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Primary families:
Olp - Zeise, Ballenthin - Glienke

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Updated March, 2021

Sandra Ballenthin, Faribault Sr. High School, Faribault, MN ('61)

This will be a no frills source for retrieving all/portions of family history detail I've located and entered on this page.
Hopefully you have a favorite word processor to paste data into, select formatting choices and print at your discretion.
You will need to know which branch of my tree you're descended from.
Use the Edit, Find command of your browser to locate family names on this page until I complete a surnames links index.
It is hoped you will respect all the folks entered here, for they are loved VERY much! We begin......
From Pommern, Germany they came:
Where was Pommern?

Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Olp and Friederike Dorothea Charlotte Strege
City of Wollin/Wolin and Chinnow/Chynowo in Kreis Usedom-Wollin
1849 via Hamburg, Quebec & Buffalo, NY

Ferdinand Ballenthin and Friedericke Peters
(parents of Johann Ballenthin) did not emigrate
Also, Ottilie (Carl Sorgatz) in 1890 via Bremen & Castle Garden, NY;
Hermine (Karl Dobruntz), Heinrich, Augusta (Karl Hinz) who did not emigrate
Kreis and town unknown, probably Wocknin/Okunino, Kreis Rummelsburg

Descendants of the following emigrated in early 1900s:
Johann Ballenthin and Emma Glienke/Martha Glienke
Herrmann Karl Glienke and Auguste Krueggel
(parents of Emma and Martha)
Also, Hulda, Minna, Mathilda (Luedtke)
Gross Schwirsen/Swierzno, Ploetzig/Plocicz, Pritzig/Przytocko
and other surrounding towns, Rummelsburg/Miatsko
Pomerania/Pommern/Pomorze/Pomorskie, Poland/Posen


From Schlesian, Germany they came:
Where was Schlesian/Silesia?

From Buckowintke in 1867, 1869, 1875 via Bremen & Ellis Island
Name changes: Buchenwerder in 1935, Ols/Oels, Schlesian, Germany
Bukowinka in 1988 to Bukwinka, Olesnica, Gmina Twardogora, Lower Silesia Province Dolnoslaskie, Poland :
Silesia/Lower Silesia/Schlesien/Niederschlesian/Slask, Poland

Gottlieb Zeise and Elizabeth Bartch (did not emigrate), children.....
Johann Gottlieb Zeise and Johanna Dorothea Wurm (1875)
Ernst W. Zeise and Louisa "Anna Rosina" Tischer (1867 & 1869)
Karl Zeise, believed to have returned to Silesia.
Two Zeise daughters, did not emigrate.
Auguste Louise Tischer Dosdall (Anna's sister in 1875 with Zeise-Wurm family)

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Olp - Strege - Nass - Kohlat
Zeise - Tischer - Wurm
Ballenthin - Peters
Glienke - Krueggel - Lieder

O L P - S T R E G E - K O H L A T - N A S S


Oldest known Olp family member:
Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Olp, b: 8-26-1807 in City of Wollin, Kreis Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany; d: 9-30-1892 in Cooperstown Twp, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin. Lived in good health; retained memory into old age. He died on a Friday afternoon. Worked as a miller (Germany) and farmer (WI). His village/town is located 46.4 km and 5 degrees from Stettin, which is known today as Szczecin.
Read more on Chinnow and Wollin (now Wolin, Poland).
Chinnow (scroll down) In German, use online translator.
Wollin - same instructions as Chinnow
Pictures of Chinnow and Wollin - more historical courtesy Pommern Regional Group of MN

Image, Ferdinand Olp Wisconsin land record certificate
Image Index text, Ferdinand Olp Wisconsin land record certificate

Image: Olp-Strege Kolzow church marriage record, entry 9 for 1833

Image: Olp-Strege grave marker in St. John Cemetery, Maribel, WI courtesy of Harry Olp

Image: Original Olp-Strege gravestones in St. John Cemetery, Maribel, WI

Married on 10-26-1833 in the Evangelische Kirche, Kolzow (now Kolczewo/Nowe, Poland), Kreis Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany to Friederike Dorothea Charlotte Strege, b: 9-17-1808 in Chinnow, Kreis Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany; d: 1-26-1882 in Cooperstown Twp, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin. Cause of death: Lingering illness and frailness. Enjoyed generally good health in life. Homemaker.

