Johnson Roots

Johnson Roots

Some personal notes from Thom Foulks: (a Johnson)

The surname, "Johnson," is the second-most prevalent name in the records of the U.S. Census Bureau's 1990 survey of the United States. There are almost as many Johnsons as there are Bobs.

So, as a Johnson (Harriet Johnson was the wife of Charles S. Foulks, my Ohio-born Indiana great-grandfather), I maintained only a casual interest in such family linkages. I was not eager to jump into an active search of that side of my family tree. How many million Johnsons might I have to contact? Mind-boggling.

Then, in mail from a cousin, up popped a four-page family newsletter, named "Johnson Roots" -- which showed my great-grandmother Harriet as one of those for whom the group was seeking more information. Harriet was one of fourteen children of James and Rebecca Johnson, and this loosely-knit group has gathered information on many of the others already.

"Johnson Roots" describes itself as a grouping of "Descendants of James & Rebecca Baxter Johnson -- Pennsylvania in Indiana," showing the eastern roots of many Indiana pioneer settlers. The group has a genealogy-oriented annual meeting (not a family reunion) each year, to discuss family ties. The 14th Annual Johnson Roots Conference is scheduled for July 25th (4th Saturday), 1998, in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.

For information on attending, contact (Marge Kientz). Note that the group is confined to information of the James and Rebecca family...sizable, in itself.

Marge and other members (Jo and Beth Lauer) of her Johnson Roots group are now sharing information with me, and I have raw data on a number of Johnson family members outside my immediate family tree. Such information as I have that plugs in rather directly to my own Foulks linkages is now being included in my online files.

For more information on the Johnson Roots Conference, write:

Jo Lauer
4223 Tacoma Ave.
Ft. Wayne, IN 46807

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