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Alabama Marriages: Early to 1825 - c. 1991, Liahona Research Inc., 2 sheets.

Records of Pickens County, Alabama, Volume 1 - c. 1964 (?) Mrs. C.P. McGuire Sr. and Birmingham Genealogical Society, 3 Sheets.

Records of Pickens County, Alabama, Volume 3 - c. 1964 McGuire ,1 sheet.

Early Settlers along the Old Federal Road in Monroe and Conecuh Counties, Alabama - c. 1976 Mary E. Brantley, 5 sheets.

Index to Alabama Wills 1808-1870 - c. 1955 Alabama Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, 4 sheets.

Walnut Grove United Methodist Church History 1875-1976 (Limestone County, Alabama) - c. 1976 Marjorie Shelton Kent.

Alabama Census Returns 1820 and An Abstract of Federal Census of Alabama 1830 - c. 1944 Alabama Historical Quarterly, 3 sheets.


Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Arizona - c. March 1940 W.P.A. and Arizona Statewide Archival and Records Project, 2 sheets.


An Index to 1840 United States Census of Arkansas - reprint 1967 Bobbie Jones McLane and Inez Halsell Cline, 3 sheets.

Arkansas Marriages: Early to 1850 - c. 1990 Liahona Research Inc., 2 sheets. 

An Index to Fifth Census of the United States 1830 Population Schedules, Territory of Arkansas - c. 1965 Bobbie Jones McLane, 2 sheets.


Genealogical Research Sources in Austrian Archives - C. August 1969 Prof. Dr. Hanns Leo Mikoletzky, 1 sheet.


Bigeographic Names - March 1963 Office of Geography, Dept. of Int, 5 sheets.


British and Irish Biographies 1840-1940: Leaders of the Lothians, social and political - published 1912, c. 1984 Chadwyck-Healey Ltd., 4 sheets. 

1881 Census Street Index of England, Vol. 1-27; 44 sheets. 

Imperial Gazetteer of England and Wales: embracing recent changes in Counties, Dioceses, Parishes, Boroughs; General Statistics; Postal Arrangements; Railway Systems; and forming A Complete Description of the Country - 6 vol.. 

Boyd's Marriage Index: 1500-1837, Second Series - Vol. 1, Grooms A-J 1538-1600; Vol. 12, Grooms A-B 1651-1675; Vol. 19, Grooms A-Br 1676-1700; Vol. 26, Grooms A-Bi 1701-1725; Vol. 5 1, Brides A-Cl 1626-1650; 5 sheets.

Ireland, Belfast: Gravestone Inscriptions; (4 Sheets).

Index to Place Names showing the Library Microfilm Numbers for the 1841-1881 Census Records of England, Wales, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man by Names of Places and Showing the Parish in Which Situated - c. 1984 LDS, 5 sheets.

Register of Towns Indexed by Streets for the 1841-1881 Census of England and Wales indicating Vol. and the Library Call Number - c. 1987 LDS, 2 sheets.

Devon Family History Society New Members Interests. c. 1996, 1 sheet.

The Survey Gazetteer of the British Isles, 9th edition - c. 1964 John C. Bartholomew, 1 sheet (sheet 8-of-8 only, Swe-Z).

The Parliamentary Gazetteer of Ireland 1843-1844 - Fullerton and Co, 25 sheets.

Jones's Directory; the City of Glasgow [Scotland] -1787 John Mentions, 1 sheet.

The Highlands and Isles of Scotland: A Historical Survey - 1937 McK, 4 sheets.

Ordnance Gazetteer of Scotland: A Survey of Scottish Topography - c. 1882 Francis H. Groome, 22 sheets.

Scotland, Lewis' Topographical Dictionary, 1846. 8 sheets.

England, Lewis' Topographical Dictionary, 1831. 16 sheets.

The Gazetteer of Scotland - c. 1882 Rev. John Wilson, 11 sheets.

The Scottish Nation: Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours and Biographical History of the People of Scotland - Vol. I Abe-Cur,

Vol. 2 Dal-Mac - c. 1870 William Anderson, 18 sheets.

Register of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Scotland - (L.D.S.), 3 sheets.

Edgebaston; Census of 1851. 14 sheets.

Birmongham, St Thomas Census; BMSGH. 35 sheets.

