easy as possible.

FGRG Committee Members and Board Administrators:

Founder and Director:  Terry (Fox) Latey, 

Census Administrator: Deb, 

Bible, Birth, Cemetery Administrator: Joleen, 

Membership Administrator: Lawanna,  

Immigration Administrator: Lois, |

Lookups , Marriage,  Administrator: Michele, 

About Us


  Variations of the Surname Fox:

Unknown Country of Origin: Faux, Fauks, Fawks, Fewox, Ffoukes,
Focht, Foks, Fowkes. Also Tod or Todd meaning "the fox", Toden
or Totten meaning "little fox".
England: Fox, Foxe, Foxx, Vaux and Vallibus
France: Renard
Germany: Fuchs, Fux, Fockes
Holland: Vos
Ireland: Sionnach, Shinnick  (See )
Italy: Volpe
Portugal: Raposa
Spain: Zorro

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