St Peters Church Dorchester
Monumental Inscriptions

(Originally indexed by Sir Mervyn Medlycott - 2004)

Transcribed & compiled in July 2015 with pictures taken in 2012 by Michael Russell OPC [xx Individuals]


St Peters Church Dorchester with a statue of Parson William Barnes to the west of the porch

Note:- Exact wording is given for all memorials (apart from those which are latin translations), which are in double inverted commas, in most instances with oblique's '/' indicating the ends of lines. From memorial 13 - 17 the memorials are floor slabs in the centre aisle which are recorded from east to west. [Note:- Where possible pictures have been added to the text from my private photograph collection and links inserted to more information about individuals already available on this site]

ST PETER CHURCH Interior Monumental Inscriptions

St Peter's Church, Dorchester is a mediaeval building comprising a chancel, nave, south choir aisle, north choir aisle, south nave aisle, north nave aisle, west tower and south porch.

It has a very small churchyard around it; the portion on the north side of the church has had a vestry and parish rooms built upon it, at a later date, fairly modern, all post-1950, which are now fringed by a garden (this garden only contains one memorial, the top portion of a now illegible 18th century gravestone; South of the church are paved areas enclosed by a retaining wall, which was reduced ? in 1967 when High West street was widened. The former line of this retaining wall once had railings on top of it. This reduced paved area contains a War Memorial east of the south porch and a statue of Parson William BARNES (See picture above) on a plinth west of it. A number of paving slabs have inscriptions on them, some just confined to surnames, others giving more details, all generally worn ? ? clearly marking entrances to private vaults.

Those marked with an " * " are memorials recorded in Hutchins "History of Dorset" 3rd edition vol 2, pp 380-386. Some of the churchyard memorials were recorded in earlier editions, but disappeared by that year.

--table in the church I found an updated (perhaps c2000) and anonymous typed record of memorials in the church here. So far as I have been able, I have checked that record against what ---here. Although I might appear to be duplicating that record, O have no means of copying it, and I need to do to distribute copies to other places - most importantly the County Record Office, --- it may be consulted in conjunction with the parish registers.


Transcription by by Sir Mervyn Medlycott - 2004 Where possible picture of Memorial
1. Small brass plate beside east window. "To Glory of God the east window was / erected by James PEARCE, on completion, of the 90th year of his age / February 14th 1898".

[Note:- Marriage: James PEARCE married Deidamia BUTT the daughter of a farmer named George BUTT, in the parish of St Luke's Chelsea in London on 16th April 1860.

His Bride: It is clear from the 1861 and 1871 Census returns (when James and his wife were living at 25 South Street in Dorchester) that Deidamiah was actually born in the parish of Motcombe in Dorset. From the parish registers for St Mary's church at Motcombe she appears to have been the 6th of 7 children of George and Martha BUTT and baptised under the name of Mary BUTT in St Mary's Church on 14th October 1810. She used both Christian names as the 1841 Census return for the parish of St Peters in Dorchester records her as Diedamia BUTT a 30 to 34 year old unmarried female servant living at South Walk. In the same household is her future husband James PEARCE a 25 to 29 year old male servant born in Dorchester. Yet in the 1851 Census return she has moved to West Back Street in St Peters but is recorded as Mary BUTT a 40 year old housekeeper born at Motcombe. Again in the same household is her future husband James PEARCE now employed as a butler. Clearly they knew one another over many years changing address together. On 23rd April 1859 their employer Rebecca STEWARD a 92 year old spinster died. It is possible that they may have been left some money under her will which was proved 5th Aug 1859 as they marry in April 1860 in London and James suddenly describes himself as a Gentleman. They returned to Dorchester to live with James occupation now being given as that of a fundholder.Th ere was no issue from their marriage and when Deidamia died and was buried in the Civic Cemetery on 28th March 1878 her age was transcribed as being 79 (i.e. born circa 1799) but the GRO death registration gives her age as being 74 (1804) and her age in the 4 census returns fluctuates making her born anywhere between 1808 and 1812. Age disparity aside we can be sure we have the right individual given her unusual Christian name and the fact that she is described throughout after marriage as being the wife of James PEARCE an annuitant.

Death: As can be seen from his memorial plate James PEARCE lived to reach the age of 90 celebrating the fact on 14th Feb 1898. He died shortly after that on 30th July 1898 whilst living at 21 High West Street and leaving an estate of £1,784. 11s 1d]
2. White on black marble tablet on the south wall. "This tablet was erected / by members of his congregation and others / in affectionate remembrance of / The Rev. EDMUND WARD PEARS / who for 14 years was Rector of this parish / and died July 1st 1878 /. (with long eulogy)".

[Note:-Revd Edmund Ward PEARS MA (1814-1878) was Rector of St Peters Church in Dorchester from 1864 to 1878. Although he died and was commemorated at Dorchester he was actually buried with his wife, who pre deceased him, at Radipole on 3rd July 1878 - Link to more information about his life]
3. Brass Plaque on south wall (referring to the reredos, depicting the 'Last Supper', a copy of the Leonardo painting, on the east wall behind the alter). "To the glory of God / the carved alabaster middle panel of this reredos / was presented by Miss ASHLEY of Stratton Manor / in memory of her uncle / the late Earl of Shaftesbury / September 1899".
4. Small brass Plaque on the south wall (referring to the 'Art Deco' panels on the east wall). "The mosaic panels on each / side of the reredos were / erected in 1922 / G.C.NIVEN, Rector". [Note:-The Rector was Revd George Cecil NIVEN DD (1871-1957) who was Rector of St peters from 1919 to 1929 Link to more information about his life]
5. White on black marble Monument on south wall. "Near this spot lie the remains of / Mrs Elizabeth COZENS / who died on 9th March 1821, aged 84 years / She was the youngest daughter of the late Revd: Edward COZENS / A.M. Rector of Yarlington, in Somersetshire , and Master of the free / Grammar School in this Town. By her last will dated the 19th of / November 1818, she bequeathed to the Rector and Ministers / for the time being of the parishes of Holy Trinity, St Peter / and All Saints in Dorchester and to Benjamin JEFFRIES and / James PARSONS, £500 stock in the Navy Five per cent annuities / in trust to apply the interest in January yearly as follows / vizt: among the poor women , aged 50 or above, of good character / and not having received parochial relief within six months / preceding, resident in St Peter's £6 / Holy Trinity £5 / and in All Saints £5 / and equally amongst the inhabitants of Chubb's Almshouse £3 / of Napper's Almshouse £2. 10s / And of Whetstone's Almshouses £2. 10s . / To record to posterity the above bequests / pursuant to her will and in grateful remembrance / of her many virtues, her relations and executors / Benjamin Jeffries and James Parsons / have erected this monument Link to picture of monument and more information about Elizabeth and her family.