Birmingham, St Mary's Churchyard Records, Whittall Street. 2 sheets.

1841-1881 Census: England, Wales, Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. 5 Sheets.

Essex Society: Members Interests - 1987, 1988-89, 1990-91, 1993-94, 1995-96, 1999-2000. 10 sheets.

Handbook. 1 sheet.

Family Historian Index; Issues 1-80. 2 sheets.

Suffolk Family History Society; 1991-1996 members interests.

Ashton Works Parish; 1851 Census with Index.

Hatborne; Society for Genealogy and Heraldry. 13 sheets.

Ladywood Census 1851; Society for Genealogy and Heraldry. 31 sheets.

"STRAYS"; Collection #1; Federation of Family History Societies. 7 sheets.


1860 California Census Index: Heads of Household and Other Surnames in Households Index - c. 1984 Index Publishing, 8 sheets.

Historical Atlas of California - c. 1974 Warren Beck and Ynez Haase, 3 sheets.


Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes - c. 1871 L'Abbe Cyprien Tanguay, 31 sheets (Genealogical Dictionary of Canadian Families).

French Canadian Families of the North Central States, Volume 6 (pp. 2222-2403) and Volume 7 (p. 2404-2607) - publisher unknown, 1 sheet.

Traces, Places and Faces: Links Between Canada and Scotland - c. 1957 T. Melville Bailey, 1 sheet, 2 sets.

Canadian Dominion Directory for 1871. Lovell's Gazetteer of British North America in the Provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland. - c. 1881 John Lovell & Son. 9 sheets.

1848 and 1850 Canada West (Ontario) Census Index: Every-Name Index. 1 sheet.

Nova Scotia; Family History Locality Catalog. 1 sheet.


Litchfield Law School (Connecticut) 1774-1833 Biographical Catalogue of Students, - c. 1946 Samuel H. Fisher and Yale Law Library, 1 sheet.

1860 Connecticut Census Index: Heads of Households and Other Surnames in Households Index - c. 1985 Index Publishing, 6 sheets.

Connecticut 1849: New England Mercantile Union Business Directory , 3 sheets.

Connecticut 1851: Connecticut Business Directory containing the Name, Location and Business of the Principal Manufacturing Establishments, Mercantile Firms, &c. for the Year 1851, 6 sheets.

Bridgeport and East Bridgeport Directory, containing the names of the Citizens, Business Directory, Appendix of Information 1857-8 - c. 1857 Morse, 4 sheets.

Connecticut 1856: The Connecticut Business Directory - c. Adams, 2 sheets.

Guide to Vital Statistics in the Church Records of Connecticut - c. December 1942, W.P.A. and Connecticut Historical Records Survey, 3 sheets.

The Religious Development of Poquonock and Rainbow: A Thesis - c. May 1936 Charlotte Phelps Kendrick, 1 sheet.

Surname Index, Genealogical Section and Newspaper Columns, Hartford Times, January 1957-May 29, 1967 - c. 1957-1967 Hartford Times, 75 sheets.

A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, with the Time of their Arrival in the Colony, and Their Standing in Society, Together with Their Place of Residence, as far as can be Discovered by the Records - Vol. 1 - c. 1846 RR Hinman.


Administratives Gemeindelexikon der Cechoslovakischen Republik, Volumes 1 and 2 - a gazetteer, explanation in English, c. 1927, 19 sheets (Administrative Community Dictionary of the Czechoslovakian Republic) [not in English]

Katalog der Egerlandbucherei - c. 1961, 1 sheet (Catalog of the Egerland Library) [not in English].


1860 Delaware Census Index: Heads of Household and Other Surnames in Households Index - c. 1984 Index Publishing, 2 sheets.

1870 Delaware Census Index: Heads of Household and Other Surnames in Households Index - c. 1985 Index Publishing, 2 sheets.

New Castle County Tax Assessment Records, 1816-1817: Contents c. 1978 State of Delaware, 2 sheets.

New Castle County Tax Assessment Records, 1816-1817: Apponquinimink Hundred Assessment Book 1817 - c. 1978 State of Delaware, 2 sheets.

New Castle County Tax Assessment Records, 1816-1817: Appoquinimink Hundred Error List 1816 - c. 1978 State of Delaware, 1 sheet.