Strege-Kohlat history.. Friederike was baptized 9-25-1808 in the church at Kolzow (short distance from Chinnow). She had 3 sponsors (names to be added). She was also confirmed there. The church records are on four LDS films (baptisms, marriages, deaths 1800-1874, film numbers 1273039 Item 3, 1273040, 1273041, 1273042 Item 1). These have been transcribed by dedicated persons in Germany; LDS now has the images viewable for free online at
What we have pieced together about Friederike's grandparents, parents and siblings is in this report:
Descendants of Martin Strege & Dorothy Gutzmann

Genealogy (1 generation) Report detail - includes emigration story (work in progress, contact me):
Johann Friedrich Ferdinand Olp and Friederike Dorothea Charlotte Strege

Ferdinand and Friederike 9 children, oldest to youngest:
* Frederick Wilhelm (William "Bill") Olp, b: 1833 in Stettin, Prussia, Germany (sourced from Grant County, Oregon historical article, otherwise unconfirmed); d: Prairie City, Grant County, Oregon
Married Vienna Mexico Wikle, b: 7-25-1851 in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia
d: 4-25-1946 in Prairie City, Grant County, Oregon
m: 11-11-1888 in Prairie City, Grant County, Oregon

* Augustine "Augusta" Wilhelmine Olp, b: 1-25-1835 in Leussin, Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany; d: Unknown in Wisconsin. She emigrated in 1849 with her parents. She is 15 yrs. old on the 1850 census in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her parents. Her twin sister......

* Friederike Wilhelmine Olp, b: 1-25-1835 in Leussin, Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany. She is not listed in the 1850 U.S. Census with the family. It is possible she died before or during the 1849 emigration journey. Nothing more is known.

* "Julius" Heinrich Wilhelm Olp, b: 6-17-1836 in Chinnow, Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany; d: 6-11-1894 in Cooperstown, Manitowoc Cty, Wisconsin
Married Johanna C. W. Nass, b: 3-14-1841 in Pommern, Germany, Prussia; d: 10-22-1904 in Manitowoc, WI (sister of Mahtilde Nass, wife of Robert Olp
m: 8-20-1859 in Cooperstown Twp., Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
Julius and Johanna had 6 children, oldest to youngest:
Rosalie (Roselia) W. B. Olp, Anton Karl J. Olp (12 children), Robert G. H. Olp (5 children), August William Olp (9-22-1877 to 7-26-1895), Wilhelm J. Olp (6-10-1881 to 6-15-1881), George August Wilhelm Olp.

* "Carl" Theodore Friedrich Olp, b: 8-11-1838 in Chinnow, Usedom-Wollin, Germany; d: Abt. 1899 in Cooperstown Twp, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin. Nothing more is known.

* Friedrich "Ludwig" Edward Olp, b: 11-23-1840 in Chinnow, Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany; d: 2-17-1913 in Wisconsin
Married Auguste Wilhelmine Sophia Buth, b: Abt.1849 in Gro� Justin, Kreis Cammin, Pommern, Germany; d: 1-11-1905 in Milwaukee, Wisconson. They married 10-04-1868 in Milwaukee,
Ludwig and Augusta had 9 children, believed oldest to youngest:
Emma E. L. Olp, Wilhelm Julius Ferdinand Olp, Elizabeth (Bessie) Olp, Gustav William A. Olp, Alma A. R. W. Olp, triplets Albert Olp, Karl Olp, Wilhelm John K. Olp (only Karl lived).

* "Robert" George Friedrich Olp, b: 3-20-1843 in Chinnow, Kreis Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany; d: 3-23-1924 in Maple Grove township, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
Married Mathilda Nass, b: 5-2-1850 in Germany, d: 6-28-1927 in Maple Grove Township, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin (sister of Johanna Nass, wife of Julius Olp
m: 1868 in Wisconsin, probably Manitowoc County
Robert and Mathilda had 8 children (see below).
Robert is my great-grandfather.

* "Hermann" Gottlieb Christian Olp, b: 10-9-1845 in Chinnow, Kreis Usedom-Wollin, Pommern, Germany; d: 6-25-1913 in Prairie City, Grant County, Oregon.
Married Sarah Jane Johnson, b: 7-16-1857 in West Union, Fayette County, Iowa; d: 11-15-1942 in Prairie City, Grant County, Oregon.
m: 6-15-1874 in Prairie City, Grant County, Oregon
Hermann and Sarah had 11 children, oldest to youngest:
Twins Jennine Augusta Olp and Charlotte Fredericka Olp, Amelia Matilda Olp, Sarah Lorena Olp, Herman Frederick Olp, William Montgomery Olp, Robert Bracket Olp, Charles Samuel Olp, Ruth Rosealpha Olp, Harriette Eleanor Olp, Julius Ludwig Olp
Charles Samuel, son of Herman & Sarah, married to Grace Viles, Family Group Sheet is posted here:
Report: Olp-Viles