Link to the entry for Revd Edward COZENS MA (1690-1753) as Master of the Free Grammar School in Dorchester

6. White marble Tablet on south wall. "In memory of / Henry PLOWMAN, Surgeon R.N. / who died at Dorchester, in the County of Dorset / March 1st 1842, aged 62 years / Also of / Frances Louisa, his wife / who died at Kempston in Bedfordshire / February 27th 1857, aged 56 years (see also no. 14)

[ Note:- Link to an account of the life of Henry PLOWMAN (1779-1842) Surgeon Royal Navy ]
7. Black marble tablet on north wall (with coat of arms) . "Sacred / to the memory of / the Reverend / Thomas Morton COLSON A. B. / Rector of Linkenholt, Hants, / and of Pilsdon in this county / who died 21st June 1830, aged 66. / Also of / Mary his wife / who died 1st December 1833 / aged 72 / Their remains are deposited / beneath the alter" (see also Nos. 81 and 87). Link to COLSON Family Biography See para for the Revd Thomas Morton COLSON (1764-1830)

[Note:- Check numbering links to 81 & 87]
8. Small white on black marble Tablet on north wall.
"In memory of
the Revd John Morton COLSON, LL.B,
41 years Rector of
Dorchester St Peter
who died on the 14th. of
September 1863, and was
buried in a vault in the / churchyard".

Link to COLSON Family Biography
See para the Revd Thomas Morton COLSON (1764-1830)
who was his father and the account of the life of
Rev. John Morton COLSON LLB (1791-1863)
under para
9. Small white on black marble Tablet on north wall. "Sacred / to the memory of / Mary Bond COLSON / who died October 27th. 1849 / and was buried / with her parents / beneath the alter. Link to COLSON Family Biography See para for the Revd Thomas Morton COLSON (1764-1830) who was her father and the account of the life of Mary Bond COLSON (1792-1849) (under para
10. Small white on black marble Tablet on north wall. "In memory of / Elizabeth Dampier / widow of the Revd: W. ENGLAND / Rector of Winterbourne Came / and third daughter of / the Revd T.M. and M. COLSON / who died July 13th 1874, aged 80 / and was buried with her husband at Came". Link to COLSON Family Biography See para for the Revd Thomas Morton COLSON (1764-1830) who was her father and the account of the life of Elizabeth Dampier COLSON (1794-1874) (under para
11. Small white on black marble tablet on north wall. "In memory of / Ann Catherine / second daughter of / Revd : T.M. and M. COLSON / who died August 23rd. 1874, aged 81 / and was buried with her brother / in the churchyard". Link to COLSON Family Biography See para for the Revd Thomas Morton COLSON (1764-1830) who was her father and the account of the life of Ann Catherine COLSON (1794-1874) (under para
12. Brass plate fixed to the choir stalls. "To the Glory of God and in loving memory of / Eliza Ann KINGDON / daughter of Major General Johnstone NAPIER / of the Hon: E.I. Company's Service, Madras Army / who died at St Peter's Rectory, March 14th 1895 / These stalls were dedicated Nov: 29th 1897". [Note:- Eliza Ann KINGDON a widow lived at her death at Woolaston Lodge in Dorchester but died at St Peters Rectory on 14th March 1895 leaving an estate of £3,953. 1s 11d ]
13. Painted inscription on chair (within the alter stalls). "This chair was given in loving memory of James HANNAH / for thirteen years Churchwarden of St Peter's Church, Dorchester / by his son & daughter (no date , c 1950). Painted on back: " And his son, Alfred James HANNAH, 1891 - 1974".    
14. Floorslab: "Henry PLOWMAN, Esqr: / died March 1st 1842 / aged 62 years " (See also No. 6)

[ Note:- Link to an account of the life of Henry PLOWMAN (1779-1842) Surgeon Royal Navy ]
15. Floorslab: "John PRICE / dyed May the 31, 1779 / aged 62".

[Note:- John PRINCE (1717-1779) was buried under a floorslab in the central aisle of St Peters Church Dorchester on 2nd June 1779. He was a Captain in the 1st Regiment of Dragoon Guards.

Link to more information about his will written 23 May 1779 and proved in London on 23 May 1779]
16. Floorslab: (just marked with surname, clearly the entrance to a vault, 18th century). "WILLIS".    
17. Floorslab: "Henry DUNCOMBE, Esq: / second son of / Charles Duncombe Esq: / of Duncombe Park / Yorkshire / 1788"

(See also No. 44)
[Note:- Link to burial at St Peters on 15th September 1788 and Memorial Tablet at entry 44 below]
18. Vacant indents in floorslab where two brasses were positioned, for a figure and for an inscription strip. This is for the More brass, now destroyed, but recorded by Hutchins (see No. 76). Also just further west the vacant indent for an inscription strip in another floorslab. [Note:- Link to Brass memorial entry 76]
Choir Aisle (also known as the Hardy Chapel)
19. Recumbent mediaeval effigies of two men in armour, now positioned on east and south window shelves. It is not known who they represent, and they bear no inscriptions. 14th century.

[Note:-Link to comments about these effigies made by John Hutchins in his book The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset]
20. Brass Plate, mounted on wood , beside stained glass window. "This window was erected A.D.1887, to the glory of God / and in affectionate remembrance of Kate, the beloved / daughter of Francis LOCK, who died on 23 of Oct: 1878". [Note:- KATE LOCK (1852-1878) the 5th child of Francis LOCK (1817-1889) by his wife Mary Ann nee WILLS (1811-1894). Kate was baptised at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 18th Apr 1852. LIved at Bryanston and died aged 26 being buried at Blandford St Mary 26th Oct 1878]
21. Stained Glass south window. "Erected by James PEARCE to / the glory of God and in loving / memory of his dear wife " (no date, late 19th century. There is a very small brass plate inset in the stonework just below this inscription, with the date "1893" which might well refer to it). xxx
22. Stone Monument on south wall.

To the Memory of
George CLARK
upwards of sixty years an inhabitant of this Town
who died April the 16th. 1846
in the 80th year of his age

Also of
Frances, his beloved Wife
Who departed this life January 3rd 1814
Aged 42

And of Thomas their son
who died April 21st 1846 in his 47th year
surviving a revered parent only 5 days

Also of their son
Charles CLARK
Captain in the Bengal 1st European Regiment
who died October 13th 1846, aged 37
after protracted suffering from a severe wound
received at the battle of Ferozeshah
His mortal remains are deposited at
where Officers of his Regiment
In testimony of their Friendship and Regret
have erected a Tomb in his Memory".

[Note:- This impressive monument was originally in All Saints Church and although Sir Mervyn Medlycott in his transcription makes no reference to the fact above, he does refer to monuments now displayed on the West Tower wall as having come from All Saints church when it closed in 1970 (see his comments after entry 65 below). The Parish Registers for All Saints Church records the burial of George CLARK there on 22nd April 1846 at the age of 79 years. From the inscription on the monument it would appear to have been erected around 1847.]