Directory of Churches and Religious Organizations in Delaware - c. 1942 W.P.A. and Delaware Historical Records Survey, 4 sheets.


Bibliography of American Directories through 1860 - c. 1961 Dorothea N. Spear, 6 sheets.


1860 District of Columbia Census Index: Heads of Household and Other Surnames in Households Index - c. 1983 Index Publishing, 1 sheet.

1870 District of Columbia Census Index: Heads of Household and Other Surnames in Households Index - c. 1985 Index Publishing, 2 sheets.

District of Columbia Marriages: Early to 1825 - c. 1991; Liahona, 1 sheet.


Eastern European Genealogist Annual Issue No. 1, 1977 - Hartwell Co, 1 sheet.


Burgess Genealogy; Kings County, Nova Scotia. c 1941. 1 sheet.

Federation of Family History Societies - British Isles Genealogy Register.

Shropshire; 8 sheets. Suffolk; 3 sheets. Lancashire; 4 sheets
Staffordshire; 8 sheets. Warwickshire, 7 sheets. Worcestershire; 6 sheets.

 The Aber Quarterly, Vol. 1- 122, 1971-1982 - c. Aber Family Assoc. 15 sheets.

Adams Addenda: Adams in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut Index to Vol. 1- 12, 1971-1982; Vol. 1-11, 1971-1981; Vol. 15-16, 1985-1986; 29 sheets.

A Record of My Maternal Ancestors - c. 1967 R. B. Powers, (Alexander, Cellar/Keller, Crawford, Dunlap, Fleming, Flenniken, Gabriel, Gillis/Gillies, Minter, McCoy, McCullough, McDowell, McKinnie, Newhouse, Perry, Smeltzer. 1 sheet.

Anderson Family Genealogical Data 1575-1967 - c. 1967 Turman J. Beggs, 1 sheet.

Jans S. Annen zu Handore - c. 1965, 1 sheet [not in English].

Back Family - c. 1982 Helen Stone Woodruff, 1 sheet.

Histories of William Bailey and Mary Elizabeth Montgomery Bailey and their Descendants to April 1986 - c. Jack S Bailey and Fay Chatelain Myers, 2 sheets.

Sketches and Genealogy of the Bailey-Craddock-Lawson Families of Virginia and North Carolina with notes on the families of Coleman, DuVal, Scott, Easley, Madison, Lanier, Allen, Hunt, Wimbish, Traynham, Ragland and Barksdale.

Index to Henry R. Baldwin Genealogical Records (34 books of handwritten cemetery, war, church, court, personal, and miscellaneous genealogical data gathered for Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio during his lifetime, May 25, 1867.

Lafayette Lorenzo Blatchley, His Ancestors and Descendants - K B Jones, 1 sheet.

The "A" Pages in the Genealogical Records of Raymond and Helen Keckler Buker; also, a Name Index for the book "Cousins ... by the Dozens ... by the Hundreds ... by the Thousands ... And On and On..." by Raymond Buker 1982.

Chatterton Ancestral Charts - c. 1983 Ann Pompeo, 1 sheet.

The Clark Family - c. 1942 Irma Clawson Williams, 1 sheet.

A Genealogical History of the Clark and Worth Families and Other Puritan Settlers in the Mass. Bay Colony - c. 1970 Carol Clark Johnson, 7 sheets.

The Clark Genealogy - c. 1932 Mrs. Raymond Stone, 1 sheet.

The Descendants of Peter Cleaver - c. 1983 William Jessup Cleaver, 1 sheet.

S.O.S. Calling All Clarks - c. 1956 Russell Kilburn Clark Family Org, 1 sheet.

Alexander Clark, Loyalist: A Contribution to the History of New Brunswick c. 1940 Esther Clark Wright, 1 sheet.

The Fighting Clarks of Westfield, N.J.: Genealogical Data on Clark, Hatfield, Marsh and Melyn Families - 3rd ed., c. 1947 Beatrice MacGeorge, 1 sheet.

Some Recent Findings Regarding the Ancestry of General George Rogers Clark - c. 1935 R.C. Ballard Thruston, 2 sheets.

Record of the Ancestors and Descendants of Joseph Clarke of England-Rhode Island-New York State, 1618-1965 - c. 1965 Theodore R. Clarke, 1 sheet.

