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Four Foulks In April 2000, the four children of Thom and Vi Foulks gathered for a reunion in Toledo, Ohio. From the left, here's Kathy, Dana, Thom (Jr.) and Joe. [Clicking on this picture will take you on a full photo tour with the Foulks family.] The four had travelled from California, Wyoming and Colorado for a tour that would take them to historic family sites in Illinois, Indiana and Ohio.

Major family surnames linked to this Foulks branch include Lydy, Fisher, Armstrong, Johnson, Morgan, Wherry, Manning, Blake, and (in England) Dixon. (See the Alphabetical list, below, for a list by Names, instead of by Generations.)

Our links begin backwards from Jonathan Tyler Foulks, son of Thom, Jr. A tour through these files will take you back through thirteen generations, all the way to the Welsh countryside of 1500s England and families whose surnames were Morgan, Taylor, and Bronaugh. You'll meet a Morgan -- a Foulks great-grandfather -- who was a friend and Revolutionary War compatriot of George Washington. Another Foulks -- a great-uncle -- was a famous Indian scout.

Two ancestors arrived in America as trans-Atlantic stowaways (one from England, one from Germany), and both were indentured in the Colonies to pay for their passages. A Fisher ancestor was one of the first settlers of Kansas. A Lydy is a family Civil War hero for simply surviving the inhumanity of the Andersonville prison camp. There are also great-aunts with significant roles in American history.

The sources of this information have been amply cited by various family members, from several linked families, who have been researching data for more than 50 years.(The files accessed here are direct ancestral links. For a listing of individuals in linked families, see the alphabetical portion of these files, below.)

We continue to seek Foulks links branching from Columbiana County, Ohio; Beaver County, Pennsylvania; and Loudon County, Virginia, in the 1760-1840 era; as well as the early 1900s in Indiana. Can you help?

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BooksSaga of the Foulks Family [Incomplete]
BooksHeroes of the Foulks Family
BooksColumbiana County Connections
BooksThe Lydys of Kingsland
BooksJohnson Roots
BooksThe Wherrys of Ireland
BooksArmstrongs: A Scotland Link?
BooksHistory of the Foulks surname


BulletAncestors of Jonathan Tyler Foulks
BulletSurname List
BulletIndex of Pedigree Names
BulletThe Foulks Family Links (Alphabetically) (Hundreds more entries, from Wales to California!)
BulletSources (Bibliography)

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