[Note:- George Clark (1767-1846) was a bookseller by trade with a shop in Cornhill in the centre of Dorchester. He married Frances LOCK by licence 10th Sep 1792- follow link for more information about their family]

[Note:- Frances LOCK (1772-1814) was the 3rd child from the marriage of George LOCK (1780-1837) to Mary POUNCY (1740-1796) who married at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 2nd Sep 1764 - follow link for more information on her family.

[Note:- Link to John Hutchins ref to the momument and painting of the Battle of Ferozeshah]

[Note:- Research battle and tomb]
23. White on black marble Tablet on south wall. "To the memory of / John Bascombe LOCK / a native of this town / Captain in the 5th Bengal Native / Infantry / who died in the Khyber Pass / Upper India / January 24th 1842, aged 34 years / He fell in action with the Affreedies whilst / bravely struggling to convey the succour so much needed / by the British forces in Afghanistan". [Note:- brother of 24 below]

Note:- I am grateful to the research undertaken about 'The LOCK Family of Dorchester' by David Beamish prior to 2004 on which much of the following account of his life is based:-

Born at 5 past 6 p.m. on 25 March 1807 John Bascombe LOCK (1808-1842) was baptised at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 12 Jan 1808 the 5th child from the marriage of William LOCK to Ann BASCOMBE at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 1st May 1800. He was educated at the academy run by the Rev. Frederick Joseph Cox TRENOW (1787-1855) in Dorchester and at the age of 18 joined the Bengal Army. Recorded as an ensign on the 13 Feb 1826 he arrived in India on 28 June 1826 and joined 5th Bengal Native Infantry there on 10 May 1827. He was promoted to Lieutenant on 13 March 1834 and Brevet Captain on 13 Feb 1841.

He married at St James Church in Calcutta, Bengal, India on 12th December 1840 to Jane MAY and they had a son Gelert May LOCK born 30 Nov 1841 at Ferrozepore India.

As stated on his memorial John Bascombe Lock was killed in action in the Khyber Pass 24 Jan 1842. Link to an account of the 'Retreat from Kabul in 1842' .She lived at Charminster after her husband’s death; died 30 July 1870, aged 70, at Newton Abbot, Devon (was then of Newton Abbot)) & had issue 1 son:

one of the subjects of a poem, “The Casterbridge Captains”, by Thomas HARDY;

Additional source material:- (1). His marriage CLDS GS Film 498977 India Marriages File 1792-1948 - although indexed as Jane Mary! (2) Officers of the Bengal Army, (3) many newspaper accounts of ther war: Taunton Courier, and Western Advertiser - Wednesday 16 March 1842; London Standard - Wednesday 13 April 1842; His death reported Devizes and Wiltshire Gazette and page 677 Obituaries Gentlemans Magazine - Thursday 21 April 1842 but no additional info.

24. White on black marble Tablet (just below the last memorial). " In beloved memory of / Mary, wife of John FITCH, of Sneyd Park, Bristol / and eldest daughter of William LOCK / late of this parish and sister of the above J.B.LOCK / who died on the 12th of June 1882, aged 81 years / and was interred with her four dear children / in a vault outside, near this tablet / Also of the above / John FITCH / who died Jul 31st 1883 / aged 81 years.

[Note:- Mary LOCK (1801-1882) was the 1st child from the marriage of William LOCK to Ann BASCOMBE at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 1st May 1800 and sister of 23 above. She married John FITCH at StP on 14th Jan 1834]
25. Tablet in the form of a white marble scroll on a black marble mount on the north wall. "To the memory of / Charles STICKLAND, Esq / formerly / Lieutenant Colonel / of her / Majesty's XXXV (35th) Regiment / and for many years / a magistrate / and one of the Aldermen / of this borough / who died on the VI day of July / MDCCCXLV (6 July 1845) aged LXIX (69) years / and of / Maria his wife / who died / on the XXXX day of October / MDCCCLXXII (30 Oct 1872) / aged LXXX (80) years". [Charles STICKLAND Esq (1776-1845) Capital Burgess, Alderman, Magistrate and 4 times Mayor of Dorchester]
26. Inscribed on table (recorded in Ts. MI copies in the church, but I couldn't find this) . " To the glory of God and in loving memory of William FRISBY, who worshipped in this church for 45 years and fell asleep 13th December 1924". xxx
27. On a Brass Plate on screen into the south nave aisle (recorded in T's MI copies in the church, but I couldn't find this). "Adaption and carving by Charles DAVIS, parishioner, March 20 1925, presented by St Margaret's school 1935". xxx
Choir Aisle (also known as the Williams Chapel (principally contains the organ)
28. High up on the east wall, an elaborate altar tomb with arched canopy, flanked by life size kneeling effigies of Sir John and Lady Williams, displaying numerous coats of arms, on front panel of the altar tomb. " Here underneath rest the bodies of Sir John WILLIAMS, late of Herringstone, Knight, and the Lady Elenor, his wife, daughter of Henry UVEDALL of Moore Critchel, in the County of Dorset, Esquire, who having lived together as man and wife for fifty years, in which time they had issue seven sons and four daughters, were in the year of our Lord 1617 divided by death, for in that year, the 7th of September, died this knight, to the general grief of all good men, aged 72 years. His lady left alone, lived alone until she was again joined unto her husband in this place on the 14th of April in the year of our Lord God 1625, aged 80 years; which though it were a long life, yet was it so good and virtuous, that she lived and died beloved by all. She in her lifetime, by her will, appointed this monument in memory of her dear husband, herself , and his ancestors, who were builders of this isle, to be erected by the care of George WILLIAMS, her third son living, and sole executor, which was accordingly performed and finished =, Anno Domini 1628".

Link to comments about Sir John William's Monument with description of the surrounding coats of arms made by John Hutchins in his book The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset

Monument to Sir John WILLIAMS

29. Brass Plate inset in black marble tablet on east wall (below the large Williams monument )

" James Wilmot WILLIAMS, 4th May 1845, aetat: 46".

[Note:- James Wilmot WILLIAMS (1799-1845) was baptised at Winterbourne Monkton in Dorset on 5th December 1798 the son of Edward WILLIAMS Esq by his wife Ann nee Flyn. Winterbourne Monkton parish is next to Winterbourne Herringston where the Williams Family have held the Manor house since 1513. ]

Brass Plate to James Wilmot WILLIAMS
30. Brass Plate on east wall (below the large Williams monument) "To / the memory of / Edward Wilmot WILLIAMS Esq; / of Herringstone, Dorset / died 3rd January 1854 / aged 88". The original brass plate is incorrect. He was baptised, married and buried as Edward WILLIAMS Esq (1766-1854) of Herringstone. He was the son of Thomas WILLIAMS (1727-1775) by his wife Jane nee WILMOT (1735-1783). They included the name Wilmot as a second or third name for nearly all their children but Wilmot was his wife's maiden name so only came into the family on marriage not at his birth.