Cowan Clan United, Vol. 1-8, 1969-1976 - c. Cowan Clan United, 14 sheets.

The Del Mar Family - c. 1964 William A. Del Mar, 1 sheet.

Genealogy of the Estabrook Family, including the Esterbrook and Easterbrooks, in the U.S. - c. 1891 William Booth Estabrook, 4 sheets.

Faure-Fore-Ford - c. 1979; Martha L. Bolt, 2 sheets.

Finke and their Connections 1793-1981 - c. 1982 Billie E. Embree, 1 sheet.

Six Generation Ancestor Tables Bicentennial Project, Vol. 2-5 - c. 1976 Central New York Genealogy Society, 8 sheets.

The TX Heritage of the Fishers and the Clarks - c. 1963 O.C. Fisher, 3 sheets.

James and Mary Fleming: Irish Australians - c. 1981 T.J. Williams, 2 sheets.

Giltner, Reese, Fulton, Clarke, Hilbert, Wells, Brenner Family Genealogical Data - c. 1982 Michelle LeAnne Hilgert, 1 sheet.

Goddard Genealogy in England and America - c. 1917 Clark LaMotte Goddard and Frances Melanie Goddard Holmes, 1 sheet.

Greathouse Family - c. 1966; Frances Greathouse Creachbaum, 1 sheet.

The Goodwin News: The Newsletter of the Daniel Goodwin, Immigrant, Family Organization, Vol. 1-8 - c. 1979-1986, 20 sheets.

A Genealogical Narrative of the Daniel Haight Family - c. 1899 Canniff Haight, 1 sheet.

Heidjohann - 1 sheet [not in English].

Helmert - 1 sheet [not in English].

Helphinstine-Pinkstaff-Wallace-Martin-Clark-Hartleroad-Ginder- Bartlett Family Genealogical Records 1724-1983 - c. Bertha C. Martinez, 6 sheets.

Herzog oder Schone - 1 sheet [not in English].

Hickmann - 1 sheet [not in English].

A Genealogy of Samuel Hoyt (1762-1838) and Betsey Webb (1772-1819), Stamford, Connecticut - c. 1939 Rev. John William Hoyt, 2 sheets.

The History of An American Family - c. 1977 William Salem Kingman, 1 sheet (family group sheets, oldest name; Thomas Edson, born 1480 Adderbury, Eng

The Ancestry of Frederick William Hunter and Margareth Wilhelmine Dahlgren - c. 1982 Catherine Hunter Hays, 1 sheet.

Hyde-Chambers - R.A.D. Todd, 1 sheet.

Johnson Family History 1788-1960 - c. 1959 Donna Seare Adams, 1 sheet.

The John Kennedy Ancestors of Maury County, Tennessee - Sara Tom McKennon and Deane Kennedy Hendrix, 2 sheets.

Lanaghan and Burzlaff Genealogy, 1682-1983, Vol. 1-8 - c. Joseph Peter Lanaghan and Erma Maria Catherine Burzlaff Lanaghan, 44 sheets (complete collection assembled as of April 1984).

Historical Account of the Family of Long of Wiltshire - c. 1889, W Chitty, 1 sheet.

The McKnight Family and their Descendants; also the Wallace, Alexander and English Families - 3rd edition, c. 1969, Texarado McKnight Peak, 1 sheet.

The Merwins of Fairfield, Connecticut, and the Story of Merwin's Lane - c. 1941, George H. Merwin, 1 sheet.

Biographical Sketch on the Life of Garrett Murphy: Early Day Pioneer and One Time Cattle King of Florida - c. 1963, Ruby Cason Iliff, 1 sheet.

The Pangburn Letter, Vol. 1-3 - c. 1983-1985, Donn E. Wagner, 3 sheets.

P.E.L: Patton/Paten/Paton Exchange Letter, Vol. 6- 10 - c. 1982-1986, 12 sheets.

Pease Family History - c. 1982, Phillip J. Rice, 5 sheets.

Genealogical Account of the Descendants in the Male Line of William Peck, one of the founders in 1638 of the Colony of New Haven, Connecticut c. 1877, Darius Peck, 3 sheets.