* Mathilda Sophie Albertine Olp, b: 3-6-1850 in (unconfirmed) Milwaukee, Wisconsin; d: 6-20-1924 in Town of Morrison, Brown County, Wisconson. She is on the 1850 census, 4 mo. old living in Milwaukee with her parents. She married August A. Haese (b. 1-10-1843 Germany, d: 9-12-1915 in Morrison, Brown County, Wisconsin) on 1-15-1869 in Manitowoc County (probably St. John's Lutheran in Maribel, Wisconsin). They are buried Zion Evangelical Cemetery, Morrison, Brown County, Wisconsin, adjacent to the church. August ran the Haese Saw Mill until his death, son Arthur sold it in 1919, it burned shortly after. They had 11 children (this is still being researched); oldest to youngest: Robert (b. 8-1873), Emma, Bertha, Julie, Arthur, Eleanor, August, Caroline, Helen, Ida, Louise.

More on Robert and Mahtilda Nass Olp family:
Robert and Mahtilda Nass had 8 children, oldest to youngest:
* Julia (Otto Knuth, 4 children)
* Otto Julius (Emma Minna - Minnie - Zeise, 6 children, see below)
* Wilhelm Karl (Adeline, one child)
* Helena W. B. (Herman K.E. Jaeger, 7 children)
* Gustav (wife unknown, 1 known child)
* Bertha Rosa J. (William E. Wegner)
* Rosalie Wilhelmena Augusta (August "Charlie" Gauger, 2 children)
* Robert August William, Jr. (Alvina Schley, 3 children)
Otto Julius is my grandfather.

Otto and Emma Minna (Minnie) Zeise had 6 daughters, oldest to youngest:
* Ella & Walter Kelm (1 child)
* Emma & Fred Williams - (tributes & story) (5 children)
* Dorothy & Art Firch (no children)
* Frieda & Emil Krupp (tribute) (1 child)
* Edna & Herman Ballenthin (tributes & story) (1 child)
* Alvera & Ted Lustig (tributes & Lustig genealogy) (5 children)
Edna Olp Ballenthin is my mother.
cir. 1972 picture of Otto & Minnie Olp daughters

Nass history. Johanna and Mathilde's Nass family is very large, difficult to sort out the information that can be located. Their father was Gottlieb J. F. Nass, b. 3-02-1806 in Zicker, Kreis Greifenberg, Pommern, Germany. He died 9-10-1892 in Maribel, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. He married Ernestine F. C. Wegner, b. 12-07-1818 in Prussia, d. 12-16-1893 in Wisconsin, probably. Maribel. They married 1837 in Pommern.
Known children are five daughters, all born in Pommern, died Wisconsin. Gottlieb's church obituary states the family emigrated together in 1857. Children oldest to youngest:
* Johanna C. W. Nass (aka: Hannah Anna), b: 3-14-1841, d: 10-22-1904
* Amelia Nass, b: Abt. 1842, d. Aft. her mother 12-16-1893
* Elvina Nass (aka: Alvina) b: Abt. 1848, d: Aft. her mother 12-16-1893
* Mathilda Nass, b: 5-02-1850, d: 6-28-1927
* Bertha E. Nass, b: Abt. 1852, d: Aft. her mother 12-16-1893
This report is what can be confirmed to date.

Gen report: Gottlieb Nass, Ernestine Wegner family

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Z E I S E - T I S C H E R - W U R M


Oldest known Zeise family member:
Gottlieb Zeise & Elizabeth Bartch
Their 5 known children:
* Johann Gottlieb (emigrated 1875) (Johanna Wurm, 9 children)
(parents of Johanna, Carl & Anna R. nee Henke Wurm)
* Ernest W. Zeise (emigrated 1867) (Louisa "Anna Rosina" Tischer, 5 children)
* Karl believed to have returned to Silesia.
* Two known sisters. Stayed in Germany. No other information.
Ernest W. is my great-grandfather.

Children of Ernst Wilhelm & Louisa "Anna Rosina" Zeise, oldest to youngest:
* Rudolph (Ida Dorothea Blume, 9 children)
* Emma Minna "Minnie" (Otto Olp, 6 children) (see Olp-Strege)
* Bertha (August Schley, 11 children)
* August (Christine Whilmenia Kuhnke, 4 children)
* Anna (William H. Wegner, 11 children)
Minnie is my grandmother.