He died at St Mary-le-Bow Middlesex but according to the St Peters Burial Register was interred at Dorchester on 12 Jan 1854 when his age as given as being 87 years. He wrote his will on 22nd Dec 1845 and this was proved by one of his spinster daughters (Jemima) on 23rd March 1854. He left bequests to his three daughters Jane, Jemima and Ann Williams.
31. Brass Plate on east wall (below the large Williams monument) "In a vault underneath are the remains of Sydenham WILLIAMS of Herringstone , esqr: He was twice High Sheriff of this county. Govr; of Portland Castle, and an upright magistrate. He married Agnes, the daughter of Nicholas FORWARD, M.D. of Exeter by whom he left two sons and four daughters. He died the 13th of May 1757, aged 56. Also of Thomas WILLIAMS of Herringstone, esqr; the eldest son . He married Jane, daughter of Sir Edwd: WILMOT, bart by whom he left issue. He died April 11th 1775, in his 48th year. Also of Agnes widow of the said Sydenham Williams who died Augt: 18th 1783, aged 83. Also of their daughter, Margaret WILLIAMS who died Octr: 8th 1826, in her 94th year. This tablet is dedicated to their memories by the Revd J.WILLIAMS Vicar of Merston, in the county of Somt: and Prebendary of Wells A.D.1830". Link to more information about the ancestry of SYDENHAM WILLIAMS (1701-1757) Esq of Winterborne Herringston and his life and family
32. Brass Plate (fixed to the organ). "Erected Anno Domini 1892 / T.K.ALLEN, Rector / G.J.G. GREGORY and Robert HOLLAND. Churchwardens " (this is the date when the organ was built) xxx
33. Brass Plate (fixed to the organ). "In / constant remembrance / of / Frederick LANE / who was a member of this choir / for a period of 60 years / 1870 - 1930". xxx
34. Brass Plate (fixed to the organ).£Sacred to the memory of / Edmund ELFORD / organist from 1879 - 1931". xxx
35. Brass Plate (fixed to the organ). "In honoured memory of / Harry Kellaway HARRIS / faithful chorister of this church for 62 years / died July 12th 1947, aged 71 years". xxx
36. Brass Plate (fixed to the organ)."In grateful memory of / Frank OSMOND / who served this church as chorister, sidesman and / warden for 70 years, who died 21st April 1944, aged 79 years. Also of / Alice Kate / his devoted wife and partner in every good work / who died 8th Nov 1944, aged 79". xxx
37. Brass Plate (fixed to the organ). " In memory of / Charles Richard & Rosa Ann SELLEY / who died in the month of / February 1956". xxx
(South?) Nave Aisle
It has two old hatchments high up above the south door and at the west end, which RCHM in ?? says depict the arms of Williams, and for Bertie, Earl of Abingdon, 1757
38. Stained glass south window. "To the glory of God and in loving / remembrance of my dear husband, Alderman / George John Gregory (sic) GREGORY, who died / suddenly Feby: 16th. 1895, aged 69 years / and Eliza, his wife, who died February 15th / A.D. 1901, age 74 years". xxx
39. Stained glass south window. " This window was erected A.D. 1892 / by Alderman George J.G.GREGORY / and his wife, Eliza / to the glory of God and in loving / memory of their two sons / Leonard, born Septr. 1st 1851, died Septr: 11th 1891 / Walter George, born Jany: 31st 1859 / died Novr: 25th 1891, interred in / the Dorchester Cemetery". Link to Aldermen & Dorchester Cemetery Files
40. Stained glass south window. (including coat of arms). "To the glory of God and in affectionate / memory of / Giles SYMONDS and Jane / his wife , this window / is erected A.D. 1898". xxx
41. Brass plaque on south wall. "In grateful remembrance of / Arthur Joseph ESCOTT / Churchwarden 1896 - 1910 / and Annie, his wife, also their children: Kathleen Elizabeth / Sunday School Superintendent / for many years and benefactor / of this church, and Hilda Mary / Arthur Bickham & Winnie Annie". xxx
42 & 43. Two brass plates, both of which are now displayed on wooden mounts inside the church, the first on the north wall of the north nave, and the second on the south wall of the south nave aisle. Hutchins, 1st edition 1774, however interestingly says these were originally fixed to a 'tomb' in the churchyard on the south side of the church "under the wall of the south aisle, a little east of the porch" (inscriptions in latin roughly translated). On first plate , John GOLLOP, of Dorchester, 12th son of Thomas GOLLOP, of Strode, in parish of Netherbury, gent by his wife, Christiana. He died 25 Aug 1731, aged 87. Also his wife, Frances, widow of Henry BACKWAY, gent : who died 24 March 1712. On second plate : Mary daughter of Philip STANSBY of Dorchester, merchant, and wife of John GOLLOP, of Strode, in Netherbury; she died 25 May 1682, aged 29. [Note:- Link to John Hutchins Account on page 385 of 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset' ]

[Note:- Link to Burial Register for more information about the family and image of plaque]
44. White marble Monument on south wall ( with coat of arms) (latin inscription, roughly translated). Henry DUNCOMBE, of 6th Inniskilling Dragoons, buried 15 Sept 1788, aged 20 (See also 17 above)

[Note:- The following full translation of the latin text is from 'A popular and illustrated guide to St. Peter's Church, Dorchester by Alfred Metcalfe' published by F.G. Longman, 1907]
Sacrum Fontem requiescit
Sextæ Legionis Equitum
(scilicet Inniskilling)
Qui animam Deo reddidit 11°
et Corpus Sepulehro
15.° Sep: 1788.
Ætatis suæ

Near the sacred font rests HENRY DUNCOMBE, Ensign in the Sixth Legion [Regiment] of Calvary (namely, the Inniskilling), who gave his soul to God on the 11th and his body to the sepulchre on the 15th of September 1788, in the twentieth year of his age.
45. White on black marble tablet on south wall ( with coat of arms) "To the memory of / John WILLIS, esquire / a deputy lieutenant of the county of Dorset / who died December 15th 1834".

[Note:- John WILLIS (1749-1834) was buried at St Peters Church on 24th Dec 1834 aged 85 years. The Sherborne Mercury reported his death on 22nd Dec 1834 and also stated that he had been a Captain the Dorset Regiment of Militia. He left an old will dated 13 Aug 1810
which was proved on 27 Jan 1835 when he left everything to his widow and executrix Frances WILLIS.

Frances however left his estate unadministered and married in Melcombe Regis on 7th January 1836 to Isaac PENRUDDOCK a Gentleman. They lived in Dorchester in South street where Isaac is recorded on the annual Jury lists for the years 1837-1840. Frances died in 1837 being buried at St Peters church in Dorchester on 19th September. On 10th May 1841 administration was granted to Isaac for her first husbands estate.]
46. White on black marble tablet on south wall

who held the commission of Barrack Master
at Dorchester for thirty four years
and died 15th May 1828
aged 61 years
Also of
SUSANNA his wife, who died 24th March 1846
aged 84 years
Also of
MARY HONOUR. the wife of their son
John Randolph TOOZE
who died on the 7th day of November 1873
aged 71 years
Also of the above named John Randolph TOOZE
who died on the 11th day of October 1874
aged 76 years / Their remains are deposited in a vault
in the churchyard adjoining the southern base
of the tower".