Kinfolk: The Rich Family Association, Vol. 1-20 - c. 1966-1985, Rich Family Assoc, 36 sheets.

A Genealogy of the Root Family and Sub Families of Clark and Atkinson c. 1983, Don F. Haasch, 1 sheet.

Record of Schubart Family - c. 1982 Charles S. Schubart, 1 sheet.

Descendants of Peter Shaklee, 1756-1834, Vol. 1-5; 1985 W E Shaklee, 5 sheets.

Descendants of the Hon. Ernest D'Israeli Smith - c. 1983 Ed. G.Beitz, 1 sheet.

The Joseph Smith Family, Gloucester and Salem Counties, New Jersey; and The James Dye Family - c. 1964 Elmer Garfield Van Name, 1 sheet.

Some Snoke Families - c. 1979 Frank McElwain Snoke, 1 sheet.

The Standish Families Compendium for Mayflower Research - c. 1981 Walter H. McIntosh, 1 sheet.

Annual Report of the Stark Family Association, 1908-09 and 1916-17 - 1909, 1917, 2 sheets.

A Strauch Family History including the Descendants of Theodor Dietrich Strauch - c. 1982 Diane E. Shallue, 1 sheet.

Broken Ties: The Scrapbooks of Bessie Townsend - Obituaries of Central Michigan Pioneers - c. 1981 Fran Townsend Ewers, 1 sheet.

The Trout Family of Blair and Bedford Counties, Pennsylvania; the Ake and Harrison Families of Maryland; the Smith Family of Bedford County, Pennsylvania. - c. 1975 Thomas James Trout and Mary Dannehower Trout, 1 sheet.

The Tyree Family of Hanover County, Virginia - c. 1982 W A Mudd, 1 sheet.

Cambria County Pioneers: Vickroy, Sayre, Stillwell, Fream, Smiley, Boyd, Une, James M. Swank, et al, 1 sheet.

The Willey Story, 1614-1977 - c. 1977 W. David Willey, 2 sheets.

Life Story of George Hirst Wood and his wife Sarah Wyatt Wood - c. 1977 Gladys Wood Randall, 1 sheet .

Descendants of Amos Woodin - c. 1934 Wallace I. Woodin, 1 sheet.

Some Branches of the Workman Tree: A Second Volume of Workman Family History - Ralph Hall Sayre, 6 sheets.

The Wright Family of Oyster Bay, Long Island, with the Ancestry of and Descent from Peter Wright and Nicholas Wright, 1423-1923 -c. 1923 H D Perrine, 3 sheets.

Roots, Branches and Twigs: John and Mary Williams Sayles Family Tree - c. 1996 Ray Eggers, 4 sheets.

Roots, Branches and Twigs: Abbott to Whitfield, Descendants of Christen Hansen - c. 1996 R.F. Eggers Jr., 2 sheets.

William Black, Historical record of Posterity, 1885. 2 sheets.


Genealogy Bibliography - Florida State Archives, 5 sheets.

A Preliminary List of Religious Bodies in Florida c. 1939 W.P.A. Historical Records Survey, 2 sheets.

Guide to Public Vital Records in Florida; 1941 Hist Records Survey, 1 sheet.

Florida (a gazetteer) - c. 1925 R.L. Polk & Co, 5 sheets.

Florida Combined Divorce Index - June 1927-December 2001 - c. State of Florida (known as Dissolution Index beginning in 1970).

Florida Combined Death Index - 1877-2001 - c. State of Florida.

Florida Combined Marriage Index - 1927-2001 - c. State of Florida.

1860 Florida Census Index: Heads of Households and Other Surnames in Households Index - c. 1984 Index Publishing, 1 sheet.

1870 Florida Census Index: Every-Name Index - 1984 Index Publishing, 5 sheets.


Bottin des Communes, Dictionnaire General des Communes Principaux Hameaux, E'Carts et Lieux dit France Metropolitaine Union Francaise Doutre-Mer - c. 1951 Didot-Bottin, 10 sheets (a geographical dictionary of France) [not in. English].

Geschichte der Franzosischen Colonie Von Magdeburg - 3 vol., c. 1886 Henri Tollin, 57 sheets (History of the French Colony of Magdeburg) [not in English].


The Genealogical Helper, March 1950-December 1989 - Everton Publ, 231 sheets.