Ernst W. Zeise & Louisa "Anna Rosina" (nee Tischer)
Report: Family Group Sheet
Report: Genealogy (1 generation)

It is documented that Louisa "Anna Rosina" Tischer Zeise had a younger half sister, Augusta who emigrated with Ernst's brother's family in 1875. This is her story.
Report: Augusta Louise Tischer Dostall
Pictures of Augusta Louise Tischer Dostall

Tischer research has been difficult to confirm. Currently the family order is believe to be this:
Report: Outline of Tischer family research

Children of Johann Gottlieb & Johanna Zeise, oldest to youngest:
* Johanna Augusta (Ludwig Frank, 2 children; Wm. Ogrosky, 8 children)
* Ernest Gustav (not married)
* Carl Gottlieb (not married)
* Henriette Christiane (Leonard Bion, 2 children)
* Ernst Carl "Robert" (Anna Weinknecht, 4 children; Rilda Stewart, 7 children)
* Johanna Christine "Pauline" (Peter Ochs, 5 children)
* Louise Christine (Philip Wegner, 3 children)
* Emma Louise (Otto Pieper, 4 children)
* Fredrick William (Olive Vick, 9 children)
HELP NEEDED - to find Rilda's step-sister Rachael Stewart Verzani and husband Sabino. Lived for a time Owatonna, MN and Faribault, MN. Buried Calvary Cemetery, Faribault.

Map: 1897 Steele Cty, MN Land Platte. Ernest Zeise section 16; Johann "Gottlieb" Zeise, sections 14-15

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B A L L E N T H I N - P E T E R S
G L I E N K E - K R U E G G E L - L I E D E R


Oldest known Ballenthin family member:
Carl Johann Heinrich "Ferdinand" Ballenthin and Friedericke Peters (5 children, oldest to youngest):
* Heinrich (Hilda Bauermann, 5 children)
* Hermine (Karl Dobruntz, 1 child known)
* Ottilie (Carl Sorgatz, 9 children)
* Augusta (Karl Hinz, 2 children)
* Johann (Emma & Martha Glienke, 14 children)
Johann is my grandfather.

Johann Ballenthin (b.1-3-1869 in Wocknin, Rummelsburg, Germany; d. 11-1948 in Burkersdorf, Thuringia, Germany) married Emma Glienke (b: Abt. 1876; d: 5-1914 in Gro� Schwirsen, Rummelsburg, Pommern, Germany) and had 6 children, oldest to youngest:
* Frieda (Karl Kuchenb�cker, 1 child)
* Herman (emigrated Dec, 1924 via Hamburg & Ellis Island) (Edna Olp, 1 child)
* Erich (Edith, 1 child)
* Martha (Albert Bauschke, 2 children)
* Otto (Anne Tresemer, 1 known child)
* Willi (emigrated Jan., 1930 via Hamburg & Ellis Island) (Adeline Heyer, 4 children)
Herman is my father.
These are some of his emigration/immigration documents:
Herman Ballenthin 1930 citizenship certificate
He filed a Declaration of Intent in 1925.

Herman Ballenthin 1924 Reisepass (passport-p.1)
Herman Ballenthin passport p.2
Herman Ballenthin passport p.3
Herman Ballenthin p.4

Herman worked for his aunt and uncle, Ottilie and Carl Sorgatz, when he first emigrated. It's estimated by late 1925 he had been hired by William Bottke, Sr. at St. Mary's Hall Episcopal boarding school for high school girls in Faribault, MN. When Bill died, Herman was appointed to the chief engineer position. Herman, Edna and later daughter Sandra, lived in a campus house their entire married life until Herman's death in 1957. Their story is included in the Shattuck-St. Mary's museum. See here for their 150th Sesquicentennial museum display.

Johann remarried Martha Glienke (Emma's sister) in 1915; she was born 9-3-1891, Gross Schwirsen, Rummelsburg, Pommern, Germany, died 5-1-1965 in Burkersdorf, Thuringia, Germany. They had 8 children (oldest to youngest):
* Elli (died young)
* Hans (Freda Kruse)
* Walter (unmarried, died Oct., 1943)
* Else (b. 1921, died in Burksdorf, Germany)
* Meta (died aft. 1945 in Siberia)
* Gertrude (married, 1 known child) died Burkersdorf, Thuringia, Germany
* Gerhard (Margarete, 1 child)
* Erna (Johannes Friedrich Kratsch, 2 children)

Ballenthin Family Group Sheet reports (work in progress, contact me):
Ferdinand & Friedericke (Peters)
Johann & Emma (Glienke)
Johann & Martha (Glienke)
Ottilie (Ballenthin) & Carl Sorgatz
Hermann & Auguste (Kroggel) Glienke

I will be adding the detail for all the descendants as it becomes available. Please come visit often or contact me!

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