Henry TOOZE (1767-1828) married Susannah THORNE by licence at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 31st Jult 1796. John Randolph TOOZE married Mary Honour WHITE at St Peters on 11 July 1826.

check link to 88

47. Stone Monument on south wall (with coat of arms)

"To the memorye / of Thomas HARDY, of Melcombe / Regis, in the county of Dorset / Esquire, who endowed this bor / roughe with a yearely revenew of £50, & / appoynted out of it, to be employed for ye / better mayntenance of a preacher £20 / to a schoolemaster, twenty poundes; an / huisher (clearly "usher") twenty nobles; and the almes wo / men five markes, the baylives and burgisses / of Dorchester in testimony of their / gratitude, and to commend to poste / rity an example so worthy of imi / tation, hath erected this monument / He dyed the 15 of October Anno do: 1599"

[Note:- Links to more information about the Memorial:-

(1) Reference to the Memorial in John Hutchins 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset' (3rd Edition published 1868 - page385)]

(2) The Dorchester Grammar or Free School(1567-1736) Also known as 'The Thomas Hardye' School' ]

Thomas Hardy Memorial 1599
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48. Brass Plaque on south wall, " In grateful memory of / Henry POUNCY / 1870-1925 / assistant Secretary, Dorset Antiquarian Field Club / from 1902 / Secretary, dorset Branch, National Farmers Union / from 1918 / This tablet is erected by the societies in recognition / of his valued services to his native county / A.D. 1927 xxx
49. Pink alabaster Monument with two inset white marble panels on west wall (with coats od arms), left-hand panel: " In memory of / Edward PEARCE/ of Somerleigh / born 11th April 1817 / died 22nd January 1885 / For 50 years a banker / in this parish", right-hand panel, "In memory of / Clara Jane Constance / (Conybeare) Pearce EDGCUMBE / wife of / Edwd Robert Pearce Edgcumbe / born 31st January 1865 / died 11th September 1888 / only 23 / loved daughter, beloved wife & loving mother". xxx
50. Brass plate fixed on stone, inset into west wall (in Hutchins' 3rd edition, 1863 as) "On a square piece of black marble, placed on the west side of the tower, just on the right-hand going up the stairs in the churchyard to the Gallery", " To the memory of / Thomas PLANE / born at Tanfield in Yorkshire / buried hard by these stairs / December the 16th 1725, in the 43d year of his age / Conyers PLACE, clerk / with whom he lived 28 years / faithful, sober, quiet and religious / dedicates this testimony / of his grief, gratitude, love and losse / of his servant, countryman, friend and brother" (Note: stating they were 'brothers' might suggest that the surname for both was Plane or Place, but the brass most definitely gives their surnames differently, confirmed by Hutchins). [Note:- Link to image of Memorial plaque for

Thomas PLANE (1682-1725)

and trasnscription of his will]
51. Floorslab (indent for two brasses, one for a figure, now lost, the other for an inscription strip, which might be the Hayne brass, now repositioned on the north wall of the north nave aisle (see no. 60). Inscribed on the top portion of this same stone, are the following words, most probably added later): " R. NICHOLS / from Norwich / Norfolk" (no date , 18th Century?). xxx
52. Floorslab (very worn, just odd words legible on right hand side) " PHELPS (several lines illegible) / ..........Phelps / (one line illegible) 2nd / (further lines illegible) / ..........Phelps / (further lines illegible) / ..........179- / .......... 17-- / (further lines illegible) " (PR: the only Phelps buried 1790-99: "John PHELPS" buried 27 July 1792). xxx
53. Floorslab (close to south door) (worn). " Beneath this stone lie / the remains of / Mary, widow of / John Salt LOVAT / late Rector of Brighton / in the co..........Essex (sic) / She departed ..........the 8th day / of N(ov?)..........1-7 (1827?) / (remainder illegible)" (PR: Mary LOVAT buried 15 Nov 1827, aged 79). xxx
(North?) Nave Aisle
54. Stained glass north window. "To the glory of / God and in loving memory of / James George GUY / and his wife Isabel / 1954 xxx
55. Stained glass north window. "To the Glory of God and in / affectionate memory of / Robert HOLLAND, who entered / into life on February 19th 1903 / He was a warden of this church / for 16 years from 1887 to 1903" (See also no.71) check link to 71
56. White on black marble Tablet on north wall. (see also no.73)

To the memory of
who died on the 2nd of June 1840
at her house in this parish
in the 91st year of her age
respected and beloved by all her acquaintance
but more particularly endeared
to three generations of the CHURCHILL family
to whom she was distantly related
by her uniform kindness and attention
to them in youth, age and sickness"

Mrs Mary SHERGOLD (1750-1840) was a spinster living in South Street in Dorchester in 1830 and was buried at St Peters on 09 Jun 1840 when her age was recorded as being 90 years.

She left a Will dated 23rd Apr 1840 in which she left many bequests but the bulk of her estate to Revd William Rush Hallett CHURCHILL who was Rector of Winterborne Anderston.

If anyone has a better picture I would appreciate an image
57. White on black marble Tablet on north wall. "This monument is erected / by the three surviving children of William CHURCHILL, esq: of Colliton / to the memory of their beloved father / who died the 1st day of December 1799, in the 61st year of his age / and was buried at Puddle Hinton with his sister / Elizabeth, the wife of the Revd: Nathl: TEMPLEMAN & their ancestors / Also to their beloved mother, Jane CHURCHILL . who died on the 12th of April 1801, in the 54th year of her age / and was buried in this church with her daughter Sophia, who died on the 2nd December / 1800, in the 21st year of her age / This addition / to the above monument was made in testimony of / fraternal affection to the memory of / Caroline Frances CHURCHILL / one of the above mentioned children / of William Churchill, Esqr: of Colliton / who died May 10th 1808, the 19th year of her age / and was buried in this church by the side / of her much lamented mother". [William CHURCHILL (1738-1799) Baptised 15th Sep 1738 at Holy Trinity Church in Dorchester the son of William CHURCHILL Esq He entered into a marriage settlement dated 3rd day of November 1773 being a settlement made previous to his marriage with Jane CHURCHILL (Maiden name not so far located). William had a sister Elizabeth that married Rev.Nathaniel Templeman and his brother George CHURCHILL's memorial is at 63 below. They had several children:-

(1) William Rush Hallet CHURCHILL (1775-1847) baptised at HT Church in Dorchester 27th June 1775. Buried Piddlehinton 19th Jan 1847
(2) John CHURCHILL (1778-Aft 1799) bap HT 20th June 1778, residusal beneficiary under Joshua CHURCHILL's will dated 13th Julky 1785 and in his fathers will when he died in 1799.
(3) Caroline Frances CHURCHILL (1788-1808) bap HT 28th Dec 1788 buried with her mother aged 19 18th May 1808.
(4) Sophia CHURCHILL (1779-1800) bap HT 4th Apr 1780 and buried aged 21 on 2nd Dec 1800.

