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Florida has many historical forts. It has been stated there have been more than 300 camps, batteries, forts and redoubts in Florida since European settlement began.More than 80 "blockhouses, forts, camps and stockades" were used at one time or another in Florida during the Seminole Wars. Most forts were constructed from earth and/or wood, with occasional incorporation of brick or stone. Many were intended to be used for only a short period, and most have disappeared. In some cases, a series of forts with different names were built on or close to the same place.

If you know of any Forts not listed here, or have information or pictures of a Florida Fort, we'd really like to hear from you.

List of Forts
  • Fort Cummings
  • Fort Dallas
  • Fort Defiance (Micanopy,Fl)
  • Fort Denaud
  • Fort Desoto
  • Fort San Diego
  • Fort Drane Abandoned in 1836 due to disease
  • Fort Drum
  • Fort Duncan McRee (also Addison Blockhouse), in Tomoka State Park
  • Fort Dulany
  • Fort Fannin
  • Fort Foster
  • Fort Fraser
  • Fort Gadsden
  • Fort Gardiner
  • Fort Gatlin
  • Fort George
  • Fort Green
  • Fort Harlee
  • Fort Hartsuff
  • Fort Harvie
  • Fort Heileman see Middleburg
  • Fort Hooker
  • Fort Houston, in Tallahassee, Civil War
  • Fort Jefferson
  • Fort Juniper
  • Fort Keais
  • Fort King (new)
  • Fort Kissimmee
  • Fort Lane
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Fort Lloyd
  • Fort Lonesome
  • Fort Maitland
  • Martello towers in Key West, Florida
  • Fort Mason
  • Fort Matanzas
  • Fort McRee
  • Fort McCoy
  • Fort Meade
  • Fort Mellon
  • Fort Mitchell
  • Fort Mose
  • Fort Myakka
  • Fort Myers
  • Fort Ogden
  • Fort Peyton
  • Fort Pickens, see: Southern History
  • Fort Picolata
  • Fort Pierce
  • Fort Poinsett, on Cape Sable, Second Seminole War
  • Fort Russell, on Key Biscayne, Second Seminole War
  • Fort St. Andrews
  • Fort St. Francis de Pupa
  • Fort San Carlos, Fernandina Beach, Second Spanish rule
  • Fort San Lucia
  • Fort San Luis de Apalachee
  • Fort San Marcos de Apalachee (also Fort St. Marks)
  • Fort San Nicholas
  • Fort Scott
  • Fort Simmons
  • Fort Starke
  • Fort Sullivan
  • Fort T.B. Adams
  • Fort Thompson
  • Fort Tonyn
  • Fort Vinton
  • Fort Wacahoota
  • Fort Walker (also Fort Hogtown), in present-day Gainesville, Second Seminole War
  • Fort Walton
  • Fort Ward
  • Fort Weadman
  • Fort White
  • Fort William
  • Yellow Bluff Fort
  • Fort Zachary Taylor (also Fort Taylor)
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Another list can be found at: Treasurelore and North American Forts



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