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Come explore our new website and boards
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In November of 2001 the Fox Genealogical Research Group will open new message/data boards through Ancestry/Rootsweb.  Because much of the data now housed here on FGRG web site will be moved to the new boards we are updating the website to create those links. We ask for your patience as we make the move.  All of the old website will still remain until the move is complete. We thank Ancestry/Rootsweb for this opportunity.  These boards will be the first of their kind and they have created a whole new topic called Research Groups for organizations like ours. 
  Membership listings including our direct line ancestries.
  Common ancestors registrations, given name listings, biographies, Fox photo album and "Fox Tales".
  Locality listings, where they migrated from and lived.
  Resource findings including some 13 types and a listing of lookup volunteers.


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