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West Hillsborough Times

May 12, 1887

"The steamer Mary Disston, Captain Thomas W. Roberts, carried a large party of excursionists from Clear Water to Tarpon Springs, on Monday last. The day was pleasant, and the entire trip as delightful as any one could wish. The steamer left Mr. Munnerlyn's wharf at 8 o'clock a.m. - passed close to the little town of Dunedin, nestling quietly under its bower of leafy willow oaks, for which the place is noted-and then steamed across the bay, nearer the ever-green shore of the island opposite."

"This afforded the pleasure- seeking throng a nearer view of the more elevated and delightful portion of the upper island, but prevented a closer inspection of the towns of Yellow Bluff [Ozona] and Seaside .... The Captain ... referred to more than one-hundred miles of our coast country in which not a single grog shop is to be found."