Armstrongs: A Scottish Connection?

Armstrongs: A Scottish Connection?

(The linkage of the Thom Foulks family to the Armstrong family ranges back from Luetta Fisher, Thom's maternal grandmother, through the Bowman family, to a William Armstrong. Although most Armstrong family researchers agree the surname is of Scots origin, William apparently came from Ireland. In the 1920's, George W. Armstrong of Lisbon, Ohio, compiled a pedigree-style family history of dozens of linked Armstrong family members. His booklet, available in the Columbiana County Library, has been used heavily in determining Foulks-Armstrong links. The narratives below are from that booklet.)

A Short History of William Armstrong

Born 1740. Date of death unknown.

Little is known of the early history of the Armstrong family other than the fact, as set forth in the early History of Ohio, that William came across the ocean as a stowaway on board some vessel, and after landing, he was sold in order to pay his passage across the water from Ireland.

How long he had to work to do this is not known. He must, however, have been free before the Declaration of Independence, as history states he served in the war of the Revolution. He next settled in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, where he married and raised a family of at least four sons and two daughters, some of their names unknown. He next settled in Columbiana county, Ohio, where he cleared ten acres of land, with the view, no doubt, of making it his future home. This he lost when the land was thrown open for entry.

However, he was not discouraged, but entered a quarter of land where the town of Clarkson now stands. Here he built a comfortable log house, which he supposed, stood upon his own land. But when the survey was made, it proved to be upon the lands of an other person, and he lost it also.

This short history is given to show the trials and tribulations our forefathers had to undergo in settling up this goodly land, in which we now live to enjoy the many blessings they have bestowed upon us.

A Short History of Andrew Armstrong

Born Mar. 10, 1783. Died Aug. 1, 1855

He came with his parents from Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, when they settled in Columbiana County, Ohio. He had three brothers and two sisters as far as now known. Thomas settled near Wooster, Ohio, and Alfred, somewhere in the state of Michigan. One brother was killed in a stone quarry near Pittsburgh. Location of the sisters, unknown.

About 1799, he squatted on Section 26, in Middleton township where he was married and followed farming until about 1815, when he entered the South West quarter of Section 22, in Elk Run township of the above county. He received a deed for this land from President Monroe, March 7, 1818. This deed is still well preserved. He served in the war of 1812 and helped Gen. Harrison cut a wagon road from the Ohio river to the Maumee. He was with Gen. Croggan in the defense of Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

His first house was a two story log building that stood about five rods from where the brick house now stands.

In later years, it was used by one Perry Moore, for a store room, but was torn down in 1870. The present brick building was erected in 1830-31. The brick were made by hand in a field near the west line, on the north side of the public road. Both of these buildings were used as tavern stands for the traveling public. It is now owned and used by Frank S. Armstrong, Elkton, Ohio.

-- (Complete Genealogy of the Armstrong Family, 1740-1920, Compiled by Geo. W. Armstrong, Lisbon, Ohio)

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