William CHURCHILL died 1st December 1799 and was buried at St Mary's church in Piddlehinton on 9th December. He left a Will dated 23rd Nov 1799 which was proved 24th Dec 1799.
58. White on black marble Tablet on north wall .
"To the
Glory of God all-good
and in memory of
Henry Joseph MOULE M.A.
eldest son of Henry MOULE, M.A. Vicar
of Fordington 1829-1880, and of Mary, his wife
He was born at Gillingham, Dorset, Sep: 25, 1825
and died at Dorchester Mar: 13, 1904
(with 4 lines of eulogy)

This tablet was placed here and the west window restored by many subscribers".

Link to Biography of Henry Joseph Moule [1825 - 1904]

59. White marble Tablet on north wall (with coat of arms).

"Near this place lies the body of John GORDON, Esqr;
son of Robert GORDON, Esqr: of Pronsey:
Grandson of Sir John GORDON, Baronet, of Embo, in Sunderland.
He died at Dorchester, Oct 4th 1774, aged 46
On his return to (from?) Jamaica
Where he had resided many years in universal esteem

He was signally instrumental
In quelling a dangerous Rebellion in that Island
in the Year 1760
A large Body of NEGROES
Whom his BRAVERY had repulsed, Finally Yielding
To their confidence in his HUMANITY

This Monument is erected as a Mark of Affection
to the Memory of The best of Brothers".

. [Note:- Link to an Account of the life and ancestry of Dr.John GORDON (1728-1774) a native of Scotland who lived in Jamaica and died at Dorchester]

Dr John GORDON (1728-1774)
60. Brass Plate, on wooden mount, on north wall (1774 this was most probably in the south nave aisle, on the floor "at the entrance into a seat"). "Here lyeth the body of Mr Oliver HAYNE, one / of ye capital burgesses of this towne, who / departed this life ye 12th of Decr: 1822, aetat: suae 59",

[Note:- Link to an account of the HAYNE Family of Dorchester]
Oliver Hayne
Brass memorial Plaque St Peters Church
© Picture by Michael Russell FIPD
61. White on black marble Tablet on north wall. "In memory of / Alfred, second son of John GREGORY / who died October 21st 1848 / in the 18th year of his age / and was interred in the churchyard of All Saints / (2 lines of eulogy)".

[Note:-the two lines of eulogy as shown in the picture opposite were " This Tablet is erected as a mark of affection for him, who was beloved in Life and sincerely lamented in death."]

[Note:- Alfred GREGORY from the parish of St Peter's was actually buried at All Saints church on 27 Oct 1848 when the Rev Charles J.P. Forster wrongly recorded his age as being 16 years. He was baptised at St Peter's church on 19th Nov 1830 the son of John and Elizabeth GREGORY making him 18 at death as correctly recorded on his memorial tablet]

62. White on black marble Tablet on north wall (with coat of arms).

To the memory of
who was many years an
inhabitant of this parish
and died 5th March 1844
aged 47 years".
Mary BLANDY (1797-1844) was the seventh of nine children of Charles BLANDY (1755-1806) and Elizabeth DAVIS (1760-1846) who had married at Piddletrenthide in Dorset on 3rd March 1782. Her three eldest siblings were born at Piddletrenthide before they moved to live at Dewlish where Mary was baptised on 23rd Jan 1797. She never married but became a school mistress eventually running a Ladies Boarding School in South Street in Dorchester for many years. She appears for example in Pigots 1830 Street Directory for Dorchester, the earliest we have, and ran the school until her death in 1844. Her elder sister Eliza BLANDY, who had been baptised at Dewlish on 2rd Jan 1795, was married at St Peters Church in Dorchester to Robert WILLIS on 20th Dec 1827. Mary died at the relatively young age of 47 being buried at St Peters Church on 11th March 1844. She left a will with a number of legacies to her immediate family. Her eldest brother John Davis Blandy, who lived on the Island of Madeira, was one of her two executors. She left her married sister Ann FURBER £500 and the rest was placed in trust for the life of her mother Elizabeth BLANDY and after her mothers death (in 1846) a number of legacies made for example to her brother Robert (£300) and various nephews and neices came into effect.
63. White on variegated marble Tablet on north wall.

" This monument
is erected to the memory of GEORGE
of Colliton
Captain in the 34th Regt of infantry
in which he served many years in
North America
Esteemed and beloved by his Brother's
Family and a numerous acquaintinance
after a long residence in this Town,
he died on the 6th day of June 1814
in the 69th year of his age".

George CHURCHILL Esquire the subject of this memorial Plaque was buried at St Marys Church in Piddlehinton on 15th June 1814. He left a will dated 02 Oct 1769 to which a Codicil was added on 11 Oct 1813. Administration of his estate was proved at London on 03 Aug 1814. He was the brother of William CHURCHILL (1738-1799) whose memorial is at Entry 57 above.
64. Elaborate monument on west wall (removed here in 1857 from the east wall of the south choir aisle) in white and variegated marbles, with the effigy of Lord HOLLES in a recumbent posture leaning his right elbow on a cushion, with supporters of a cherub and an angel, with coats of arms. Two panels at the base have very long eulogies, one in English and another translated to latin. The essential information from these only given here (though recorded in full by Hutchins): Denzil, Lord HOLLES, created Baron of Ifield by King Charles II, British Ambassador at the Treaty of Breda and to the Court of Louis XIV, died 17 Feb 1679, in his 82nd year. Son of John 1st Earl of Clare. Monument erected "by his nephew's son and heir John, Duke of Newcastle, MDCXCIX (1699)".

Monument to Denzil Lord HOLLES
65. Floorslab: " Mary, the wife of Robert WILLIS / Gent: obit: 19th September 1748, aetat:52". xxx
??? West Tower
The majority of memorials here were removed from All Saints Church, Dorchester, when that was closed in 1970 and fixed onto the south and north walls. These include a large Royal Coat of Arms ---wall ( a smaller one on south wall came from Holy Trinity Church Dorchester in 1976). and ---- War Memorial for 1914-18 and 1939-45 (names omitted here, as already recorded in the book ----Fallen remembered on Dorset War Memorials" by M.Monk (2000), and the following ---(mem?) orials to individuals, which are recorded in full in my MI compilation for All Saints Dorchester - ---- 1685; Beach, 1806; Oldfield, 1883; Wood, 1911; Burden, 1947 and Lidbury, 1960.
66. Brass Plaque, mounted on wood, on north wall

(this probably has always been here, as it is not recorded that it was removed from All Saints church in 1970).

