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Louisa's Album

On the following pages, I would like to share with you the writings, poetry and pictures that appear in the album shown below.  It belonged to a lady called Louisa Slade ROADWAY and inside the front cover is the date 21st May 1872.  Louisa was born on the 21st May 1852 at 80 Webber Row in Southwark, Surrey so the dates would suggest that she had received this book as a present for her 20th birthday.

Louisa ROADWAY's Album

Inside the front cover of Louisa's Album

Louisa was the youngest of four daughters born to Carpenter John ROADWAY and his wife Louisa (nee HULBERT). You can find out more about Louisa and her family on the following page:

The following pages are links to the pictures, poetry and writings that are contained within Louisa's Album - there are 94 pages in all, so I will add gradually.  Although a personal heirloom and treasure of my own family, they are presented here for you to view literature and a few drawings of the late C19th and early C20th.

Contents of Louisa's Album

Please note that these pages contain actual images scanned from Louisa's Album, and to retain
readable picture quality, some of these pages may take a while to download.

Illustrations and Drawings

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Family Connections

Named Authors

Unknown/Initialled Authors


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