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These are the Putnam County Photos and Family Histories that have been compiled so far. The policy for including family histories are that the content be original and contain no copyrighted material, include valid contact information for the author and include no living persons. Any material under current copyright must include permission for its inclusion on this website. I will include all family histories as written as long as it complies with the above stated policy.

All family history narratives are the copyrighted material of the author and as such no corrections, additions or changes to them may be made, except by the copyright holder; so please do not ask.

To submit a family history narrative for inclusion on this website please contact the County Coordinator PRIOR TO SENDING for instructions. All family histories must be in a text format (*.doc, *.rtf, *txt) any illustrations, photographs, images or other media must be in .jpg, .gif or .png format and the text and images transmitted together. Special arrangements will be made regarding files exceeding 3MB.
John Price Family

James M. Price

Nathan Price

Mary and Sarah Price