" To the honoured memory of / Trooper Harry CROCKER / of the 26th Coy: Dorset Imperial Yeomanry / and freeman of the / borough of Dorchester / who died in hospital / at Pretoria / on Sunday, the 14th October 1900 / aged 27 years / the only Dorchester Volunteer / who lost his life / in the Boer War".

[Note:-Trooper Harry CROCKER (1873-1900) was the 8th of 10 children of William Henry CROCKER (1831-1900) by his wife Rhoda RIGGS who married at Christ Church West Fordington on 13th Aug 1860. Harry was baptised at All Saints Church Dorchester on 28th Apr 1873 and for some reason re-baptised there on 19 Sep 1875 with their next child. As described in his memorial plaque he joined the 26th Company of the Dorset Imperial Yeomanry field force and was the only Dorchester Volunteer to die in the Boer War. The family lived at 12 High East Street and administration of his meager estate of £55. 2s was granted to his elder brother Charles Crocker]
67. White on black marble Tablet on north wall, War memorial 1914 - 1918 for members of the "Guild of Ringers, Dorchester Branch " (names omitted, as already recorded in print in '10,000 Fallen remembered on Dorset War Memorials" by M. Monk (2000). xxx
68. Floorslab. "Betty Joan DUKE / be;ringer & chorister / 1924-1993 / Richard Henry DUKE / bellringer and verger / 1927-1998"/ xxx
----by me, but recorded in T's compilation in the church and printed in brief by RCHM in ---- However both memorials are also recorded in full in Hutchins' "History of Dorset") General unnumbered comment????
69. Brass Plate on east wall (in 1863 below stained glass east window in the chancel, but presumably removed here when a new chancel east window was erected in 1898). " This window was erected A.D. MDCCCLVI (1856) to the memory of Thomas COOMBS of this town who died XIIIth (13) May MDCCCLII (1852) aged LXXV (75) by Emma his wife, who died IInd (2) Novr: MDCCCLXI (1861), aged LXIV (64), in remembrance of whom this tablet is placed here by their affectionate children" (see also 94) Link to 94