Parish and Vital Records List - c. 1992 L.D.S., 16 sheets.

Family Registry Index - ver. October 1989, c. 1989 LDS, 120 sheets (lists names and addresses of people researching specific families or last names).

Periodicals and Serials List, 1977 Edition - c. 1977 L.D.S, 2 sheets.

Family History Library:

  Surname Catalog - 23 February 1993 LDS, 406 sheets.
  Subject Catalog - 02 February 1993, LDS, 52 sheets.
  Locality Catalog (World) - as of 16 March 1989, March 1993, and 08 March 1994, c. 1989 and 1993 LDS.
  Locality Catalog (U.S.A.) - as of 01 March 1993, c. 1993.
  Author/Title Catalog - A-S as of 08 February-31 March 1993, T-Z as of 06 February 1989, c. 1989-93 LDS, 1140 sheets.

Accelerated Indexing System (AIS):

  Search 1 - Early Colonial Records and US 1600-1819 - 152 sheets.
  Search 2 - United States 1820-1829, c 1983 AIS, 57 sheets.
  Search 3 - United States 1830-1839, c 1983 AIS, 84 sheets.
  Search 4 - United States 1840-1849, c 1983, 117 sheets.
  Search 5 - Southern States 1850-1860, c. 1983 , 79 sheets.
  Search 6 - New England and Northern States 1850 - 1983, 140 sheets.
  Search 7 - Midwestern and Western States 1850-1906, 241 sheets.
  Search 8 - U.S. Mortality Schedules 1850-1885, 1983 edition, 16 sheets.

American Genealogical Lending Library (AGLL) Catalog: 1790-1920 Census Records, military records, ship passenger lists, locality listings, and surname, ethnic and special collections, Feb. 1994, c. AGLL, 11 sheets, 3 sets.

Updated sheets 6-10 for locality listings, February 1996, 5 sheets.


Index to "Some Early Tax Digests of Georgia", 1790-1818 - c. 1971, 2 sheets.

Reprint of Official Register of Land Lottery of Georgia 1827 - c. 1928 Martha Lou Houston, 4 sheets.

Georgia Marriages, Early to 1800 - c. 1990 Liahona Research, 1 sheet.

37,000 Early Georgia Marriages - c. 1975 J T Maddox and Mary Carter, 4 sheets.

1870 Georgia Census Index - c. 1991 Precision Indexing, 30 sheets.

Abstracts of Colonial Wills of the State of Georgia 1733-1777 - c. 1962 Atlanta Town Committee of the National Society Colonial Dams of America, 3 sheets.

Immigrants from Great Britain to the Georgia Colony - by Genealogical Enterprises, -c. 1989, 1 sheet.

Passports Issued by the Governors of Georgia, 1785+. F-1707. 1 sheet.

List of the Early Settlers of Georgia. F-1708. 1 sheet.

GERMANY (German titles have all data in German language)

Meyers Orts-und Derkehrs-Lexikon des Deutschen Reichs - c. 1912 Bibliographisches Institut, 29 sheets (Dictionary of German Empire).

Die Kirchenbucher in Baden - c. 1957 Dr. Hermann Franz, 4 sheets (The Church Register of Baden) [not in English].

A Genealogical Handbook of German Terminology and Grammar, Vol. I Births and Baptisms - c. 1977 Ronald D. Walker, 2 sheets.

Mercenaries from Ansbach and Bayreuth, Germany, Who Remained in America after the Revolution, revised edition - c. 1979 Clifford Neal Smith, 1 sheet.

Bridging the Atlantic: Finding the Place of Origin of Your German Ancestor; c. 1969 John Coddington, 1 sheet.

A Century of Emigration from the Palatinate to the USA;. 1969 F. Braun, 1 sheet.

Germanic Research Problems - c. 1969 Heinz F. Friederichs, 1 sheet.

Verzeichnis der Ostpreussichen und Danziger Kirchenbucher - c. 1939.

Eduard Grigoleit, 2 sheets (Registry of the East Prussian and Danziger Church).

Die Entwicklung des Personenstandswesens - c. ? Von Ludwig Blum, 1 sheet (The Development of Population in Krefeld) [not in English].