[Note:- Thomas COOMBS (1777-1852) who married Emma DOWLAND at Winterbourne Whitchurch on 11 Aug 1817]
70. Tablet with side pilasters, curved pediment, urns and cartouches on north wall (in 1774 at upper end of the north nave aisle), with coat of arms and inscription in latin (recorded by Hutchins in 1774, but stated to be illegible in RCHM 1970 survey), roughly translated as William CHURCHILL, died 17 July 1706, aged 78. And his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Nicholas AWNSHAM, of Isleworth, Middlesex, died 20 June 1714, aged 84. They had children; Elizabeth; Awnsham of Henbury; Mary; William, of Dalingho, Suffolk; John of London; Joshua, of Gussage; with Jane; Sarah; Susannah and Richard, who died in infancy. Also inscribed on an urn added to this memorial:" This urn is in memory of Joshua CHURCHILL, Esq; of Gussage, in the county of Dorset, who died at Charminster, Jan 14, 1786, aged 34". [Note:- William Churchill and married Elizabeth Awnsham 1st July 1656 at St Benet Fink London. He was buried at St Peters church in Dorchester on 23rd July 1706. Joshua CHURCHILL who died in 1786, probably a descendant of the above, was also buried at St Peters Church in Dorchester on 20th January 1786 described in the burial register as 'of Gussage'. ].
71. Stone Tablet on east wall beside the main doors. "These doors are erected to the glory of God and as a memorial to the late Robert HOLLAND, who entered into rest on Febry: 19th 1903. He was Rector's warden of this parish from 1887 to 1903. A.METCALFE, Rector, A.J. ESCOTT and R.N.DAWES, Churchwardens ". (see also no 55) link to 55
72. Brass Plaque, mounted on variegated marble, on west wall. "In this porch lies the body of the Revd: John WHITE, M.A. of New College, Oxford. He was born at Christmas, 1575, for about 40 years he was Rector of this parish of Holy Trinity, Dorchester, he died here 21 July 1648" (with several lines of eulogy), " he greatly set forward the emigration to Massachusetts Bay Colony where his name lives in unfailing remembrance". Link to Biography of Rev John White MA (1574/5-1648)
73. Floorslab (very worn) " Mrs: SHERGOLD" Link to memorial Tablet for Mrs Mary SHERGOLD (1750-1840) Spinster of Dorchester
74. Stone inset in south exterior wall "to left of the porch" (worn), as recorded in Ts. MI copies in the church as "badly weathered":; "underneath lies buried prematurely snatched away by smallpox Maria, the thrice best beloved daughter of John & Alicia HUGHES. She died December 13th. A.D. 1739, in the 8th year of her age". Oddly Hutchins in 1774 recorded this as "Monument on west wall of porch" (in latin, roughly translated). Maria daughter of John & Alicia Hughes, died 13 Dec 1739, aged 8 years. (Obviously both refer to the same person, but could be two different monuments, perhaps the first replacing the second). Maria HUGHES (1731-1739) daughter of John and Alicia HUGHES who died aged 8 years from Smallpox
??? --Interior Memorials
???-- by Hutchins
75. Floorslab (recorded by Hutchins in 1863 as being in the nave, but now vanished or worn away to illegibility) "Gilbertus Edwardus ARCHER, M.D.. Ob: Maii 22 1747, aei 47" (PR confirms that this name is latinised for Gilbert Edward ARCHER") [Note:- Gilbert Edward ARCHER MD (1701-1747) was the son of Benjamin ARCHER a clerk of Buckinghamshire by his wife Anne. He was born at Quainton near Aylesbury where he was baptised 12th Feb 1699/1700. He was educated initially at Thame in Oxon and then Westminster. Admitted pens. (aged 15) at St John's College Cambridge matriculated there 1717; MB 1722; MD 1734. His name is one of those inscribed on the 2nd of eight bells of St Peters Church.. He was buried at St Peters on 27 May 1747 under this flagstone. He left a Will dated 14 May 1737 which was proved on 04 June 1747 in which he is described as 'a doctor in physick'; and asks for his body to be interred under the door of the reading desk in St Peters Church in Dorchester. ]
76. Brass inscription on floor with another brass showing the figure of a woman (This inscription portion had vanished by 1863, but was recorded in Hutchins', 1st edition of 1774. The figure, illustrated by Hutchins, vanished later. This is clearly the two indents in floorslab in the centre aisle of the nave). "Hic jacet Johanna de St Omero relicta Robti MORE que obit in vigllia Ste' Trinitatis secondo die menis --- Annop Dni:MCCCCXXXVI (1436) cuj; a'le p'piciuet' D' Amen". [Note:- See also Memorial entry 18 and transcription of the entry in 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Dorset by John Hutchins -- Page 385. Robert MORE is also mentioned in several Charters recorded in the Municipal records:- Charter 243 dated 10th Feb 1413 Joan the late wife of Thomas Bertram in her widowhood grants to Robert MORE Esq, John Westspray and John Jurdan her tenement situated on the west side of South Street.etc; and under Charter 258 dated 7th April 1413 they grant the same property to Thomas Wyke and Joan his wife - also referred to in Charter 402 dated 12th March 1426]
77. Brass Plate. "on the floor" (not clear where, probably in south nave aisle in 1774. Hutchins says brass had vanished by 1863), " Hic jacet Editha HAYWARD, nuper uxor Rici HAYWARD, Mil: obit XIII die Junii, Ao: Dni: M......XII, cuj: a'le p'piciet D' Amen" (date partly obscured 1412? or 1512?) [Note:- Memorial states "Here lies Edith HAYWARD wife of Richard HAYWARD who was buried 13th day of June in the year of our Lord one thousand [Missing section] --12". Richard HAYWARD was Bailiff of Dorchester in 1503 and witnessed various charters in Dorchester 1501-1549 so the date is probably 13 Jun 1512]
???-- of the Church - on east side of the south porch
78. Large Flatsone (very worn) " In memory of / George Robert FITCH / died ..........1844 / aged ......../ William John FITCH / died ....July ...../ aged ....-7 years / Mary Jane FITCH / died ....May...../ aged ....../ (3 lines illegible) Mary FITCH / mother of the above children / died 12 ......1882 / in her ......year / John FITCH / died ......188- / aged .....years (the first tow are clearly those given on No.79, both dying in 1844, whilst the last two are given on a wall tablet in the south choir aisle adjacent , No.25, as Mary FITCH, died 12 June 1882, aged 81, "interred with her 4 children in a vault outside , near this tablet", and John FITCH, died 31 July 1883, aged 81. PR records burial dates of first three as: "George Robert FITCH" buried 4 Feb 1844, aged 13 months; "William John FITCH" buried 8 July 1844, aged 7 years, and "Mary Jane FITCH" buried 18 May 1849, aged 13 years). link 79 + burials PR
79. Small Flatstone (shaped like a child's coffin). "G.R.F. / 1844 / W.J.F. / 1844" (see also 78) link 78
80. War memorial 1914-1918 (names not recorded as already given in book "10,000 Fallen Remembered on Dorset War Memorials" by M.Monk (2000) although it also commemorates a Rector with wording "Canon H.C.COOTE, Rector 1913-1919 check rector + link to new and old war mem books
81. Large Flatstone "COLSON" (See Nos. 7-11) check link to 7
82. Large Flatstone (worn) William GANGE / died ..........1831? / aged ...../ Robert HAZARD / died December 16 1836? aged 60 years". (PR : "William GANGE" buried 20 July 1831, aged 79 "Robert HAZARD" buried 22 Dec 1836, aged 60). xxx
83. Large Flatstone (worn. In two places pieces of the stone with the name "James" on them have been cut into the inscription, for no clear reason). "Sarah POOK / James / (2 lines illegible) / John POOK / (one line illegible) / James ....../ Sarah P(ook?) / died March 29? 1848? / (one line illegible) / Elizabeth, wife of / the above John POOK / who died at Blandford May?..../185-......". (PR : the only POOKS buried 1813-60, seem to fit the people given here, namely "Sarah POOK" buried 26 Jan 1831, aged 96; "John POOK" buried 4 April 1848, aged 76, and "Elizabeth POOK" buried 29 May 1849, aged 79). xxx
84. Large Flatstone "HAWKINS" xxx
85. Large Flatstone ".....BESANT/ T? BESANT". xxx
86. Large Flatstone "ENSOR" xxx
87. Large Flatstone " COLSON" (See also Nos. 7-11) check link to 7
88. Large Flatstone "TOOZE" (See also No. 46) check link to 46
89. Bronze Statue on Plinth to "Parson William BARNES, 1801 -1886", with sculptors' name: J.MOORE, founder". SEe Picture top
90. Large Flatstone "JOHNSON" xxx
91. Large Flatstone "GALE" xxx
92. Large Flatstone "LOGAN" xxx
93. Large Flatstone (worn) "(2 lines illegible) / SIMMONDS / ....185-....." (PR gives two people named SIMMONDS" buried between 1850 and 1859, namely William in 1851, aged 26, and Susannah in 1852, aged 61) xxx
???-- of the Church - (inside iron gateway on this side)
94. . Large Flatstone "T.COOMBS" Link to 69
95. . Large Flatstone "ZILWOOD" / 1835 (PR: clearly "William ZILLWOOD" buried 21 June 1835, aged 75 xxx
Vanished CHURCHYARD memorials (Recorded by Hutchins)
96. Brass Plate fixed in the wall of a house, on the south side of the churchyard" (in latin, roughly translated). William DERBY, died 1649, and his wife Mary. (note PR: Starts 1653) [Note: See Separate Biography on this site William DERBY (1588-1649) Mercer of Dorchester]
97. Altar Tomb "parallel to and south of Mr: GOLLOP's (see No.43) (on two panels) . first panel: "Here lyeth the body of W.,ADYN, sone of John ADYN, who departed in the faith .....XXVIII (28) day of ....Anno ....1577" second panel :"Off your charitie ......w......of John ADYN, who departed in the faith ........" (note: PR Starts 1653). [Note:-Members of the ADYN Family were often Bailiffs in Dorchester from as early as 1492 - A John ADYN was Bailiff 1537; 1538; 1543; 1544 and probably another 1583 ; 1600]
98. Altar Tomb " a little south of the former " (in latin, roughly translated) Daniel ARDEN, died 8 Nov 1671, aged 48. [Note:- My Latin is not good but I think it says " In the hope of future resurrection with two of his natural sons lies the body of Daniel ARDEN gold and silver smith, who died 8th Nov 1671 in the 48th year of his age." Link to an account of The Arden Family in Dorchester]
99. Altar Tomb ("a little west of the former, near the inscription for Mr Derby"). first panel: "(2 lines of eulogy) / A.D. 1640 / Here restyth the body of William SPEARING, deceased / the 25 day of August / And his wives, Sara / and Mary and his children". second panel:"Here lyeth also / Avis, the relict of / William SPEARING, who dyed June 31 (sic), 1665" (PR: "Avies SPERING, widow " buried 21 June 1665). William SPEARING [Speering, Spering, Speringe] (d.1640). His name appears in the left panel and also refers to two wives Sarah and Mary. His wife Mary, also refered to as "alias WYATT" which may have been her maiden name, died in 1622 and William SPERINGE her husband was granted a Letter of Administration for her estate on 10th July 1622 (PCC Admons Folio 187) . The Parish burial register for St Peters also records the burial of another William SPEARING on 1st Sep 1654 who was probably Avis Spering's husband and possibly the son of the former William who died in 1640. Avis SPERING was buried at St Peters Church on 21st June 1665.

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