Ingelheim am Rhein - Die Familien von Nieder-Ingelheim und Frei Weinheim 1550-1820 - c. 1958, 1 sheet (Ingelheim on the Rhine: The Families from Nieder, Ingelheim and Frei Weinheim) [not in English].

Badische Fanmilienkunde - c. 1960-1, 1sheet (Badische Family Information).

Auswanderer aus der Umgebung von Ludwigshafen a. Rh. auf dem Schiff Thistle of Glasgow" 1730, 1 sheet (Emigrants from the area of Ludwigshafen a. Rhein on the Ship "Thistle of Glasgow") [not in English].

Gazetteer of Parish and Civil Jurisdictions in Hohenzollern (based on the "Gemeindelexikon fur das KonigreichPreussen", 1905) - c. 1987LDS, 1 sheet.

Kirchenarchive Sachsen, 1 sheet (Church Archives of Saxony).

Die Mennoniten vom Kuhborncheshof Bei Katzweiler und Umgebung - c. 1963 Hermann Schneider, 1 sheet (Ile Mennonites from Kuhborncheshof near Katzweiler and Surroundings) [not in English].

Mecklenburgs Familiengeschichtliche Quellen - c. 1936, 2 sheets (Mecklenburgs Source of Family History) [not in English].

Die protestantischen Kirchenbucher der Pfalz - c. 1960 Dr. Wolfgang Eger, 3 sheets (The Protestant Church Register of the Palatinate in southwest Germany)

Mullers Grosses Deutsches Ortsbuch: Vollstandiges Gemeindelexikon - c. 1958 Fritz Muller, 12 sheets (Mullers Large German City Book: Complete Community Dictionary) [not in English].

Einfuhrung in die deutsche Sippenforschung in Polen und dem preussischen Osten - c. 1958 Alfred Lattermann, 4 sheets (Introduction to German Genealogical Research in Poland and East Prussia) [not in English].

Gazetteer of Parish and Civil Jurisdictions in West Prussia (based on the "Gemeindelexikon fur das Konigreich Preussen", 1905) - c. 1987 LDS, 4 sheets.

Mullers: Verzeichnis der jenseits; der Oder-Neisse gelegenen, unter fremder Verwaltung stehenden Ortschaften - c. ?, 3 sheets (Mullers Dictionary of the Former Cities of the Oder-Neisse Area under Foreign Occupation) .

Hersbrucker Hauserbuch - Vol. 17: Die Herren von Uttenhofen - c. 1966, 3 shts. (Hersbrucker Book of Homes of the Ruler of Uttenhofen) [not in English].

Die evangelischen Kirchenbucher Thuringens - Karl Guldenapfel, 1 sheet (The Evangelical Church Register of Thuringia [central Germany] [not in English].

Neues Verzeichnis der Kirchenbucher der ehemaligen Rheinprovinz - c. 1977 Anton Krudewig, 1 sheet (New Catalog of the Church Registers front the Former Rhine Province) [not in English].

Tabulae Genealogicae: Historiam Imperii Germaniamque Principem - c. 1768, 1 sheet (Genealogical Document of the History of the German Empire) [not Engl]. 

Hersbrucker Hauserbuch -Vol. 20: Der Adel an der Pegnitz 1100 his 1400 -c. 1979 Von Gustav Voit, 5 sheets (Hersbrucker Book of Homes from the Aristocracy on the Pegnitz, 1100 to 1400) [not in English].

Hersbrucker Hauserbuch - Vol. 4: Aus dem Stiebar-Archive - c. 1953 Otto Graf Seefried, 3 sheets (Hersbrucker Book of Homes from the Stiebar Record Office). 


Memorials of the Huguenots in America; Publ 1901 Pennsylvania. F-873. 3 sheets.


IGI: U.S. - March 1992, LDS, 1710 sheets.
IGI: Instructions for 1992 Ed. LDS, 1 sheet.
IGI: Caribbean Islands; March 1992, LDS. 30 sheets.
IGI: Germany - as of March 1992, c. 1992 LDS, 1554 sheets.
IGI: Ireland, Galway: March 1992 LDS. 3 sheets.
IGI: Ireland, Mayo, March 1992 LDS. 3 sheets.
IGI: Batch Number Index with Explanations - January 1994, LDS, 11 sheets.